Monday, January 25, 2010

One Week

I can't believe Emmett is one week old today! Today was our first day out of the house. I honestly don't think I have ever stayed home for a whole week in my whole not even gone on a walk. It was a record but it was wonderful. I was excited and ready to get out today. We took Braxton to preschool. It was great. All three kids in the back seat. I love it....I have a full row!
Emmett is so handsome. He looks so much different than our other babies, similar but different. He is so long and has really big feet, long fingers and toes. He is so good and we are all awing over him.
It was so wonderful having Jeff home for the weekend. None of us wanted him to go back to work today. We got so much rest and relaxation this weekend. It was so great to just be all home together, hanging out.
The weather has been fantastic. Our backyard has saved me once again. Last week Braxton and Adelle were outside everyday digging in the dirt. It was beautiful.
Braxton and Adelle are such champs. They have been so fantastic and so loving to Emmett. They haven't had any jealousy or anything. Adelle is really into helping mom, she wants to sing to baby and rock baby and hold baby and get diapers for baby......she's really helpful and so is Braxton. They love their new brother.
I have been organizing and making room for everything. Now that I know he's a BOY I can eliminate some girl stuff to make room. Although, on Saturday I asked Jeff when we are having another girl. He was like, "you are serious, that's the crazy part." Let's just say I'm not getting rid of everything, just making room.
This empty bin has been the fire-engine this week. Kids are so fun.
Braxton, when he's not pretending to be a lion, fireman, pirate, or police-officer, can be found talking to Emmett. This morning I was changing Adelle and getting her dressed to leave and Emmett woke up. Before I could get to him I heard Braxton in my room talking to him and soothing him. Something like, "hey little guy, it's ok." It was really sweet. I think Jeff was the first one to call Emmett, "little guy," but we all like it and use it for Emmett.

So many thanks to all who have done so much for our family this last week. I love to cook, but I also love not having to cook. I don't like to ask for help either but all of you have so willingly came with good food and warm hearts and I know it's because you want too, not because you feel like you have to.

So...this is basically a cake walk. lol. Braxton is at Preschool, Adelle is napping, Emmett is asleep still in the carseat from taking Braxton to preschool. Now I'm going to go be productive. Laundry....dishes...shower (maybe)?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hi Delilah, It's Andrea

"Who am I talking too?"
"It's Andrea."
"Hi Andrea, what's on your heart today?"
"It's my husband."
"What's hubby's name?"
"And what are you thinking about Jeff?"
"He's just been the most amazing husband and dad this last week, always, but especially this last week. We had our third baby on Monday and he had to go back to work on Wednesday. Every day I count the hours for him to come home. He is such a big support and when he comes home he is so quick to help me and hug me and take care of me. He slept on the couch for half the night last night with our baby because I had been up for so long with him and he knew I needed some sleep to be able to function. Today he took our oldest to the park to play baseball so that the two little ones and I could nap and now he is at Costco with the older two getting the things on my list. I love him so much. My heart is so full. He's so patient with me and makes me feel like I can go on."
"What a guy, Andrea."
"I know, he is."
"Well what song can I play for your special husband?"
"Will you play I Cross My Heart, by Clint Black. I can hear Jeff singing that to me and when he comes home from Costco I want to dance to that song with him."
"I will do that Andrea. You take care of yourself and that sweet little family."
"Thanks Delilah."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a BOY!

Emmett Douglas was born Monday January 18th at 12:32 pm. He is perfect....we are all in love. He weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz and 22 inches long! Longest baby so far...
Here is the proud "big brother." When Emmett came out and Jeff announced it was a boy I was so happy. We would have loved either, yet I felt ready for another boy and I had felt like he was a boy...until the end when I started to doubt my instincts. Out loud I exclaimed, "horry, Braxton will have his brother." We called Braxton and Adelle at my parents and told them to come home and see the new baby BOY. Braxton said, "it's just what a wanted..." He was really thrilled.
The kids came quickly with BOY balloons and ice-cream for everyone.
Adelle checking out Emmett for the first time.
Our growing family....Emmett is nursing under the blankets.
Our little guy. Emmett is a name that Jeff and I liked from the beginning of the pregnancy. We didn't really have any others that we liked except ones that were "left over" from Braxton. Douglas is my dad's name and both of my brothers' middle names so we thought it was a good name sake as they are all really great men that we love and admire.
This is Emmett wearing the pj's that Jeff wore when he was born. I love stuff like this :)
Daddy admiring his perfect little boy. Sorry about the pink blankets. They were within reach thanks to Adelle's room next door. We have since found all the blue ones that were still stored away.
Emmett has his own hats though, not everything is hammy-down. Grammy came over with 7 homemade hats for Emmett. One for every day of the week.
Thanks Sarah for the dear friend made these cute shirts for my kids and sent them from Virginia. I hid them until the special today to make sure they were still white! Braxton has worn his every day since, I'm ok with that right now.
Adelle practicing her anatomy lesson,...nose, eyes, mouth..
Emmett definitely has his own little look. His face is much narrower than his siblings and his eyes are a really light blue/gray. It will be interesting to see how his looks develop. There is definitely some Braxton in there and I can see some Adelle too.
This cracks me up. These two hams are completely hiding the baby. I'm holding him up and they sat right in front of him.
He was really alert from the beginning. In this picture he is less than an hour old. Bright eyed.
Here we are...nice and worn out from all the action. want the scoop? I will give the run-down, with details...probably never to come. Unless you ask.
Emmett was born at home. It was amazing. It was excruciating. It was really fantastic and yet there were some really challenging moments in there as well.
Sunday we went to church and I came home feeling a little sorry for myself, being 5 days over due and not knowing when it was all going to be done.
I decided to think positive thoughts, so, while the kids were playing play dough I made a cherry pie. I find cooking and baking really therapeutic and I think it really helped me feel better. That night Jeff and I went to bed about 10:00. At 1:00 I was woke up by contractions. I started timing them myself and they were about 7 minutes apart. I laid there praying for them to intensify and listening to the record wind we were having outside. I'm a little hippie so bear with me, but I was mentally letting the wind carry my contractions away with my breathing. It was really quite relaxing.
Anyway, I woke up Jeff about 1:30am and told him that I thought I should call my midwife (Winnie.) He was really surprised but when I told him how close my contractions were he agreed that she should be called.
Winnie arrived at about 3:00am. My contractions were still about the same distance apart so she suggested I just try and lay down and rest. I was dilated to a 5 at this point, if I remember right?
I laid in my own bed and prayed that my kids would be able to continue sleeping and get the rest that they needed. Jeff dosed in and out and me and the wind carried out the contractions.:)
At 7:00am I was dilated to a 7 and still feeling pretty on my game. I was able to walk them out and the kids were still asleep in their own beds. We called my mom and gave her the heads up and she came over to be ready for the kids when they woke up. They totally slept until almost 8 which was great. Then they woke up, I was able to nurse Adelle (yes, she still nurses too) during the labor, and then they went home to my mom's. My mom got them settled with my sister watching them and then came back to be there for the delivery.
I kept contracting intensely and dilating but the baby wasn't dropping. Some of you know, my babies never drop during pregnancy. However, before they had dropped before delivery. Emmett was not having anything of it. I was fully dilated by 11:00 but he was so high still had I did no pushing sensation. I pushed anyways and it was like nothing was happening. I pushed my heart out and no progress. Completely Frustrated I was tired and anxious and ready to be done. Winnie was boggled by the whole thing and was convinced that my water sack was in between my baby and my cervix which is why I didn't feel like pushing. After pushing and pushing with my results I agreed to letter her rupture my water. After that the baby moved down into position and was born a few heave-ho's later. He came out right on our bed. It was so perfect. So intimate and so exactly the way I had envisioned it being.
This is the glorified version. The last hour or so was really ferocious. There were many prayers said and many encouraging words from my #1 husband and my #1 midwife. Jeff was so great. He was so strong and so encouraging and I am so glad that I got to be the one experiencing it and not him. I really don't think I could have handled seeing him in that state towards the end. The only thing I can think of now is that song, "It hurts so good." I don't know who sings it but it's an oldie.
Anyway, I loved every minute of it and Emmett is so perfect and so worth it. I have really strong opinions about the womans body and it's ability so if you are at all considering a natural birth I would love to talk to you about it. It's not for everyone but it's the perfect fit for me and I would strongly recommend looking into it. People have asked us if we did it for insurance reasons? The answer is NO. They asked if we were scared, nervous...the answer was NO. We were mentally prepared, we were spiritually prepared and we just trusted that it would work out. I am very anti-intervention and I just really think that with a will there is a way. It was our will and it was great.
That is the story. We are all healthy, all happy. We get at home visits from Winnie for the first two days. Yesterdays was perfect, baby is thriving, nursing, sleeping...cooing.
The kids LOVE him.
Thanks to Jeff who is the best husband, dad, friend, labor-coach, baby maker....the whole thing...he is the greatest and brings me so much strength. Thanks to Braxton and Adelle for being so flexible and so understanding at this time. They are the greatest BIGs. All the prayers and thoughts of friends and family. We really have felt all of your love. My mom, who I think has excused herself from my next delivery. She paced our hall the whole time and I think she literally almost died, but she was there and able to go get the kids and bring them back with a fabulous meal.
We are such a happy family and I am so glad to have my baby OUT!....let's be real.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"La Bew"

I'm a bit emotional. I can't get over the fact that Adelle is going to be a big sister. It's so exciting and yet it breaks my heart. I love this little girl and although I never intended for her to be the youngest, she has been the ideal " lil' sis" to us all. She just grew up too fast. She has done everything early and I forget that she is not older than she is. She talks up a storm and is my little stinker. She knows she is cute and uses it very wisely. She is spunky and care-free, giving us all a run for our money and knowing just when to push "brover's" (brother) buttons. She say's "la bew" (love you) now and it's the sweetest sound.
I remember being this pregnant with Adelle, it wasn't really that long ago, and I wondered how I would love another child as much as I loved Braxton. I questioned my ability to care for two and to treat them equally and balance my time....I expected her to be a "girl Brax" because that was all that I knew.
The beautiful thing is that Adelle is nothing like what I expected her to be. She is the opposite of her brother and is the perfect piece to the puzzle we were building. My love for her was so automatic so equal and yet so unique. She has blessed my life so much and because of her I know that baby #3 will bring yet another different little personality to join our bunch.
I already love our new child. I don't know what it will bring but I know it will be wonderful. I am so willing to care for it, not the same, but as much as my other children. They are all so different and yet a loving Heavenly Father graciously enables me to care for them all, just the way they individually need it.
-and as a side note I am so ready to quit saying "it."
My friend Courtney graciously took some pictures of us the other "very cold" day! Check them out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Check List....Complete!

Adelle's scrapbook up to date.....check
No dirty laundry in the whole house.....check
Baby cradle out and made for baby......check
Baby clothes (boy and girl) washed and ready in drawer.......check
walked a million miles......check
House in order.......check
Nights of aggravating false labor.......check

Now we just need a baby!....but not today, this is why:
Braxton yesterday after a long thought process, "but mom, you can't have the baby tomorrow, right?"
Me: "why not tomorrow?"
Braxton: "because I have preschool tomorrow. Did you forget I have preschool on Monday mom?"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Whoop de doos

I know, I'm corny, but I can't believe it is 2010!
Seems really crazy to me
2010 means...
Jeff and I graduated high-school 10 years ago (this blows my mind, we are both so hip and cool still)
We will celebrate our 7th anniversary with no "itch"
Braxton will turn 5 (thankfully not until little boy)
Our third child will join our family....any day!

that's all I can come up with right now but maybe it's because I'm still in shock. Or the fact that I have so much energy these days I can't even barely sit still. I want to bottle it all up. Seriously, I hope the energy sticks around because I'm feeling so antsy! Last night I cleaned my really cleaned everything from the toilet and tub, to scrubbing the oven and stove-top burners. We can't wait to meet our baby and we are ready!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We miss you Riley & Laney!!

Jeff's sister Gabe and her husband John were here for Christmas this year with their cute little girls Riley and Laney. We had so much fun playing with them and were sad to see them go back to Arizona.
Riley and Braxton are the best of buds. They play so well with each other. Riley forgot her picture of her with Chuck-E-Cheese in Braxton's room. When I told him she was in Arizona so we couldn't take it to her he asked if he could hang it on his wall. It is on his wall now and he is constantly reminding me to look at it. So sweet.
Adelle was really impressed at how Laney left "pretties" in her hair. She tried to pull out all of Laney's pretties like she does her own.
Thanks for coming guys! We love you and hope to see you again really soon!