Friday, May 31, 2013

moving along!!

Adelle keeps us all on our toes with her unique sense of style. This wig is the latest fad around here. She seriously wears it and thinks it's beautiful. We are all playing along, understanding that this too will eventually pass.
In her defense, however, this girl is my right arm these days. She loves her little brothers so much and is more than willing to help out in whatever way I need. She is really a little angle and I love how she is so naturally caring and motherly.

The chickens have been confined to the corner of the backyard. It's a win, win, win. They are laying like champions and we don't have to watch for poop all over the backyard. This makes for a happy farmer's wife!

Gage is moving along....crawling!! I knew it would be quick and it was. He is cruising right along now and the kids are constantly having to pick up their small pieces. The other night Gage crawled under the table while we were eating dinner. He was quite content down there underneath Emmett's chair, satisfied with whatever missed Emmett's mouth. Ha, that's a minor exaggeration but we thought it was funny. Who needs a dog when you have a baby. Yuck!
In all seriousness I don't know about this whole crawling thing. It means making sure the door is always closed now and lots of other minor adjustments to be careful about.

Yesterday I got to go to Braxton's school and eat lunch with all the teachers during a volunteer appreciation. Braxton's class was chosen to sing to all the volunteers and it was really fun. The theme was, "The End of an Era," since his school is closing. Kids sang songs from the 60's because that was the year the school was built. Braxton was shocked when I started singing, "Yellow polka dot bikini," with him. He's like, "how do you know that song, mom??"
Braxton is experimenting with a new hairdo as well. He wants it longer and swoopy. I don't know if his hair is made for that look but I do know I am not going to start paying for someone to do his hair. He's only 7 years old!!

Yesterday was a hard day for my husband. Sometimes the business seems like a bottomless money pit. Thankfully we have good friends who have their own business and offer much needed perspective. I really need the validation sometimes and I find so much strength in knowing that someone else knows exactly what I feel like.
We had bacon cheeseburgers for dinner and Jeff's day was magically better. I love knowing my husband and what he needs ;)

Emmett is my little doll. He is so beautiful and sweet and looking at him always bring me to a smile. He loves his baby brother and his role as the big brother is taken seriously by him. You know the chubby little puppy in 101 Dalmations that is always saying, "but momma, I'm hungry." That is my Emmett. So sweet. Emmett is up with the sun and asking for breakfast. He is happy to do whatever and keeps us all laughing at his funny faces and honest expressions. Like last week while I am driving I hear him from the backseat, "ah mom! That light was red!!" Yes, like the one I just went through. I was behind a semi and couldn't really tell so I went for it and sure enough I got busted.

I made a meal calendar this week and so far I am 3 for 5 in sticking to it. I have never had a meal calendar in my life but I thought I would give it a shot. I am not sold on it yet, but I do feel like overall dinner prep was easier. I think I will try it again next week and see if it sticks.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of the first date I ever went on with Jeff. It's caused me to think on a lot of things. I love my husband and I think we were honestly made for each other. I was telling Adelle about this special day and she asked, "but who babysitted us on that day?" Funny how kids think the world revolves around them;)
My kids have a date with their aunties tonight and Jeff and I have a date. Cheers to dates... that's how we got to where we are now!

One week down since my sister moved. It's been hard. It has made me really appreciate all my friends and the life we have here. My earnest prayers are that my sister will make a special friend. It will seriously save her.

I have been running with 2 friends who are die hard. I go when I want, and then don't if I don't want. They gave me their schedule so the days I want to go I do. It's been good. The other day I did 5 miles and it knocked my socks off. I decided most of it is in my head. I told myself that morning that I could do it, and I totally did. Whereas the week before I ditched out on the 5 mile run because I was scared and didn't think I could do it. I was comfortable doing 3 and 4 but not 5. So here's to thinking positive and pushing myself a little harder.

And just so in 10 years when I read this I will remember the blueberry excursion I took with some of my friends the other night. Key words: email, texts, blueberry caravan, more frozen blueberries than I have ever seen in my life, shovels, free, desperate housewives, secret source.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day

 "Braxton, come on, real smile." "This is my smile, mom."
 "Adelle are you really freezing?" "It's so cold!" (58 degrees and sprinkling)
 "Emmett look at mommy!" "Cheese!"

 "Gagey... hi Gagey...look at momma..."
"ok, if you are a baby, look wherever you want. Everyone else, eyes on me!!" "Cheese."

Monday we got up and after breakfast we drove to a couple of the local cemeteries to see the flags and visit the gravesites of some of our loved ones who have passed on.

Contrary to the depictions above, the kids really enjoyed this whole morning. They were very curious about my Papa and my Grandpa and about the baby that was still born and didn't have a dash on her marker. They asked questions all day and it made for really good conversation.

I love Memorial Day. I grew up with parents who valiantly took us around on Memorial Day to visit the cemeteries and taught us about our ancestors. I am so thankful for their example. There were times when I didn't enjoy it. Like in middle school when all my friends were meeting at the mall or going to a movie and I got to go around with my family, commonly in the rain, and put flowers on headstones. But, I am thankful that I learned to do it because I feel like it is a respectful thing to do and as it parent it offers numerous teaching opportunities. Also, I think the diligence paid off because my brother and his girlfriend met us at the cemeteries and spent the morning with us. I am sure if Lesha and Brent still lived here they would have met up with us too.

 Then we took our kids to ice cream! It was a very special treat and they were very excited about it. Emmett chose chocolate. Braxton chose mint oreo, and Adelle chose cookies and cream.

We spent the rest of the afternoon vegging out on the couch. Jeff and I dosed off while the kids watched Kung Fu Panda 2. Jeff made us a fire and we had a family home evening lesson on the resurrection and Jeff taught the kids about what happens when we die and a little more about why are bodies are buried in the earth. I got out pictures of my Papa and Grandpa and we talked about them and what they were like. I was about Braxton's age when Papa passed away so it was interesting recollecting what I could about him and explaining it to Brax.

I love days like this with my family.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


today i made blueberry muffins
today i coached soccer
today i watched more soccer
today i mowed the lawn
today i went to a bar-b-q at friends'
today i did the dishes
and laundry
today i ate chips and bean dip
today my baby fell asleep on me
today i layed in the grass
today i cried
today i said goodbye to my sister
not really "goodbye" to her, but "goodbye" to our lifestyle I guess
today i told my sister to be happy down there
and i meant it

This whole move of my sister and her family has been in the works for the whole month. It's been a lot. Lots of stuff going on this time of year and lots of fun.

We knew this day was coming and so we maxed out the past couple weeks. We had a fun going away party, we had plenty of park dates, we had dinner together like every other night, we had slumber parties, we did it all.

Today when we said goodbye it was hard. Next to my husband and my kids I see my sister and her kids more than anyone else in the world. We practically see each other every day. There is nothing quite like a sister. When she comes over I am usually bra-less. When I go to her house I usually raid her cupboards. The other day she took my kids so I could go on a field trip with Braxton. She needed my car because she had my kids and she didn't have room in her car. She texted me a few minutes after leaving my house saying I was out of gas so she was putting gas in my tank. Ha. Thanks ;)

When Lesha and Peter moved to town, like 7 years ago, Lesha watched Braxton so that I could go back to school and finish my degree. That was when we really started to get close. Then she got pregnant and I got pregnant. Then she got pregnant again, and I got pregnant again. And the rest is history. This whole time we have been figuring this whole mom thing out together. It has brought us so close together and our kids. I think that is the hardest part about them moving, because I am really happy for them. I just know that tomorrow when Carson isn't in Adelle's class at church and when they aren't at my mom and dad's for Sunday dinner, and Monday when they don't just appear at our house, it's going to be a culture shock for my kids. It's going to be an adjustment for all of us.

Adelle is ms. positive. She just keeps telling everyone that we are going to go on the train to Lesha and Peter's, which we will, eventually. But not everyday.

So today I told Lesha to be happy down there where they are moving. I want her to bloom and grow and make the most out of this new phase. I know there is purpose in this move for all of us and I hope we can all be stronger and closer because of it. I pray she meets a nice friend who loves her and reaches out to her. I hope her kids love their house and her husband loves his job. And, I hope the train conductor understands that yes, we will be on that train, a lot! I can't wait to visit you, Lesh!!

little boy... and then not little boy

Mother's Day 2012
 I found this picture on the side of my fridge the other day. I don't look at that side very often, at least not consciously. I turned it over to see what the date was on it, assuming it was like 3 years ago. Nope, this framed picture of Braxton was taken last year and given to me last Mother's Day. How did he look so little, only last year??
Mother's Day 2013
This is the one I got this year Mother's Day. I held these side by side for a long time and just starred at them. I couldn't believe the difference of a measly year!
Braxton is growing up so fast. It honestly seems like yesterday when I was sitting with him out on the lawn, giving him baby food and being excited about everything he was doing. Well, I still am excited about everything he is doing and I still get to sit with him on the lawn, just not as often as I did back in the day.
Braxton is doing great things. He is a good boy. He is kind and funny and thoughtful. Last weekend we were at a birthday party for our little one year old friend, and Braxton was the oldest kid there. He was so sweet the whole time, playing with the other kids and being kind (like letting them win the races.) When we had to go this little 3 year old boy started crying, hysterically,  because he didn't want Braxton to leave. It was so sweet. He is an excellent student and he loves to learn and read. He just finished reading the 1st Harry Potter book and absolutely loved it. Braxton is a good friend. The other day he told me that his friend at school lost his show and tell and was really sad about it. I asked him if he ever found it and Braxton said, "yeah, I think he found it because I went over by the couches and said a prayer that he could find it." He is very sweet and kind. Braxton is really excelling at soccer also. He is playing on an older team this year and he started out a bit timid but he has really gained a lot of confidence and had a really nice goal at today's game. One of my favorite things to do with him right now is play soccer in the backyard. Obviously it's paying off... ha, lol.
When I dropped off Braxton at school the other day I watched him run to the door and then hold it open while 3 or 4 other kids walked in. He didn't do it because I told him too, he just did it. That makes me so happy as a mother. It's those little things that I love getting glimpses of.
And lastly,Braxton is a farmer. He loves taking care of our chickens, especially getting the eggs and feeding them his leftover lunch.
This boy is almost done with 1st grade!!

Preschool Graduation

 Adelle and Ms. Mimi.
Ms. Mimi had lots of good things to say about Adelle, one of them being that she always did what was right at preschool.
 Adelle made a special thank-you card for Ms. Mimi in which she drew a picture of both of them. She put a heart on Ms. Mimi's dress in the picture because, "that means I love her."
 It was a fairy nice day at the park but there was a cool breeze. Adelle chose to rock her hood the whole time.
 Here they are singing songs. Adelle was the motion queen ;)

Eating lunch with her preschool friends one last time.

Adelle graduated from Preschool on Wednesday. It was a fun celebration at the park with a great performance of songs and poems by the sweet class.

Adelle has gone to Preschool on Monday's all year. It has been a great experience. Enough to get her out and give her some space from home, on her own, but not too much to where she was worn out from a busy schedule. She met some good new friends and Ms. Mimi is the best!

 Adelle is unique in that she is totally outgoing when she is in her comfort zone, with people she knows, but she is shy and timid with those she doesn't know. She is usually in her comfort zone, surrounded by family and friends, so I often forget how shy she can be. That being said it doesn't take her long to make friends and be comfortable. She is very adaptable and very sweet. When I asked her if she was ready to go to Kindergarten next year she said, "well, don't I have to go to Kindergarten??" Then the tears came and she said that she didn't want to be gone from Emmett and Gage and me all day BUT, that she did want to be with Braxton all day.
This girl is lucky to have so many good brothers that adore her and vice versa.

Friday, May 17, 2013

baby's own trick

Today as it rains outside, Emmett and Adelle are sound asleep in their bed napping, Jeff is working,  Braxton is at school, and I am trying to study. But... Gage is keeping me company and distracting me in a big way. He came up with this trick all on his own through trial and error. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Love this little show off!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother’s Day Weekend


Mother’s Day weekend was so wonderful. I am so grateful for the wonderful women in my life and for the love they show to me and my family.

Friday my mom, my sister, Gramy,  all three of my mom’s sisters and I, went out to lunch with the little ones. It was so beautiful. We ate at a restaurant right on the water at the Bay and the sun was shining. The kids played on the beach and we ate lots of yummy fish and shrimp and fries. It was so nice and relaxing and we all spoiled each other with homemade cards, goodies and flowers.

And, just for journaling sake, I ran into an old customer that I waited on for years when I worked in my aunt’s restaurant and she told me that she thought Adelle looked just like me, which was totally fun to hear and flattering ;)

Saturday we got up and got ready for soccer games all morning. It was a nice day and the kids played hard. Straight from there I went up to my church where they were holding a Women’s Conference that I got to participate in for lunch and a class.

Saturday night Auntie Belissa (as M refers to her) came over to play with the kids and Jeff took me out on a hot date. Literally. We went and played numerous games of tennis and then we went and got chips and pico de gallo and took that and the book we are reading down to the river to sit on the bench and read and munch. This sort of thing is my favorite to do with my best friend. I love my husband so much and I so enjoy the simple things we do together. You can ask him about tennis if you are curious as to who won.


Sunday morning I woke up to fresh rhubarb crisp, just the way I like it. Jeff had made it and it was so delicious and we all enjoyed it. Then we went to church where the sweet children sang a special Mother’s Day song and it was really sweet. After church we headed out to my parent’s for brunch. My dad and Bryce spoiled us with crepes and fresh rhubarb sauce, hashbrown sandwhiches, fresh fruit, and Jeff poached eggs from our own chickens! You can’t go somewhere and get that kind of food and service!  It was so yummy. I love men who cook and they are so good at it!



The rest of the day was spent either outside in the sand and water up to your knees, at the table playing cards, on the couch sleeping/resting, eating chips and salsa, or all of the above. It was a glorious day and the rain even held off until late in the evening.

When we left the Bay we stopped by Grandma Johnson’s so that the kids could give her a treat and a card and sing their special song to her. Then we came home and skyped, first with Uncle Ryan, then with Brent and Jess, and then with Jeff’s Mom and Dad.

I dearly love the women in my life. There is something so unique about women and I am constantly observing the kind things that are done by them on behalf of me and my family. Both my mom and my mother in law, all my sisters, Grandmas, aunts, friends, my kids’ teachers… I love them all. I am so thankful that I get to be a woman and I am thankful that I am here on earth at this time, surrounded by loving women to buoy me up and inspire me. Happy Mother’s Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

"sisters rock, party rock"

"sisters rock, party rock....." "brothers rock, party rock...."

My sister is moving at the end of the month. I am sad. Every time we are together now and I see our kids, playing like brothers and sisters, I think, "these poor kids aren't going to know what hit them when there cousins don't live down the street."

Adelle calls Kate her sister. They run around the house, the yard, the park, singing, "sisters rock, party rock," and sometimes the boys yell back their version of the made up song. 

I have been trying to come up with a blog that can explain what I am feeling but I haven't had any luck.
I am happy for my sisters family and for all the new experiences they will have.
I am sad for our kids and the absence we will all feel for a while.
I am selfishly mad at the inconvenience of having to ask someone else to watch my kids on a whim.
I am curious about our relationship as sisters and how it will change.
I am excited to have a new place to visit...
I am a bit lost at the idea of her not just being here, like she always is...

Last weekend when she left with the moving van I cried, hard. Then she called me the next night and she cried. Then I called her the next day and we talked without tears. I don't think I have ever talked to my sister on the phone that much in my whole life. It could be fun, the whole talking on the phone thing.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pioneer Field Trip

Last Friday I got to go with Braxton's class on a field trip to a local park where they have Pioneer Days. There are old buildings that are fully furnished and the kids get to learn a bit about what it was like to live back in the day.

In the classroom.
I liked the classroom rules. There were only 3 of them:
1. Obey the teacher
2. Respect the classmates
3. Wash your face, hands, and feet upon entering the classroom.
So simple back then!

Here they are using the old ink pens. They also got to use feathers to write.

Grinding corn.

Pumping water from the well.

Making candles. 

Making cedar shake shingles for the roof.

It was a great time. At the end they sang songs and heard a true story about how our town was settled and named. Then the kids all got to eat fresh rolls that some of them had helped to make.
Braxton said his favorite part was cutting the wood for the cedar shake roof. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

poop and eggs

My Grandma J came over last week and my house was in shambles. I was making dinner and telling her everything that was going on and why my house was a disaster and she basically said, "don't worry about your house just keep updating your blog."
So here I am...

Look at that happy little farmer out there with his shirt off and his boots on and his shorts barely staying on his bum. So funny. Makes me want to bust out a Kenny Chesney song or something.
Braxton is so into the chickens. He is really good about feeding them and checking for eggs and taking out chicken scraps. I think he was made to be a farmer.

As for the chickens. Those girls are pooping all over my patio and I am so over it! We let them graze? in the whole back yard and for some reason they come onto the patio where all of our toys/bikes/shoes are at and they poop! Everywhere! It's so annoying and gross.

Adelle was the talk of everywhere we went today in her Dorothy get-up. This girl is so funny and I am sad that she is going to go to Kindergarten next year and most likely stop dressing up like whoever she wants, whenever she wants. 
She was helping me sort through closets today and she found this beauty along with matching shoes that were unfortunately still too big. She wore the dress and we went on a walk to the post office and then to Braxton's school to pick him up and everyone told her how pretty she looked as Dorothy.
Funny that she hasn't even seen the movie. After like the 3rd person said, "oh you look so pretty, Dorothy," she looked at me and whispered, "who is Dorothy?"

And then there is my 3 year old doll. I love this sweet boy. Emmett loves his Care Bears. He sleeps with them, brings them places, pushes them around in the stroller... Most days he is either a ninja or a Care Bear. When he is Heart Bear, Adelle is Rainbow Bear.
Good thing this boy is so sweet he has been killing me with his "assidents" as he calls them.
This morning I am folding laundry and he comes to me and sweetly says, "mom I assidently spilt the seeds," and I look to find all the tiny little lettuce seeds spilt on the table. No big deal, we picked them up.
Then tonight after dinner he was so excited because there were 2 eggs out in the chicken coop. He asked if he could hold them and the next thing I know he is running down the hall with them, only to smash them together, on assident, and bust open raw eggs down my hall.
"Mom, I assidently hit the eggs and it broke."
He is so stinking cute. The way he looks, the way he talks, his kind and gentle demeanor....
Mind you I am in the middle of cleaning up after dinner with no dish washer because ours is had so clean up has been taking way longer then usual. Jeff got home from work, ate, and left again to go to church for Youth Night. So when I hear about the egg I just tell him it's ok and I quietly walk back to my room to lay down on my bed and just give myself a 5 minute break from it all, egg still on the floor mind you.
A few minutes later my sweet 7 year old knocks on the door. It's Braxton, so kind and thoughtful. "Mom," he says, "how do you clean up egg?"
I tell him it's really hard to clean up egg but that he could get the paper towels down and I would come help him in a minute.
The next thing I know Emmett is in my room. "Why are you on Dad's pillow?" he asks with a smirk. "Just because I am tired and I needed a little rest," is my reply.
"I am tired too, can I rest with you?"
So he climbs in and cuddles up to me. I tell him he is my special boy and he says, "you are my special mom."
Two seconds later he is dead out, like sound asleep.

So of course I go and get the camera because I'm thinking what a good blog post this would all make ;)

 I come out and find these two on the couch, her arm is around his neck and he is reading to her. Of course they go goofy, spastic when I point the camera at them.

And little mr. down here. Well, let's just say I didn't put him on the door mat! He was on the blanket when I walked out of the room and by golly it looks like he is trying to escape. Still no forward action but the baby gets around, reverse style!

The weather has been beautiful and we have been outside in the garden and on the trampoline with the sprinkler for the past 5 days. Love it!
Before that Jeff's mom was in town for the weekend and we were busy having Gramy time and soccer games.
Before that we were over at my sisters non-stop helping her pack up to move...
Before that... I don't really remember that well. It's all been a bit of a whirlwind!