Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Today I had a great day. We ate berries we picked from our garden. We went swimming at my grandma's house. We even ate left overs and homemade sandwiches for dinner. Also we made a bucket list. There were 2 eagles feasting on dead chickens this morning and Emmett, Gage and I went and scared the eagles away but when we were just about to leave to go to grandma's house we saw 4 more eagles circling the chicken coop.

Adelle's Baptism

Adelle chose to be baptized!
Her baptism was Saturday morning, June 18th and her Baptism was performed by her dad. It was such a special day for our family.

Adelle has been preparing for her baptism all year and she has been so excited about it. She planned the whole program and invited everyone she knew. The Spirit was so strong on that rainy Saturday. I will never forget it.

Adelle is growing up and for the past 6 months I have noticed her really consciously trying to be obedient and follow her Savior, Jesus Christ. She is happy and loving to all she meets and is often recognized as being sweet and kind. She has borne her testimony in Sacrament meeting the last 7 fast Sunday's and she is a great example to all that she is around. 

She planned the program herself, wrote it up, and extended the invitations for all who participated. 
The cousins sang their traditional "When I am baptized" and sweet Corbin stole the show standing up front with his arms reverently folded the whole time while all the kids sang. We are thankful for so many cousins and good friends who shared our day with us.

Isaac was a good sport too and got hauled around by Adelle most of the day after the baptism.
We had so much family in town and with all the excitement and happenings I didn't even get family pictures. Jeff's parents came and were here to join us. My parents and all of my siblings and their families came as well as my grandma's and plenty of extended family and friends. There were people standing in the hall because the RS room was completely packed. Adelle is so loved.  

I'm so thankful that this special spirit is in our family. She is such a blessing and such a little ball of love. Prior to the baptism we had lots of fun getting all prepped and walking around the property taking pretty pictures to display. Love this little lady and the beautiful daughter of God that she is.