Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Growing and Changing

Braxton is growing up. From the way he poses for pictures, to his stamina and courage. I love having a big kid. He helps me want to be bigger, and better. I am so proud to be Braxton's mom. 

Jeff is still the biggest kid of them all and thankfully he forgot his shovel when we went up night sledding New Year's Eve because I was nervous about the jumps he was wanting to build.

We went night sledding with my brother and his wife and Jeff's sister and her family who came up to visit us from Utah for New Years. Also, our friends the McManus's came with us too. It was a beautiful evening and lots of fun. I wasn't cold once which is a record for me!

Adelle was on her own this New Years at her very first slumber party. It's crazy how my kids are growing up and doing fun new things.
Adelle is a sweet and spicy little thing and I am so thankful she is mine. She ate herself sick in candy, soda, and egg nog and threw up for the next 24 hours after she came home. She sure had fun though and I think she learned her lesson. Had to test the water though this one and when mom was away she definitely played!! 
Adelle is really into reading lately. She is excelling at piano and has a natural gift for music. She does ukelele club after school Mondays as well. Adelle is still into music, and drawing, coloring pictures. 

Gage is a Sunbeam now at church. On the first week I took him all the kids in his row were crying for their mom's except for him. He was just sitting there looking around at all the chaos. He is so big and so ready to take on the world. I love his spunk and his comfort. He still naps with me and is usually on my lap if we are home. He is still my baby but he blooms with so much life and love.

I cut my hair off in December. Not sure what I needed, and I don't think the haircut really satisfied the need at all but it is what it is and it's growing out now.

Gage and I go to little tot soccer now. I have done this with all of my kids, some more than others, but never before have I been hands free during soccer. Usually I am busily chasing around the next youngest kid while the tot plays but when I started taking Gage I realized I could actually sit on the bench and watch, like the other moms, for the first time ever. Gage loves soccer and has always been really good at it, naturally. Gage is really into me reading to him. He loves books. He loves playing with the geometric shapes, the game ISPY, and Adelle's little ponies. 

Braxton is becoming more and more of a reader. Sometimes he is lost in his book during breakfast before school. His teacher this year is really into literature and Braxton is still searching out his favorite genre.
Braxton loves his kindle fire and playing games on it is a new fun thing for our family. He also loves tossing the football outside with Jeff or Emmett, shooting hoops and reading or riding his bike. 

I think Emmett has grown up the most this past year. He has really excelled in wrestling and has a very competent way about him. He is still going and doing eye therapy weekly as well and I have noticed his confidence increase as he can better control his eyes to work together. Emmett is such a leader and such a loyal friend. He is happy to be wrestling, playing basketball in the backyard, reading or looking at his football cards.

2015 is a wrap and we are moving on up!