Monday, October 28, 2013

pumpkins galore


A few weeks ago Emmett’s nursery leader from church had all of the nursery class out to her farm for lunch and to pick a pumpkin. This is a tradition that my kids always look forward to participating in. It was a gorgeous fall day and all the kids had fun. Sister Clark made the kids sandwiches and shared her homemade apple cider. They got to feed and pet the goats and even ride on the 4-wheeler with her. It was a fun morning and we left with a good size pumpkin to come home and carve.

Emmett wore his cowboy boots and then once he had the boots on he insisted he have a mustache drawn on. I was happy to get Gage in his carharts again since last time all the boys were in them I didn’t get any pictures.



Then last week I got to go with Adelle and her kindergarten class to Stoney Ridge. Another nice day and lots of fun. Adelle requested that I bring, “baby cutesy (Gage)” but Jeff ended up being home so the boys stayed with him.  Smart little Adelle remembered the way around the corn maze from last time we were at the farm a couple weeks ago. Thank goodness!


Last night we finally got around to carving the pumpkins. This month has been a marathon and I think every day either Braxton or Emmett ask when we get to carve pumpkins. So finally last night that’s what we did.

The kids really got into it. Gage climbed up to the top of the table to join in the gooey fun. All the kids were elbow deep in pumpkin flesh. That’s a good time right there.

We have to finish the last, and most difficult pumpkin tonight. Braxton wanted his to be carved Voldemort. So that’s what we are working on tonight. Last night we did Adelle’s Hello Kitty pumpkin and Emmett’s ghost pumpkin.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun with Gramy

photo (14)

photo (15)

We had such a fun time hanging out with Jeff’s mom this past weekend. Usually when she comes to town there are tonz of family with her and it’s super fun and busy but this time with just her the kids really got to spend  time with her. It was so nice!

I was telling Jeff that Adelle was kindof a Grandma Hog. She was constantly wanting to be on her lap, sitting by her, talking to her… but the boys seemed fine with it. I guess they are just used to Adelle ;)

I love how chill Jeff’s mom is. She is seriously so relaxed about everything and I love it! I kept wishing it was like a virus that I would catch while she was at our house. I want to be more like that.

I feel so thankful for this woman. She is such a good example of a good mom and Grandma.

Gagey Turns 1


My baby boy turned 1 on Saturday!

I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone. Gage is so fun and too cute. He is cracking us all up lately too, but what’s new.

He loves to play hide and seek. Sometimes he covers his eyes, sometimes his ears, sometimes he just puts his hands on his cheeks.

He is talking more, lots of blabbering. He says mom, num num (for food), hi, and then he waves bye bye when he wants to go to bed. That’s one of my favorite things. When he gets tired he starts waving. How cute is that!

His birthday was really fun. The kids were super excited about it all week. They made him cards one night after he was in bed.

We sang to him numerous times and he just ate it all up!


After breakfast we hung out in the back yard and watched the momma hen and her little chicks. This is one of Gage’s favorite past times. He doesn’t want to touch them yet but he loves to watch them and point at them.

Then I had all the kids come in and I brought in a bin from the garage with some of the old toys that my kids loved. I had had them hidden out there for a while. I let them each pick something to wrap up for Gage for his birthday. The kids were so excited to give him there old favorites. Emmett chose a fisher price little people boat, Braxton chose the little people bus, and Adelle chose a teddy bear. They wrapped them themselves and were so excited for Gage to open them.


Jeff’s mom got into town on Saturday so we waited for her to get to our house before we had dessert, sang, and opened presents. It was so fun having her there for Gage’s birthday! Braxton’s homemade card for Gage was really sweet. He was pretty proud of it!


Here is the birthday boy back outside later that day. When you ask him if he is one he sticks up his pointer finger.

photo (16)photo (17)photo (18)

Gage requested cherry crisp for his birthday cake and it was a hit. He wasn’t sure of the candle at first but when he figured out he could just eat around it he was content. Yum, Yum.

That night Gage went to sleep and Jeff and his mom watched a movie with the kids while I went to a friends for a Witches Hollow party.

Let’s just say, I was festive… and freaky!


I took this picture of myself at the stop sign driving to the party after the guy passing me gave me a good stare down. Wow! How hideous!