Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giving Thanks

 My kids received their own hand painted turkeys in the mail last week. So cute. Thanks Uncle Brent and Aunt Jess!

We hosted friends for a special Thankful Family Home Evening. Here are some poor quality of the kids dancing for us after putting on their own Thanksgiving play.

I love this whole month and the constant reminder it brings to give thanks.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hooligan: A small ( approximately 7 inch ) slimy fish that swims from the bay, up the Nooksack River, to span. Every year on my dad’s birthday. And we eat it. And it’s delicious.
Dad: A large (approximately 6 foot) tall, great man who you can find on the Nooksack River on his birthday, fishing for Hooligans.
Emmett: A medium (approximately 3 foot) tall, sweet boy who fell in love with the one and only Hooligan we caught on our fishing trip.
So we went fishing, two times. Once my parents came along. No luck. Once we decided to voyage out on our own. Minimal luck. Like, we caught one hooligan.
Needless to say, both attempts were on beautiful days/nights and we all enjoyed some good chilly NW fresh air!
On the first attempt we walked the trail by flashlight. That was fun and exciting and a bit nerve racking as a parent.
On the second attempt we had daylight on our side, but not Braxton. He was at a friends and our decision to go was sporadic so he didn’t get to come. Next time!
Jeff held that big, heavy, net in that flowing water for what seemed like forever and we got one fish out of the deal. Once Emmett was introduced to the hooligan, whom he later named, Hooligan, there was no turning back. He carried that little fish. Sang to it, made faces at it, talked to it… and all the while the poor young lad actually thought that fish was alive and listening. Ha. So funny.
Adelle entertained herself by walking along the riverbank all the way telling me, “mom, really, I am not trying to fall in!” Finally I convinced her to climb the trees to see if she had a better view of the fish. It worked at getting her off the bank.
That night we fried that baby, Hooligan, up and ate him. All 4 of us, except for Emmett. He didn’t want to eat his friend Hooligan but he was okay that we did. He was delicious!
Hooligan fishing is a long time tradition in my family. My Grandpa Froberg would go with my dad (and probably Grandma too). My dad still always goes when they are running. He used to take whoever wanted to go with him. That wasn’t usually me! I vaguely remember going one time and I was really young. That was enough fun for me. This may surprise you but I am not so much a tom boy, lol. I do however have tons of pictures of me as a kid, fishing. My brothers usually tagged along with my dad. One time one of my brothers actually fell in the river! I remember them coming home and this particular brother telling us that he saw sharks when he was under water. Talk about a fish tale! There are no sharks in the river! Since my brothers have been gone Jeff has gone with my dad and taken Braxton.
My fondest memory of Hooligans involves me coming home late one night after breaking up with a boyfriend only to see my dad standing at the kitchen sink, cleaning hooligans. He was apparently just the sounding board I needed and I remember joining him in his bloody effort and crying about how over my life was.
I decided I like fishing for hooligans. Everyone along the river was so friendly. “How many you got?” laughter “That’s not going to feed all of you.” laughter “any luck?” more chuckles and laughter. Everyone just outside having a gay old time.
We will definitely carry on this tradition.
You can see what they are here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

sissy singer

We all know Adelle loves to sing and get her grove on. Luckily, her kindergarten teacher is the same way. Adelle comes home singing a new song every day. Songs about letters, songs about numbers, songs about what a fox says? 
A couple weeks ago the little boys and I got to go to the school to watch Adelle's class perform one of their musical numbers during an assembly.
She was so cute and such a natural singing in front of the whole school.
Emmett was thrilled at the attention she gave him. Adelle made sure he sat right by her, friends aside.

On another school note I was volunteering the other day when one of the aids from the school approached me. I have known this woman for years as she used to be in Braxton's kindergarten class and is always around the school. She came up to me and told me how awesome Adelle is doing in school. She told me that Adelle walks so big and tall and has no idea she is littler than anyone. She told me that Adelle is ruling the school. Pretty funny!

Monday, November 18, 2013

that one time on Halloween

 The first night of Halloween we had a pilot, a cow and a hippy
 We went to our church for a fun Halloween Carnival

The kids got to do the fun doughnut on the string thing


 more cuteness!
 still more cuteness!
 And yes, still cuteness!
 The next night, that was officially Halloween, we went to these friends' house to join them and lots of other friends on a trick or treating fiasco! Aren't they so cute and festive! Lynn comes up with the cutest costumes for her family every year. I am already making preparations for next year since this year Jeff and I weren't into it!

And these were most of the kids, but not all as some of the younger ones aren't pictured. Can you imagine this bunch knocking on your door saying "trick or treat." So, so, fun. Love all these little ones.
Halloween was a beautiful clear night which made it that much more fun too!