Monday, January 25, 2016

Emmett turns 6

Emmett turning 6 has been the highlight of everyone's year so far. For me I think the best part was taking treats to his classroom on the Friday before his birthday. He has blossomed so much this year and is such a leader in his classroom.

Emmett requested that I make "seahawks popcorn" which was a hit last year at his party. It's popcorn with blue and green jello and the kids loved it. Here he is handing it out to his friends at school.

His teacher asked him to pick someone to help him and rather than picking one of his best friends, he picked Hunter, who is a boy who frequently acts out and gets a lot of negative attention. This made my heart swell. Emmett is so in tune with others needs. I think he made Hunter's whole year by calling on him to be his special helper. All on his own, Emmett is genuinely kind and considerate of others.

Emmett's two best friends this year are the boys to his right in the picture. Number 12 and Number 16 we have just met this year and the three of them are great boys and great friends.

As I started to take pictures more and more kids wanted in so we decided to take a picture of the whole class. Isn't it awesome that his Kindergarten class is only 18 students! It's a dream land in his class.

That Friday night Adelle and I had a date in her room with our new sewing machines that we each got for Christmas. We were on a mission to make Emmett a pair of Seahawks pj's. It was our first project together and our first time using our machines. Adelle loved the whole process and was patient even when we sewed a wrong side and had to rip out a seam.


It was so fun sewing with her as I guided the material through and she pressed the presser foot with her hand. We cut out the patterns together and pined together. There will be many more projects in our future as her other brothers are already placing their orders :)
After the pj's were finished Adelle was beaming. We finished them that same night, after about 2 1.2 hours and she was so proud of them. It was really sweet to see how hard she worked and how excited she was to give them to Emmett.

On Sunday the Seahawks played their last playoff game and lost. After Stake Conference the boys got to watch the end of the game and Adelle and Chelsey and I got ready for the family birthday party by finishing and frosting the sugar cookies that were shaped as footballs.

The only thing Emmett was asking for this year was a Kindle Fire, since Braxton received one for his birthday Emmett has wanted nothing else. Auntie Angela and Auntie Melissa got him one and he was thrilled and also excited about the other gifts he received which included games, money, a colored tape dispenser, football jersey...
Emmett is so loved and it was so fun having family over to celebrate him on his special birthday weekend. 

Here they are watching the  playoff game. It's hard to see but Emmett has a huge goose egg on his forehead from running into the wall while playing football just minutes before his party began.

There was no school on Monday, which was Emmett's actual birthday, so that was fun declaring it a national holiday.
Kate spent the night Sunday to be there for Emmett's birthday the next day with his friends. 
We sang to Emmett over french toast and ham and egg scramble. He would have been happy with any breakfast as he was just counting the minutes until his friend "football" party.

Emmett's 10 friends and two cousins showed up at 11:00. We started with a huddle and then broke them into teams for the game. Jeff had the field marked and ready for football. The boys had a blast playing football. Luckily the day was clear and warm enough to run around outside.
While two teams were playing, one team was inside with me and some of the moms making their own individual football pizzas.
After the football game they ate their pizza, grapes, and snacks and I even moved the table outside because why not.

That day Carson and Kate stayed all day and the kids just kept playing. I gave them "free time" on Emmett's new Kindle towards the end of the day when they were worn out from playing outside. 

We love our big 6 year old! Emmett is kind and gentle. He is humble and strong. He is gracious and thankful and he is always telling me, "thanks mom! you're the best mom ever!"

Happy Birthday Em!