Monday, July 30, 2012

Workin' with Dad

 On Friday Jeff invited Braxton to come to work with him. Braxton was thrilled.
 They had a bit of a drive to the job and Braxton got a good snooze in the car.
 Braxton was a hard worker. He cleaned out the gutters with Jeff... I'm not sure why he is on the roof by himself  right now?
When did my little boy grow up? 
 I think that tool belt weighs more than he does!
 The job ended up being way longer than Jeff anticipated. They were gone ALL DAY!
On the way home Braxton totally zonked out. 

The little ones and I really missed Braxton. When he got home Adelle said, "Dad, next time don't take Braxton to work because me and Emmett really missed our brother." She was really sincere and really sweet. She went on to say that when he is home Braxton reads with her, plays with her, jumps on the trampoline with her, colors with her....

Braxton asked me to print off these pictures, "so that I can always remember the day I went to work with dad."

Jeff asked Braxton on the way home what he likes better; going to work with dad or staying home with mom? Braxton answered to my surprise, "staying home with mom." I think it was just a really long day for the little guy. 

Jeff also asked Brax how much money he owed him for his labor and Braxton, after careful consideration announced, "Two dollars and three quarters." Talk about child labor!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pool Day

 Braxton and Bryce jumping into the pool at the same time from different sides
 Coming up for air
 Emmett sporing his shark life jacket/suit
 Braxton, Carson and Adelle flipping their own boat
 Little fish
 Curious spectators
 Kissin cousins
 Brax going down the slide
 Adelle attempting to go down, Umpa style
 making sure the slide is wet, again and again
 My dad taking an after work dip
 Sammy Seal
 Sammy Seal, again
 This is my favorite picture. The four feet belong to my dad and Adelle. She went down the slide on his back. Don't worry, we had Bryce stand where he was standing for a reason. They made it in the water!
Here they are the second time when I was quicker with the camera.

So far this summer is better than the last few I can remember. It's so nice to have so many sunny days! On Wednesday Jeff was working out of town and I knew I would have to be at Young Women's before he got home so after naps we went over to my parents to swim/eat dinner/leave the kids so I could go to the church.
We love going over there. My mom acts like it is the biggest treat when I ask her if she is able to watch our children for a while. My brother acts like we are all his best friends when we are there and my sister and her kids are usually there to play with too. When my dad gets home he is excitedly greeted by all of us and I usually hops in the water to play with the kids.
Family is such a blessing.
And it makes me feel old/young when my dad does Sammy Seal with my kids. Old; because I can't believe it is not me at the YMCA, in the big pool, hanging onto my dads neck for life. Young; because I remember doing that like it was yesterday. I would hang on tight and he would dive under and swim until he figured I was low on air, then come up so we could both catch our breath. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lake Chelan Camping Trip

 Last weekend we were in Chelan with some of our good friends.
This is the stop we made to go potty on the way there. The temperature was in the high 90's and the kids couldn't quite bear it. I guess we aren't used to those temperatures!
 When we got in Thursday late afternoon it was straight to the lake to swim. I think they swam until after 8:00pm that night. It was wonderful.
 We brought our Hot Dog tube and all the kids/adults loved playing and being tossed around on it.
 Emmett, our cute water baby.
 Adelle was the yogi bear of the camp. She would go around to all the family's camps to find the best food and treats. Here she scored some hot chocolate and when we blew on it to cool it down it splattered all over her face.
 All the kids were great! There were so many of them, too.
 Braxton on the beach with his bud, P.
 Emmett and his little friend, J, making a sand creation.
 Braxton's first time tubing behind the boat. Only to be repeated 100 more times during the weekend.
 His expressions were so great. I could have taken constant pictures.
 Us on the boat watching Brax.
 The ladies turn. I was a little squished in my life jacket :)
 Jeff getting up on the wake board, like a Boss ;)
 One morning the dads told the moms that they were in charge and to get on the boats. We didn't hesitate. All the dads watched all the kids and all the ladies went out to wake board. Me and Lesha's kids were fishing when we left.
 Here are some of the mommies boarding the boat.
 Nap time for some sleepy cousins.
 Jeff got on his cooking skills Sunday morning. He made these perfect cinnamon rolls to go with our bacon and eggs.
 Emmett fishing like a little man
 Here are all the happy camping kids!
 Adelle ventured onto the tube on day #2 with Carson and Peter and their friend, B.
This one is out of order but here are the moms going out to ride the wake.

And last, the tired kids on the way home. 
(I did notice Emmett's carseat strap and adjusted it, don't worry. I guess I just took the picture first.)

Here's to loving summer and loving camping!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So i was just caught red handed by my 6 year old! The little ones were asleep so I snuck out to the garage freezer with my spoon for a bite of cookie dough ice cream only to be caught by brax. I am out there for 3 seconds opening the brand new container and digging in when Braxton opens the garage door to tell me he was done with his math worksheet. I told him I would be right there and he all of a sudden notices the open carton. "why is there ice cream right there?" he asks. So I gave him an honest answer and shared a few bites. Then I swore him to secrecy (not really) and we went out to work in the yard. The good news is I was caught by the right kid. Braxton would never sneak ice cream but I know a little girl who just might try! I do love my Haagen Dazs cookie dough ice cream!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Pool Fairy

 Last Saturday we went to our friend's birthday party and lil' Emmett was seriously in the pool the whole time!
 He was so funny too. Just loving every minute of it.
 All the other kids were running around doing other things and he was in the water on the "boat" as he called the paddle board.
 I'd always thought we didn't need one of these little pools but after seeing Emmett so happy and content playing I was kindof wishing we had one.
 He just kept going and going.
 Him and his little boat.
 Needless to say a few days later the kids woke up to find their very own pool in the backyard.
I named Jeff the "Pool Fairy." He had left for work and then came back, without anyone noticing, and strategically placed the pool in the backyard.
I am getting dressed and all of a sudden I hear the kids, "we got a pool, we got a pool!"