Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miss Priss

Adelle is such a little ham. She is anything but a Miss Priss but my sister still calls her that and I think it's funny. She is usually the only girl with Braxton and Carson and she can sure hold her own. These pictures are from Carson's Birthday last week. Adelle was practicing her lady like mannerisms (dress up around her neck most of the day, playing ball, and tearing paper into shreds). I love this girl, she is such a hoot!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drawing 101

Braxton and I have been really enjoying our time together while Adelle naps. We have been working on shapes and drawing people. His favorite thing to draw up until today was a snowman. I'm not sure why but I think because we have been focusing on circles and a snowman is 3 circles on top of each other. He's really into consistency like that.
Today we drew self portraits. My child continues to amaze me as I watch him learn. He's so stinkin' smart and so hilarious.
The conversation
Me: Ok so first we are going to draw a circle for a head, like this...
Braxton: ok (then he draws his circle)
Me: Awesome, now we need to draw arms and legs
Braxton: (draws a straight line down the middle) first I have to draw my penis.

The rest of the conversation was about the eyes, nose... but seriously...Where did this all come from? I have never suggested drawing this body part, nor do I ever have to bring it up. It just automatically presents itself during many of our conversations.
Anyway, I think the picture is pretty impressive. It's the first picture that really illustrates that he knows where everything goes. It amazes me really, I didn't have to point to where things went. I just said, "eyes" and he put two on the head. Brilliance!? Maybe not but still awesome I thought.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ok so I really don't like to be outdone but I came home tonight and Jeff and the kids had made me this "most specialist" valentine! Jeff thought about it all by himself. It's all three of thier hands in different paper forming the heart. How clever! Wow....I was impressed.

Jeff asked Braxton what his favorite things about mom (me) were and this is what Brax said, in order


I love my family. They can out-do me anytime as long as I get to be the happy recipient!!

So my friend, Kerry, from MOPS showed me these so I totally copied them. The best part was I already had everything I needed (excpet the googly eyes)! So you need a big heart for the body, a medium heart for the head, a small heart for the tail and a tiny heart for the lips! Easy sneesy! A Valentine fish. So cute, and easy! Braxton had a blast glueing the fishes together. I cut out the hearts but he got to pick out which ones he wanted. They are pretty cute and fun since all the patterns on the paper is different.

These are the one's we've done so far. I'm sure there will be like a hundred more since we have soo many valentines!
This is such a fun holiday and I hope if any of you are searching for quick ideas that this will help you out!