Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sissy love

I've been working on getting Emmett's scrap book up to date. Which means I started it today. Not too bad, he's only 14 months.
I found this picture while I was searching for pictures of Emmett.
What happened to my little girl?
Just last night my mom was saying how Adelle is getting really tall and slimming out. I said I hadn't really noticed.
Now I notice! What happened to those thighs? My little sissy love is growing up.
Too cute for her own good though. I don't think she will ever outgrow that!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my blog got named

Last week as I was weeding my front flower beds I was pondering on a proper name for my blog. It started out as Jeff, Andrea and Braxton and then has progressively altered as new little ones have joined our family. It was fine, but I've been feeling like the blog deserved it's own name. Not just any name of course.
Criteria for the blog name included:
describes me and my family
not already taken (at least not by any blogs that I follow)
not too corny

So I came up with the name having the best day of my life

The name was inspired by the song that you can listen to at the top of this post. Thank-You by Dido. I've always loved this song. I first heard it when I was a freshman in college and since then it's been a favorite. The message it sends me is, yeah things are going to go wrong but you can still have the best day of your life. It's the people in your life who you love who really make life wonderful.

And so here it is. My life. Our life. The things that go on, good and bad. Us, just loving life.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

two words

When my mother in law was here last week we were just talking one night about life in general. We women can talk about life in general forever sometimes. I mentioned to her during that conversation that I will never again say "never." I explained to her how it seemed like this year all the "nevers" I ever said came back to haunt me. Lesson learned.
That being said today I locked my two youngest kids in the car. Never done that before, until today.
We got up early. I even showered. The kids were cooperative and happy. We picked up our little friend that we drive to preschool on Wednesdays and headed to school. We walked the kids in and Adelle and Emmett played for a few minutes before saying goodbye to Brax and heading out.
Emmett always plays with my keys when I am loading him into his car seat. The thing is he doesn't usually want to be loaded in so when I offer my keys he takes them and I am able to strap him up tight without him battling me. So it was today. I strap him in and walk around to the other side to get Adelle all buckled. Both kids buckled I slam the door only to hear click before I get a chance to open my own door. That has never happened before. Emmett pushed the right button at the wrong time and locked himself and his sister in the car.
For the first couple minutes I'm outside Emmett's window telling him to keep pushing buttons, which he is not doing. He's waving my keys around in that cute little hand I mentioned last post. Then I am asking Adelle to try and get the keys from Emmett. She can't reach because she is buckled into her car seat nice and snug. Huh. Next I am thinking I have to call a locksmith but oops, my phone is locked in the car with the kids. Of all the days of the year today was a day I could not call my husband to rescue me.
So I humbly run back into the preschool (it's only a few feet from the car people) and tell my story to which my dear friend, aka Braxton's teacher, lends me her phone book and cell phone. I go back out to the car to find Emmett upset that I had left and keys no longer in hand. He must have dropped them.
I used the phone book (side note this must be why they still have phone books because I haven't used one in ages thanks to internet and 411) yellow pages and looked up locksmith. I called the first number I saw and some friendly guy answered. I told him my story and he said he was already on his way, he'd be there in less than 10 minutes. Relief. Meanwhile Emmett is still upset because he doesn't understand why I am outside the car while he is inside the car crying. He's looking at me like, "open the door and make me feel better." I ask Adelle to sing a song to Emmett and she says, "I just want a pretzel." The pretzels are in the front seat but I can't get to those either. She agrees to sing to Emmett so with my assistance we sing If You're Happy and You Know It.
Just then KEY WEST pulls up. A happy man, the one I spoke to, gets out and looks at me sympathetically. I already like him based on our phone conversation. He maneuvers a few things and opens the door. There is the key laying on the floor between the middle row of seats and the door. I get Adelle a pretzel. First things first. I tell him thank you again and again. I want to hug this man. I want to explain to him the whole story so he doesn't think I'm crazy. My mind is racing because that is always what my mind does. How am I going to pay him? Certainly he doesn't take my debit card? I don't have my check book. Do I have enough cash? I look at this man and say, "so, how does this work now because I don't even have my checkbook." Without hesitation he told me, "this is how it works. You tell me thank-you and go on your way. I go back to the office and wait for another call." That is when my heart wants to jump out of my chest. I almost cried. So I continued to thank him and he proceeded to tell me that for 18 years he's been getting kids out of locked cars for free. Wow, it was almost to easy. He didn't want anything and he was for real, not just saying that. I would have paid him a million bucks.
I love everything about this experience. I love that I said my morning prayer before leaving the house instead of while I was driving like sometimes happens on busy mornings. I love that this man heard the terror in my voice and helped me, because he wanted to. Not because he knew me or because I meant anything to him. Just because he was a nice man and he could tell I was in a real bind.
Today was a nice reminder of two words: Thank You. It's OK to mess up and it's OK to have to rely on others. I was at the mercy of this man and he knew it and yet, he didn't expect any form of payment except for me to be thankful.
Two words for the day KEY WEST! They rock!

Woah oh oh it's MAGIC

Last week Jeff's family came to visit and my children were spoiled by their Gramy!
We really wish they lived closer to us.
No, not just to be spoiled, more because they are so fun.

Gramy took Braxton and Adelle to build a bear on Saturday. They each got to pick out their own bear, sound, outfit, the whole bit.
Braxton: black bear, growls, karate outfit, named the bear "Karate"
Adelle: random green St. Patrick's Day bear, plays lullaby, green tutu thing, named the bear "Bear"
They had such a good time so we ALL decided to go and help Emmett pick out his bear.

Here is Brax posing Karate style

Jeff's brother Lane and niece Laney.
This picture makes me feel really old because Lane is so grown up looking. When we got married he was just a little boy. Now he is bigger than Jeff, lol. That was Braxton's opinion, not mine.

Emmett's bear is very cute and sweet, like Emmett.
He is a brown bear with a heart stitched on his chest. He plays the song Woah oh oh it's know....

Emmett really likes his bear. Isn't this the sweetest picture of his little hand holding his bear.

Since Emmett is such a baller it only made sense to dress his bear in ball clothes. Head to toe basketball bear.

He wasn't so sure of the bear's attire. He has that look that says, "this is freakin' me out." I think he's a realist like his momma.

We named Emmett's bear MAGIC. It fits him well.
Emmett really likes his bear and the basketball that came with him.

Thanks for visiting guys and for spoiling us!
All the kids are happily sleeping with their bears.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

chocolate for lunch!

everyone loves a picnic

especially when chocolate cupcakes are involved

are you questioning who's blog you are on at this point...

"certainly she would not give her kids chocolate cupcakes for lunch", you are thinking

Emmett standing with pride on his own

It's true, I wouldn't give my kids chocolate cupcakes for lunch.
But, I did.
Because I'm the mom.
Here's what I whipped up.....and they scarfed down...

one ripe banana
one ripe avacado
equal parts w/w flour and almond meal
honey (about 1/2 cup)
baking soda and powder tsp. of each
1 Tbs. coconut oil
ground flax seeds
water ( just a splash)
pure cocoa powder
some crushed pecans
some dried cranberries

mix it all together and bake it for about 30 min in 350 oven.

Enjoy chocolate cupcakes packed with lots of protein and omegas for lunch!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coming Home!!

I finally got to go see Kate today. She was so happy!!!

Her and Lesha are doing great. Ready to come home.

They kept on fighting over the hat Carson brought. lol. He may need to pick one up for his mommy too.

Kate and Lesha are coming home tomorrow!!
What a couple of troopers these two!!

Lesh, here are the flowers Mandy brought to "you" on Saturday. We've been enjoying them :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

good news

Just talked to Lesha. She was able to get out and get some much needed fresh air. Peter is keeping Kate company.
Kate is doing so much better. She is in her little crib playing and reading her books. She still has an iv hooked to her little foot so she can't walk around but Lesha says she is much happier. They are hopeful that the end is near. The fluid they removed from the node is being tested. They want to watch Kate carefully and make sure the lymph node doesn't swell up again.
There was so much relief talking to my sister. Horray!
As for Carson... He had a good day at Bama and Umpa's playing with his cousins. Jeff took them over there this morning to play and help Carson get some wiggles out. Apparently they put on their own Beauty and the Beast play with Carson starring as Gaston, Braxton starring as The Beast and Adelle starring as Belle. From Braxton's words, "Belle just watched me and Gaston fight the whole time, that's what they do in the movie. And we kept on saying WE'LL KILL THE BEAST!!" When I reminded Braxton that he was the beast he said he knew and laughed. Sounds like they had fun. I also heard that they all had their shirts off most the morning. Not sure why.
And me you are wondering. Why am I home? Why are my kids at my mom and dad's and not with me? Why is Carson not here playing? Why am I not at my sisters bedside in Seattle? Well I am home with strep throat and yes it's killing me because of all the other places I feel I should be.
However, I have been keeping the blog updated and friends and family informed. I am also keeping a journal for my sister since I'm sure when this is said and done it will be a blur. So that is my purpose for now, I guess.

update on Kate

My friend was just texting me for an update on Kate so I thought I would post again. All the prayers and concerns are so appreciated. Thank you to everyone for your continual prayers and support.
Last night Kate had a blood transfusion because her red blood cell count was so low. They also did surgery to drain her swollen lymph node. They were able to extract 200 cc's of fluid from her swollen node. That's 10 ounces!! The doctors were shocked at the amount of fluid.
The cancer specialists have ruled out cancer as of now. This was a scary consideration but one that had to be looked into. They are thinking it's still a bacterial infection and hoping that now after having the blood transfusion the antibiotics will be more effective.
Kate was pretty out of it last night after surgery Lesha said so hopefully they were able to all get some sleep.

Monday, March 14, 2011

little Kate

As most of you know my sister and her husband have been down at the Children's hospital in Seattle with their 17 month old, Kate. The doctors have been poking and prodding her and still don't have any definite answers. We are reassured that they are doing all they can and soon they will determine the problem and start the treatment.
It's all I can do to type this post. Lesha and Peter and Kate and Carson have been miraculously strong throughout this whole process. It's amazing how the Lord strengthens you. I can't imagine being in their situation. This has all hit way to close to home for me and I'm counting my blessings.
Please keep their family in your prayers. They have really been through so much and I am blown away at their continual faith and strength. My sister called me today and was pretty emotional. The team of doctors had just walked in and presented her with a million different scenarios. She told me she just wanted to take Kate and run away. It broke my heart.
Kate is a trooper. I had to excuse myself from her room on a few different occasions when the nurses/doctors came in to drawn her blood or switch her iv. I really don't know how Lesha is able to sit and hold her through all of it. She is amazing and I am learning so much from her courage. Lesha has been updating her blog when she can. Please visit her site and let her know you are thinking of her. They've really been strengthened by the support of loving family and friends.
Carson is doing well. He was down in Seattle last night and this morning with my mom and dad and now they are back home at my parents. He's a trooper too. Poor brother is too smart though and I know he is wondering what is going on. They won't let him into Kate's room down at Childrens and Lesha said when he looks in the window Kate cries because she wants her brother.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the last thing on my list

The first year Jeff and I were married we spent a crazy amount of money on each other for Christmas. It was absolutely ridiculous! It was also really fun. We loved each other right, newly wed style!! We wanted to give the greatest gift to show the greatest love.
Then there was the conversation after we had a couple kids that went something like this,
Him: "I'm having a really hard time buying your present this year because I know you don't want me to spend a bunch of money but I want to get you something special."
Me: "I don't even really know what I want because whenever I want/need something I just go buy it." The funny thing about that conversation was that it was true and I was disappointed that it applied to me. I had somehow turned into that person that when my sock got a hole I went and bought new socks. I didn't wait and ask for them for Christmas. I just bought what I needed, when I needed it. Modern woman, right? Just to defend myself on this note I am not a frivolous person so don't get the wrong idea. However, I've also never mended socks so you make the judgment call.
The special thing about this last Christmas was that I had an actual wish list with things on it that really were practical things that in past years I would have just bought. There were 4 things on my list, one of which was an eyelash curler. My eyelashes are stick straight which doesn't really bother me but sometimes I feel like if I had one for special dates then it would be nice. Needless to say I didn't get one. No biggie, I've lived without one for forever so whatever.
Then last week when I was sick I sent my good husband to the store for me. He came back with the things on the list, plus one more. An eyelash curler. When I noticed it in the bag I looked at him curiously and he plainly said, "it's the only thing on your list that you didn't get yet." Wow.
What an amazing man I have in my life. Taking care of me when I'm sick is not an easy task and he managed to do it so gracefully and with so much care and concern. Plus, he thought outside of the box and came home with the last thing on my list. It was the perfect gift.
For me this shows how we've progressed since those early years. The kind thoughts have ruled out the expensive gifts. I don't know what it cost, not a lot, but I will never forget him remembering my wish list 2 months after Christmas and coming home with the last thing on my list.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Pond

Future quarterback?

Adelle in her race to the ducks

come and get it!

Emmett wishing he could walk so he could be put down

Braxton trying to keep up with me ;)

me, asking Jeff to take my picture and then laughing at how silly it is to have my picture taken while I'm running.

Jeff bringing up the caboose

I can't help but think that someday, when I'm old and my kids are grown up, there will be many memories recalled about this place.
It's a spot we've been walking/running to since we bought our house right after Braxton was born.
It's the same every time. We get to a certain spot and Adelle gets out of the stroller and runs. Braxton parks his bike on the same tree only to retrieve it after we have walked around the pond and fed all the ducks and geese. The kids run up the hill and then hold hands to come down. Adelle watches every step to ensure no goose-poop ends up on her shoes. Emmett has to have a snack, otherwise he wants to eat the bread for the ducks.
Somethings are not the same. There are two new kids in the stroller and one on his bike. The little girl in the stroller complains that the little boy in the stroller is hitting her. The exact same thing the big boy used to complain about the little girl. I still try and explain that it's not really hitting.
I usually don't bring my camera to the pond. Too many other things to grab. The kids, the hats, the football (which Emmett held onto the whole entire time), the snacks, the bread for the ducks, the wipes....that's a lot to grab. But this time I did. I wanted a visual of these wonderful times.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hi Jane

You know that beautiful doily you made us when we got married?

Well it's Emmett's favorite scarf!

This funny boy will grab it off the coffee table, put it on, just like a scarf, and then go about his business.
Cracks me up every time!
I knew you'd be cool with it so I thought I'd share.
We love you!