Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sun Lakes camping Trip














This was our 2nd annual summer camping trip with some of our good friends. It continues to be a highlight of the summer.

Here are some critical parts of the trip in no particular order:

Gage being the center of attention and a camping natural

Adelle being a fish and spending most of her time in the water swimming

All the kids in our tent eating peanut butter pretzels while it poured down rain

Jeff improving his mad wakeboarding skills which I only saw in my dreams because we took turns being on Gagey duty

Emmett falling asleep on the boat

Emmett going for his first ride on the tube!!

Andrea driving the boat so Kibby could knee board… this was scary!

Braxton knee boarding like a champ and trying to wakeboard

Braxton catching a fish

Andrea wakeboarding, with less than decent form

Tara making friendship bracelets for the whole camp

Peter getting to ride on the tailgate of Jeff’s truck…. with the kids

Lesha getting morning sickness

Lesha and Andrea battling it out on the double tubes. Near death experience, maybe.

Making smores over the stove because fires were banned

Thunder, lighting, rain, sun and more sun

Casey taking all the kids for rides in his bike cart

Adelle and Kate wandering off, oblivious to where they were going. Freak the momma’s out!!

Andrea, Peter, Jeff and Austin taken on a rough ride on the tube by Mike…. after Andrea had been talking smack

Kibby and Andrea jumping off the hotdog at full speed, ouchy

The men patching numerous flat bike tires

Seeing a mommy bird feeding her baby birds, big open mouths. Cute!!

Swimming off the dock, a lot

The newest Mr. & Mrs.


So much has happened!! Bryce and Chelsey were married August 10th. It was simply beautiful. We are helping them move this weekend and it is sad for us.


My parent’s rented a house up in Kelowna, where the wedding was held, and we all stayed there together. Brent and his wife, Jess (of one year) got a room, Lesha and Peter and their kids got a room, my parents had a room and Jeff and I and the kids had a room. It was perfect! It’s been a while since my whole family was all together under one roof and it was so happy. We spent the day before the wedding just playing. There was lots of wrestling, lots of laughing and goofing off. I love how much fun we have just being together.


The beach was close by the house so Friday was spent at the beach. Jeff and I decided this is going to be our new vacation spot. It was so hot and sunny and the beach was so clean and refreshing. Even Gage got in on the water action. I am kindof turning into a beach snob. The water can’t be too warm or too murky but I don’t like it so cold that the kids won’t get in. This beach was perfection!!


I love this shot of Bryce and Gage the night before the big day. Sorry ladies, one is taken and one is too young ;)


Friday night there was a rehearsal and after that my parent’s hosted a big delicious dinner at the house we were staying at. My dad did his yummy ribs and we had salmon and potato salad and ceasar salad and baked beans… and ice cream cake, Bryce and Chelsey’s favorite. Gage stuck his finger in it when everyone was saying, “cheese” for the camera.



The next morning was the wedding day. The men left early to go to the park and set up and us gals got ourselves and the kiddos all dolled up. The wedding wasn’t until 11 so we had lots of time to primp.


Braxton and Carson were asked to be junior groomsmen and they took their job very seriously. Emmett was the sweet little ring bear, who did a perfect job and Adelle and Kate were the flower girls. The kids all looked super cute. Gage was a total trooper and slept here and there and everywhere.




The wedding ceremony was very sweet and simple. It was very elegant and everything went really well. Chelsey was so beautiful and they both looked so happy. It was so fun to be a part of. It’s funny because even though these two had dated for so long it seems so much cooler now that they are married. There is definitely something special about fully committing yourself to someone and I love it. They seem totally different now and it’s really cute.

After the ceremony the guests were commenting on the kids and how perfectly they did their jobs. I was so proud of them all!! Aren’t those pictures of them just priceless!! Adelle was a stone face. Not sure why. Braxton was very proper and professional and Emmett stole the show, unknowingly.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. We stayed through Sunday so we could see the new couple open their gifts and then came home Sunday evening. And if I don’t say so myself, I am a huge fan of Canada. Just sayin.

Oh, and did you notice the paparazzi shot of me and Gage? Ha! I saw that picture that my sister took and it made me honestly laugh out loud. I was spotted!!