Friday, January 31, 2014

Seahawk Spirit


We’ve got Spirit!
Yes we Do!

We’ve got Spirit!

How bout you?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

24 Hours

Monday I was on fire. Like from 6:30am on I was non-stop go, go, go. At 9:00am I thought for sure it was time to make lunch for my kids. Ha. Nope, they wouldn't have even been at school yet on a normal day!
I was busy scrubbing the stove, the window seals, the sink...
 babysitting my friends sweet boys
making popcorn
granting this guys every desire :)
 beautiful babe!
love this little guy so much!

Hosting a play date...

Monday I was rejuvenated! Ready to conquer the world. Why, you ask?

Maybe it was because my wonderful husband kidnapped me Friday night and took me to LaConner . Like just the two of us for a whole 24 hours. No more, no less. No cooking, cleaning, momming...just relaxing and wifeing ;)
We went out to eat. We took a Jacuzzi. We read our book. We went to bed at 8:30pm (dead serious). We slept in. We went out to breakfast/brunch. We went on a long walk along the water.  
It wasn't fancy. There were no expectations.
It was pure bliss and so relaxing.
We even got to our kids and they weren't even there. So here we are, alone, and waiting around for our kids. lol.
I love being with my husband and sometimes, I will admit, I like to be taken out of the ordinary. As much as the ordinary brings me joy, the ordinary is exhausting.

Sometimes I really think I am the only one who can do anything. Not true. My parents were completely great with my kids. My kids were in heaven the whole 24 hours. My baby slept, without being in our home. My kids were spoiled by Bama and Umpa and then taken to the movie and to dinner with Auntie Angela on day two...
It was so good for everyone.
Bring it on ordinary!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Big, little girl...

Adelle had her first official "play date" yesterday with her friend, Lilly, who is in her class at school. The whole thing was so cute.
Adelle and Lilly have been planning at school to have a playdate and everyday for a while Adelle would ask me what day would work. Finally, since Monday was a semester work day, I asked Lilly's mom if Lilly could come over and play with Adelle. Adelle was so excited. She counted the days until Monday.

Then on Monday she laid down when Braxton was reading to Emmett and she fell asleep. It killed me but I woke her up because I didn't want her to be asleep when her friend got here. She might have been embarrassed!

Adelle and Lilly had a fun time playing. It was cute to watch Lilly whisper to Adelle things like, "can we have another snack.." and to remember being that age and being at a friends house. The funniest part of the whole day though was watching and listening to Braxton show off in front of Lilly. I couldn't believe how bold he was! The kids all played together so nicely and as usual Emmett was a total ham and had all the kids laughing.

In other Adelle news she is taking dance class now and is loving it! I knew I had better get her into something when she asked me if girls could wrestle. The poor girl noticed that big brother was getting to go and do all these wrestling practices and matches and she apparently thought that wrestling was her only way out. Ha. When I asked her if she really wanted to wrestle she said no but that she would really like to take dance lessons. 

So our new routine on Fridays after school is dance class. The parents aren't allowed into the actual room so all these pictures are taken through a little window. So cute!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Special Birthday Ninja

About a month ago Emmett and I were conversing over lunch and I started asking him about his birthday. He very seriously said, "let's go into the other room and talk about it." Which we did. It was serious business! Then I got out a paper and started taking notes making sure I could accommodate his birthday desires. 
Me, "What do you want to eat at your birthday M?"
M, "chicken, ceasar salad, green beans, and chocolate cake."
Me, "you don't even like green beans!"
M, "I know, but the other people will like them."

Then a couple days later we made a special shopping trip where I let him pick out the chips he wanted for his party. He picked cheetos. Duh. He comes to the cart with two bags. When I asked him why two bags he said, "because I am having two parties!" Very true. Funny guy.

When I asked Emmett who he wanted to come to his party he said, "Kate!" Super cute that he loves and misses his cousin so much. When I explained that Kate would come to the family party and asked him who he wanted for the friends party he said, "Jackson and Ryan (brothers) and Charolette and Elliot (cousins). Perfect! In years past I would have suggested other friends to add to the list but, recognizing my own limits (remember resolution) I decided to leave it be. I could do a party for 5 and if Emmett was happy that's all that matters. Why make more work for myself, right.

Love this boy so much!! Can't believe he is 4 years old. My little Ninja.

 Emmett is really into Ninjago Legos. He loves legos so much! I went with the Green Ninja birthday theme since the Green Ninja is his current favorite.
 The party guests and Emmett decorated their own Ninja's to start. 
 Then they played punch down the Ninja balloons for a while (pinterest idea).
 Then they stuck the bandanna on the Ninja.
 Followed by lunch of Emmett's favorites:
Peanut butter and Jelly
String cheese
carrot sticks
 Then cake and candles and presents.
It was a fun little party with lots of sweet little friends.

 On Saturday, his actual birthday, we were in Arlington for Braxton's wrestling tournament. I made blueberry muffins for breakfast for Emmett and Adelle and I sang to him since Jeff and Brax had to leave early for weigh-ins. 
After the wrestling tournament we asked Emmett where he wanted to go eat and he picked Pizza so we went to Pizza Factory in Arlington. When the manager saw us singing to Emmett he brought Emmett a brownie on the house which was very well received.
 That night the cousins were in town so they came over and watched Despicable Me 2, one of Emmett's birthday gifts and new favorite movie of all time, with the kids and then we had a slumber party.
Sunday we went to church. Emmett is a Sunbeam now at church which means he is in an actual class and no longer in the nursery. 

 After church we went out to my mom and dad's for Emmett party, take 3. The boys played lots of football outside, we rooted for the Seahawks, and ate yummy food and treats. 
 Emmett was spoiled again with lots of legos and other gifts. 
 He loved his chocolate chip mint oreo ice cream cake and...
 the Ninja sugar cookies that Jeff and Braxton decorated while he was taking a nap.
(notice some are Ninjas and some are football players or #12 fans)
Then the Birthday continued this week as Emmett got taken out for lunch two times, each time with a special Auntie who loves to spoil him. 

Happy Birthday Emmett!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The start of a New Year

Pictures by my talented, sweet friend, Amanda

I can't believe 2014 is almost a month in! Things have been so busy and unfortunately I have worked on posts for my blog and my computer has been acting crazy so it's continually not publishing but rather, deleting my posts. Frustrating!

In review of last year: WOW! We did a lot. Infant, family visiting, visiting family, multiple weddings, camping trips, changing schools, starting Kindergarten, getting glasses, getting baptized, hatching chicks.... the list goes on and on and on. It was a fun and very full year.

The kids had fun digging up our time capsule from last year. It was covered in dirt and little worms but everything inside was dry and safe and exciting. Braxton and Adelle each grew 2 inches since last January and Emmett grew 3 whole inches. My kids are growing up so fast it's a proven fact! We recognized some goals we accomplished; reading more books, learning a song on the piano, and some that we still are working on.

We are dedicated to our goals this year with lots of things to look forward to. Lots of reading goals, musical goals, physical goals...
I have made a goal to have 10 different families to dinner in our home this year. One of my favorite things to do and something that has been neglected for the past while for no reason except that it wasn't really in my radar.

One of Jeff's goals is to learn to play the guitar. For Christmas I gifted him with online guitar lessons. It was a Groupon, first and only Groupon I have purchased, and it is turning out to be pure awesomeness. He has had two lessons and can already play Amazing Grace like nobodies business. Now he is teaching it to Braxton and Adelle which I think is the coolest thing ever! 

I have re-dedicated myself to my school work for my Nutrition degree and am super stoked about it. I've already studied more than I did all November and December combined so I am feeling it in my bones. Also, recognizing that this year is a new season for me, not having a newborn makes studying a tad easier. Working on balance, again, and striving to maintain simplicity. Making time for self care this year too instead of seeing it as a mere bonus if it happened. 

In anticipation of 2014: WOW! Lots of change in the horizon. We are excited and ready for whatever comes our way!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


After Christmas we flew to Utah to be with the Jeff's whole side of the family. It was wonderfully simple and simply wonderful.
All of Jeff's siblings were able to be there with their spouses and families and that hasn't happened for a while. Jeff's mom was super accommodating of everyone. We all had our own room and space in the bathroom. There was lots of time spent eating good food and playing games or watching movies together.

The best quote ever is when we were getting ready to go to the airport and Emmett asked his dad, "So, dad, who is going to drive the plane? You or Mom?"
So classic M, right there.

 The trip was broken up into mini rides in different vehicles. Keeping everything fun and fresh. We started in the truck and drove to Seattle. Once is Seattle we parked the truck at a park and ride and got on a shuttle. Here are the kids on the shuttle. These kids just love stuff like shuttles with no seat belts.
After we made it safe and soundly through security we waited at our gate to board. We were all preoccupied with sandwiches and apple sauces that we didn't notice Ryan walking up to us. We were pretty excited when we did see him! Ryan had been serving in the military in South Korea. He surprised us by being on the same flight to Utah. The kids were so happy!

And can I just say that the kids were rock star travelers! We flew because we knew we were going so we saved and bought our tickets early with our points we have been earning with our air mile card. We didn't want to risk the passes driving there and we wanted to make the most of our time there. We usually drive and that has it's pros and cons but the plane was super fun and the kids loved it. Even Gage did great, no hurting ears, no motion sickness... just pure fun and excitement!

The flight was a mere hour and it was awesome. I sat on one side of the aisle with Adelle and Emmett and Braxton was on the other side with Jeff and Ryan. Gage was back and forth between Jeff and I. He had ants in his pants most of the flight.
When we got into Salt Lake the whole gang was there to meet us. We divided up and hopped into cars to go to dinner. Adelle and I rode with Gabriel in her mini van with her 4 littles.

Adelle of course noticed the sunset and asked for my phone to take a picture out the car window.

The week was spent just hanging out and being together. Adelle loved baby Gracie.

 Gage was really into Gracie too, more curious I think.

Lot's of cousin time. Painting, playing; makeup, school, football, in the snow....

I love this picture of Emmett. Just so happy. Taitum was sitting right by him until I grabbed my phone to take a picture. 

There was lots of football watching and game playing.

One on particular day Jeff and I took our kids and ventured out for a bit. We went to Provo and showed the kids our old stomping grounds. We took them into Ruby River, the steakhouse where I worked, and had lunch. Going there is really nostalgic for me. I love the memories it brings back. Crazy how long ago that was! I had fun telling the kids about the things that I did at my job. When I told them how much pop I drank Adelle was like, "okay, I want to work in a restaurant when I grow up!" It was pretty funny. 

After lunch we took the kids to a park and played. It was so beautiful there. Blue skies and sunny but still cold. Nice, dry, cold.

 We drove them past the Provo Temple.

On another day we drove up a mountain pass with Andrew and Rachel to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Ashmore. It was nice to visit with them and for the kids to meet them, or see them again, depending on the kid ;)

I didn't take many pictures unfortunately but I did have Rachel get one of the 6 of us with Grandma and Grandpa. 

More just hanging out.

Braxton being silly and sitting in Gage's booster seat.

 After a whole week it was time to come home. Here are the kids at the Salt Lake Airport while Jeff and I were checking in our luggage. They are so cute.

 Here is Gagey on my lap dipping his cracker into hummus on the plane. Such a preppy little flyer. He does love his hummus, that's for sure!

I see many more flights in our future ;)