Wednesday, June 29, 2011

what we've been up to

We have our computer back thanks to a nice friend who figured out what was up. It was a real eye opener not having internet access right at our fingertips. Since our computer crashed a lot of things have transpired. Here are some of the highlights:

I signed up Jeff and I to coach Braxton's soccer team with the YMCA.....this is awesome and we are all enjoying this!

A good friend found us a piano on craigslist and bought it for us.....for real? I know, we are spoiled.

We had a fun father's day weekend camping/fishing/playing and eating with family. It was sunny and great.

Adelle's favorite book lately is "the savers" known to most as "The Resuers"

A friend told me she was pregnant with # 3 and I exclaimed, "three kids is crazy" and then cried to myself on the car ride home because the love I feel for all my kids, but specifically # 3 is so strong and I don't know what I would do without that little man in my life.

Jeff and I attended our first school board meeting. It was interesting.

Jeff is being handy around the house; building a cage for our blueberries so the birds don't get the best of them, cleaning the gutters, replacing a pipe under my parents house, replacing a starter in my aunts car. Braxton has been his assistant.

Adelle got caught eating candy in the bathroom. This girl is awesomely dangerous.

The pool is up and going at my parents so the kids have turned into fish for the summer.

I think that sums it up for the most part. Lots going on, some good and exciting. Other disappointing and frustrating. Such is life I guess.
We've learned that being connected does not mean being on-line 24/7. Not for our family. Since not having a working computer we've decided that the computer time is going to be limited to when the kids are asleep. Instead of walking by to do laundry and sitting down for a minute we are going to have designated internet time. It will work better for us. I've been really thinking this past while about how nice it is that our kids don't see us sitting in front of a screen. They see us pulling weeds, making dinner, scrubbing the floor, reading, playing the guitar/piano. There is a lot of crazy stuff on the computer and regardless of what we are looking at, those little children get the impression that the computer is a good place to sit and hang out. (ok duh, we don't sit and hang out there all day but you get my point.) I was checking the internet for weather, the bank account, returning emails, checking my blog and those of others, the daily paper....and pretty soon my kid is asking me to read a book to them and I'm like, "hold on, mommy has to put some clothes in the wash," which is what I was doing before I sat down to "check my mail."
So there you have it. I want my kids to know that life is real, and friends are people who come over and play not just people you "spy-on" on-line. I hope this is coming across right. It's been a good wake-up call. In our day you can look up anything and it's handy but it's also a crutch for me sometimes. Jeff and I actually got out a trusty old book the other day to look up something we didn't know. Dinosaur style. I know I am the first example my children have and if I like the computer too much they will too. Not what I'm going for. So, lesson learned. Oh, and I still love to blog if you were wondering.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

lost on the beach somewhere

So our computer bit the dust. Big time!
Basically I am completely out of any loop and actually after the initial shock I'm ok with it.
It's amazing how the computer became such an important part of my life.
It's a bit refreshing not checking my blog, my email, the weather, ....
I told Jeff the other night as we were laying on trampoline under the stars,
"I feel like we are on some exotic vacation, lost on the beach somewhere, where we have no idea what's going on at the homefront."
He agreed.
So that is where we are. Loving life, non-techy style.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Officially 3

Adelle is officially 3 and loving it.
Her wishes were granted with panties and gum galore.
The kids woke up that morning to a house full of balloons.
Adelle picked out her pretty new purple outfit from Grandma Mary accessorized with her new tutu from Auntie Lesha.
Jeff made up Adelle's favorite breakfast of waffles topped with peanut butter, syrup and whip cream.
Friends filled the trampoline.
Check out Adelle's funny face.
Here's her special 3 sign. It makes me think "homie," how about you?

Ok this girl is a total crack. Tonight Jeff and I were giving good night kisses to the kids after we got done with the bedtime routine and Jeff lifts up Adelle's pillow to find 4 pieces of gum that had been nibbled on and then put back in the wrapper.
Jeff, "what is this Adelle?"
Adelle, "dad, I accidentally ate it."
Jeff turns to hide his smile from Adelle but is caught..
Brax, "why are you laughing, dad?"
Meanwhile I am sitting there taking it all in and wondering what Jeff is going to do next...
Jeff, "I am not laughing. Adelle you didn't accidentally eat it. Now you don't get to have the gum in your room anymore."
Adelle, "ok dad but you aren't going to eat it all, right?"
Jeff, "no sis, I won't eat it all I'm just going to take it out there."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the BOYS and the GIRLS

We waved goodbye to the big boys and put the little boy to bed.
then we started our dance party. Just us girls.
Here we are watching Tangled and singing along with the songs when our mouths weren't crunching Doritos.
(notice the water glasses in the windowsill. Adelle wanted hers right by mine, so cute.)
Here are the happy campers.
Off to the Father/Son camp-out where they had fun playing baseball, roasting marshmallows, sleeping in the tent and pruning trees.
Seemed to live up to Brax's expectations. He'd been waiting for this for a few weeks now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Party Girl

Is it wrong that I enjoy Adelle's birthdays way more than the boys'?
It's so wonderful to have a spring baby and the sun usually always shines for Adelle's birthday.

We had a fun time celebrating Adelle this weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the house was basically off limits except to use the bathroom.
Adelle got a trampoline!! Luckiest 3 year old ever, I would say!!
Actually my mom called me one morning about a month ago and said she found a great deal on trampolines at Fred Meyer. She asked if Jeff or I would oppose to them getting this for Adelle for her birthday. Um, no!
Thank you everyone who pitched in on this gift! Yesterday my kids were on this for as long as I would let them be. Dream gift!
So here it is in action!
Me and the babes were able to get off safely before the "no shirts allowed" rule was silently implemented by one, maybe two, who will remain nameless.
Adelle's party wouldn't be complete if everyone was fully dressed.
As a side note my bladder on this thing is not as reliable as it used to be, pre-children. Bummer!
If I could read Braxton's mind in this picture I would say he is asking why it takes 4 grown men to assemble the safety net and why it's taking so long?
Sweet little birthday Miss blowing out her 3 candles.
Jumping for Joy in anticipation!
Adelle found a picture of a carousel cake and the rest is history. She was determined to have that cake but she didn't want the tent or the poles. She's a little particular. Her and Braxton also wanted to help so I made the chocolate bundt cake and the frosting (blue of course since it's Adelle's favorite color) and they did the rest. They were thrilled to be in charge and it turned out just the way she wanted it!
Here are the Party hardies!
take 2
Happy Miss Adelle livin' up the day.
lipstick, her favorite polka dot dress, chips, Dora and princess panties, gum, and chocolate cake.
Does she sound like a woman or what?