Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Bests

this picture is from last Tuesday but it was the same scene this morning!
  • I am home from the most wonderful, rejuvenating, beach laying weekend (details on that to come)
  • Emmett was my date for the morning
  • Emmett loves to go to the library with momma and momma loves it too
  • Adelle didn't get off my lap all morning
  • Jeff happily went to work and exhaustedly stated, "I don't know how you do it everyday!!"(he was solo parent for the weekend)
  • Braxton's welcome home picture that he gave me of the two of us holding hands (notice my green eyes and his brown eyes)
  • walking to school
  • laying down with the little ones for nap
  • texting friends and catching up on emails
  • having to lather up my peeling nose after some good, much needed, sun!
  • Adelle sticking out her tongue and telling me the reason she does it is because it's cool (?)
  • the fact that today's soccer practice most likely won't bring on the hail like it did last week
  • cleaning my house
  • talking to my husband on the phone at lunch and knowing we are in the same state and I will see him tonight

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

not until after the trial of your faith

Dec. 4, 2011
November came and went. It was a busy month for Jeff with the business. He got a ton of jobs and ended up having the best month he’s had so far doing $4,800 in jobs. Ironically it didn’t start out that way. It started out pretty gloom. Like we had to sell our little car, The Geo, to get some money. It still wasn’t enough. The first Saturday of the month he had his only job for that week. It was a small job that he bid at $400 but we were grateful for it. Jeff got up and went to the job. We gratefully kissed goodbye. I got up and got the kids ready and we went over to my parent’s for Saturday morning breakfast and because I needed to use their phone to call Brenda up in Canada. O.k, and I was feeling a bit dumpy and needed a change of scenery. Grandma and Grandpa always hit the spot. Something amazing happened that day. We needed money. We didn’t have any and since it was the beginning of the month, most of our bills were due and we didn’t have sufficient funds to pay them. We needed a miracle and all Jeff had lined up was the mere $400 job he was at. Up to this point we had continued to be obedient and steadfast and that day when Jeff got home and told me what had happened I felt like the heavens had unfolded. While he was working on the $400 job two of the neighbors walked over and asked Jeff to bid their houses as well. That is such a blessing, a real miracle. From those bids he was able to line up 2 more jobs. One of those jobs was a huge, $900 job which ended up bringing in enough money that week for us to once again, pay all of our bills on time. I am so grateful for the many experiences like this one that we have had this year. Continually we have pressed on and continually we have been blessed. We have had everything we need and all of our needs have been met. Tender mercies I would say and exactly what our loving Father in Heaven knew we needed each time. Almost to the penny. That $900 job was scheduled for that next Monday and was hugely successful. Jeff worked hard and the guy who owned the house was super accommodating. He bought Jeff and cheese burger for lunch and then gave him a tip and told him to take his wife out for dinner, which we did the next night with the kids to celebrate! The guy is also a pilot and he told Jeff he would take us both up in his small plane this spring. Blessings.
I fasted that Sunday but it was a different fast than I’d ever done. It was a fast of gratitude. I didn’t ask for anything. I didn’t plea as I have been pleading. I simply fasted a fast of thanks. Thank you Heavenly Father for the many miracles in my life. They are big and essential and I know that he knows me and meets my every need at the perfect time. I felt like I had been ministered too and as if the red sea I had to pass had been parted. I am thankful for modern day miracles, especially in my own life. I am thankful. That was my offering on that Sunday.

In writing in my journal today I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I went back and re-read some posts from last year and the year before and my heart swells as I remember the challenges we faced and the strength that we gained. The entry above is record of one of the many miracles we have seen and been blessed with. My heart is so full.

Jeff is a champion. The past 2 years have been trial, after trial and he has never doubted or lessened his faith. He is a stalwart example to me of someone who is always looking up, trusting the Lord, and NEVER DOUBTING. How do you never doubt? I have asked him this numerous times and he says basically the same thing, "why doubt when you can not doubt?" His simple faith has kept me afloat on many a day and I am so grateful for this man. Love him!!!

So the picture above is Jeff's new work truck. It's a really nice truck. I know it's a lousy picture but it's because I took it from the drivers seat of my car as he pulled into the lot with the salesman after taking it on a test drive. I look at this picture and I see the man behind the wheel with a grin from ear to ear and a halo. That's what I see. Corny, maybe. ( oh and I see the salesman with his equally large grin because of the commission check he is soon to get). The beauty of it all is that this truck is an essential part to growing our business. Jeff will be getting new, bigger equipment and needed a way to pull it. Hence the big diesel truck.

The business is doing so well, exceeding all of our expectations this far. Jeff is working long days and can't come close to keeping up with all the work he has bid. It's incredible. I was trying to describe my tender feelings to a friend the other day and words couldn't express what I was feeling. I feel so much honor for my husband.

The thing about Jeff, he is a dreamer. The thing about me... not so much that. To me dreams are unrealistic. Like I have goals, that will get done one day. I almost can promise they will. They are attainable to me with time. But dreams... I don't know. It is really unnatural for me to want things way out of my reach. I try. Jeff on the other hand has always been such a dreamer. Sometimes I just laugh at him and say, "ok, when you come back to earth I will be in the kitchen." These comments of mine don't disturb him, ever. I think they actually motivate him to work harder and reach further. Lucky for both of us.

If you ask Jeff he will say I was 100% supportive throughout this whole process. If you ask me I will tell you I was 100% crazy lady hiding behind a busy life with 3 kids and a strong and enduring testimony. That is the beauty of life, I guess. I struggled. I really did. I silently struggled and I wrote in my journal as an outlet. It was hard for me to not do lots of things that before I had taken for granted. I have a lot of pride. It was hard for me to stay home from playdates because of lack of money. It was hard for me to accept groceries from my family on random occasions. It was hard for me to buy food and toothpaste and diapers and to smile and tell everyone, "I'm good," when times were hard. But I did it and I am thankful. I feel like I endured with grace and hope. I didn't complain. I didn't doubt my husband, to his knowledge, if I doubted his ideas I took it directly to the Lord, to receive my own confirmation. I pressed on and picked myself up. I had too.

I know that trials are part of life and I know that I am not the only one who has endured hard things. I also know that it's o.k to let on that you are not o.k, if you really aren't and I did do that on occasion to really close family and friends who were quick to pull me up from under the water. Most importantly I know that our life was really wonderful during our hard times. It was amazingly bright and beautiful and for that I am the most grateful. I think the most powerful lesson I learned from all of this is that you can be happy and feel real joy in any circumstance. I know it. I felt it, daily.

I know this post is random and maybe scattered but I wanted to share my feelings of love and gratitude for my great husband who is our life and our anchor. He has raised the bar for himself and our family and he continues to go after great things, whole heartily. Thanks to his courage we are all getting to live his dream.

Monday, March 19, 2012

words out of my own mouth

the mom, "hey guys, are you still helping mommy clean up the toys?"

Adelle, "no mom, because now I am reading to Emmett cause he really loves it when I read to him."

the mom, "ok, you read to Emmett. I will clean up the toys."

And then we were all happy and everything got done.

The End.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

kids survey

I have been so bad about pictures lately. Here is a cute one of Adelle napping in my bed. She likes to nap there now, by herself except for all her babies. I can still see her laying there when she was a newborn. What happened?

So my friend Erryn did this a few weeks back and I totally stole the idea. A few Monday's ago I wanted a Boomer Burger. Yum! If you haven't been to Boomers Drive In than you are seriously missing out and during the month of February all their burgers are $2 and something so we ALWAYS go in for a burger. It hits the spot every time.

So, here we are a few Monday's ago. Jeff comes home from work and their is no dinner in sight. I suggest Boomer's and it's a done deal. We load the kids in the car and head out. I grab my pen and paper and decide to make it a Family Home Evening on Wheels.

During the car ride I ask the kids questions and they give their answers. After all my questions were asked we turned the time over to them and they asked us the questions, whatever they wanted to know (our kids are still young enough that this was pretty painless). It was so fun. We all learned something special about each other and we got yummy burgers and FHE covered all in one stop.

Here are some of the favorite answers:

Favorite Fruit?
B: "Cantelope" (what???? I never buy this because I don't like it and here it is his favorite??? I had no idea. I guess I will start buying it. He must have inherited this from my sister, Lesha. It is her favorite too!)

Favorite Toy?
A: "my little talker thing that has a seat."
(oh, right. Her princess vanity. It talks and has a stool to sit on)

E: "Ball"

Favorite thing about yourself?
B: "Um, that I am all grown up now."
(you are???)
A: "that I am so special."
(very true and well put :0)

Favorite Place to eat?
B: "Applebees"
A: "McDonalds"
(gag me twice, I don't like either of these places!!)

Favorite place to go on Vacation?
B: "Hawaii"
(now that's what I'm talking about BUT.... you have never been there??)

Favorite thing to do with dad?
B: "play football"
A: "play bad guys!"

Favorite food?
B: "Hamburgers"
A: "Macaroni"
E: "chips"
(I would have to agree with Emmett on this one, and he was telling the truth. He loves his chips!)

Those are some of the favorites. They kids had Jeff and I looking at each other in shock. It's funny to hear them say their own favorites and then to compare them to what we think are their favorites.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simply sweet Saturday

Today has been simply sweet and so satisfying. I love days like today, even if they are few and far between.

Jeff and I always pray together in bed before ending the day. We take turns, he does the odd days, I do even. Last night was his turn. I often have thoughts while he is praying. Sometimes they apply and sometimes not. The thought I had last night was one on one time with the kids. We need more of that, was my thought. So we did that today. Very simply.

Jeff wanted to make breakfast omlets and decided to ask Adelle and Emmett to help him. They were stoked. While they were busy in the kitchen I asked Braxton what he wanted to do; clean bathroom, clean playroom, or clean his room? He chose the bathroom so he and I scrubbed the toilet, tub, sink... While enjoying each others company. It was so much more rewarding than doing it myself and he enjoyed it too. When we were done we all enjoyed our individual omlets and I already felt like we were accomplishing our goal for the day and it was only 9:00am.

After breakfast the kids played while Jeff and I sat and talked about big people stuff. Then more chores were had. I let Adelle pick a room to clean and a parent to help. She picked her room and her mom. We challenged the boys to a race. They got the playroom, we had the bedroom. It was fun and fast and another two rooms were eliminated from the dirty list.

While I washed sheets, Jeff vacuumed. The kids helped vacuum and put away their clean clothes. Then I made homemade larabars, thanks to another friends recipe, and we all had a very tasty little treat while I made lunch. We ate, they went down for nap, Jeff left to run some business errands and I am left to peacefully read my book, "Keeping the Feast," by Paula Butturini.

The chores are done. My phone is off. The dryer is the only sound. We have a babysitter for to night and a dinner date with our awesome neighbors. Today is simply sweet.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just another day

The day Braxton threw up at school started out just like any other day. And now I can officially sign one more off of the old, "my kid will NEVER do that" list.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Typical Tuesday

One of my favorite blogs does a Typical Tuesday post each week. Today is my turn to join the fun. Check it out here.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quote and other weekend hoop-la

Braxton says to his aunt Lesha while looking for his homemade Dr. Suess Hat, "I'm going to go look in the junk pile." She questions what the junk pile is to which he responds, "the recycle outside where my mom puts all my schoolwork!"

Ok, first of all this makes me feel really bad that this is his perception. I will have to explain my motivation to him.
Second of all anyone who knows me well knows that I am a pack rat and I have every love note, card, picture, anyone has ever given me. I have to really stretch myself to throw things away. The larger our family grows, the easier this is becoming. That, and Jeff's "toss it" influence.
Third, Braxton writes and draws all day everyday and there is no way I could possibly keep it all. It's crazy and most of the stuff he comes home from school work is nothing but worksheets. All of the good stuff is either hanging on my wall/fridge or filed away in the cabinet.
So there, in my own defense.
BUT, I do love children and seeing the world through their little narrow scope can be really enlightening. I don't want my sweet boy to think I don't treasure his work and how well he is doing in school.

Ok so this blog is random but I haven't blogged in a while and much has happened.

Jeff was in the local Home Show with the business and got a whopping 118 leads. Like that many people actually signed up with their name and address that they want their roof cleaned. This is pretty huge and although it was a long weekend for everyone involved it looks like it is going to be WAY worth it!!
I started calling it the NOT home show, since he was gone all day, all weekend.
I did get to go hang out with him for a bit Friday and Saturday. I brought him lunch, gave him a break and manned the old booth. It was pretty hilarious actually when someone asked me for a rough estimate. He told me his roof was 70 some feet long, the pitch, the issue.... he told me way to much information about his roof to which I replied, "ok, so to recap your roof is 700 feet long..." He got a good chuckle out of that! I am not a numbers person, obviously. I did a better job just smiling and saying hello and letting Jeff handle the numbers. I also brought my camera and totally forgot to take a picture which is super disappointing!

Saturday morning after Jeff left I had the kids work for a while on chores. Then after we were done we went down to the school to ride bikes. Our favorite thing to do lately. Braxton is getting super confident, going off sidewalks and finally using his brakes. Me and the cart full of little kids enjoyed going around the parking lot a trillion times and catching air on the speed bumps. Emmett and Adelle were squealing and shouting, "more bumps" the whole time which was enough to refuel me for another round. Adelle started calling me, "Friend Andrea." That is who I am when we play house. At the school the whole time I was, "Friend Andrea", which made for a much funner time than had I been boring old mom, I guess. I got muddy which isn't typical for me.

Emmett rocked Adelle's pink and purple helmet all day. He likes to look official like his big brother. He also really wants to ride a bike but he is still just a tad too short. The bumps were satisfying for him though.

That's it.
Do you throw your kids' papers away?