Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving from the mouth of a 4 year old

Braxton learned this beautiful poem at Preschool. It's by Nellie Edge. He came home and shared it with me. It is so simple but so true.

Thank You
I say "thank you" to my Mom.
I say "thank you" to my Dad.
I say "thank you" to my friends.
Now we all feel glad.

I asked Braxton what he was thankful for last night after we taught him a little bit about Thanksgiving. He said, "I'm thankful for my mom." "Oh Braxton, that is so nice, why are you thankful for mom?" I asked him. He answered immediately, "what else would I be thankful for?"

I too am so thankful for my wonderful family and friends. Especially now I am so thankful to my wonderful, loving, kind, hardworking husband, who works so hard and sacrifices so much so that I can be home and take care of my beautiful children. That is my greatest blessing this year.
Thanks Babe for all you do without ever complaining.
I love you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ready or Not?

We are getting ready for baby around here. Time is continuing to fly by and I know the next 7 weeks will continue to stay busy. So far this has been the easiest pregnancy. I still forget I'm pregnant....until I look in my closet to get dressed or get kicked in the ribs!
Adelle is preparing herself. She knows there is a baby in mommy's tummy, or at least that mommy doesn't have much room on her lap anymore. We are working on being "soft" with her baby dolls that she is usually tossing around or carrying by their legs.
This is her putting baby nigh night. She won't have this responsibility with our baby, don't worry.
This is her carrying baby nicely. She tries really hard to be gentle.
Lesha came over and we canned a bunch of pears a few weeks ago. These are always my babies favorite food and although I know the baby won't eat them right away, I feel good knowing they are on the shelf.
Baby Kate, my new little niece being fondled by Adelle. Adelle did not want anything to do with Kate for the first few weeks but she is fascinated by her now. Hopefully this will assist our own transition.
Isn't this picture fascinating! My friend Mindi is an amazing ultra-sound tech. Really handy when you are pregnant! So what do you think? Boy or Girl? We are still surprised but I really know it's a boy. I don't really know.....but I will be totally floored if it's a pink baby. Everything to me feels boy so we will see. So exciting! In Braxton's own words, "We need a brother because we already have a sister."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

These are a few of my Favorite Things...

A sharp dressed man.....and boy.
Beautiful, sweet, girl.


One of my favorite things is cooking nutritious meals for my family. I love being healthy and knowing that I'm feeding my children things that are helping them to develop physically and mentally. I love it! It's challenging at times but there are very few things that bring me such peace of mind as knowing that my children have strong, healthy, bodies.

My recent favorite thing is this curry dish I made...
Pumpkin Curry

2 tbs. butter ( side note: I love butter and I don't think there is anything wrong with it....it's way better for you than the alternative "butters.")
2 cloves garlic
1 chopped onion
1-2 tbs. curry powder...your own preference
3 cups chicken broth
1 can pumpkin (15oz)
1 can coconut milk

This was so easy. Chop the onions and garlic and simmer in melted butter on the stove. Add curry powder and salt and pepper as you like. Add chicken broth and pumpkin and bring to boil. Cook 15 minutes. Add coconut milk and cook 5 more minutes.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can eat it as a soup, just as is, or you can pour it over rice, bread....
I chose to pour it over fresh spinach. It was so amazing and I was so satisfied knowing it tasted so good and was such a nutritious, warm, yummy dinner.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me Poem

I don't like milk, but I like dippin' oreos in milk
I don't like rain, but I like listening to the rain patter on the fiberglass covering our back porch
I don't like surprises but I love it when my husband leaves me notes or brings me flowers
I don't like cleaning the toilet
I don't like seeing a dirty toilet
so I guess I like having my toilet clean

I don't have any rhythm, but I love to dance
I don't know how to put on make-up well, but I like mascara.... a lot
I don't know how to whistle but I pretend I do and it sounds funny
I don't like being tickled, but secretly I really do

I do know how to cook, I like to cook
I'm a really good cook
I can love
I can read, I like to read
I really like people, I can relate to people well
I like talking and listening, especially with my kids
I can kiss...really good
I can power walk, it makes me feel good

I love living

I was positively edified at my MOPS group last week by a professional writer. She encouraged us to let our creative juices flow....this is my attempt!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So my brother's team came down to WWU for a basketball game on Monday. We got all Quest'd out and went to cheer them on.
Here he is. The star. The captain. The leader of the pack. I can't believe this is the only picture I got. I was too busy taking pictures of the fans....don't worry. I was watching the game too.
Here is the cheerleader...and the dance queen. My mom won her Quest sweatshirt at the last game. She entered herself into the dance-off at half time and totally won. How funny!
Here are the happy fans.
More happy fans.
My sister made Addy her Quest tu-tu. She looked very cute.
Braxton is really wanting to be on the court himself.

Here's the family...GO BRYCE GO!

The next generation of players.
I'm missing something in this picture but they are all seeing it and fascinated by it.
We love you Bryce! You're a champ!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the little sister

I decided if I ever got to be a kid again I would want to be "the little sister." Adelle is such a doll and she has the best personality of anyone I have ever met. She has her brother and her dad wrapped around her little finger. She can take on any kid her age and isn't intimidated by anything/anyone. She gets away with pretty much anything. She really has it made.
Braxton always has his fingers in her hair. She's at just the right level and this boy loves hair! It drives Adelle crazy. She's always pushing his hand away. It's funny to watch. Braxton is always wanting to love on her and she usually is trying to get away the whole time.
At Braxton's birthday this girl was the first one up in the firetruck. She is sure not bashful.
This is her favorite move. Whenever any of us are laying on the floor she comes and "rides" us. It's fun for Jeff, a little painful for me lately though.
I love this girl. She is so cute and fun and adds so much pizazz to our family.
Here are some of the new words she is proclaiming...
first sentence: "I dig dirt." (only a little sister would say THIS first)
new words:
help me
our car
back pack

Oh and every time we see any sort of tractor, excavator,...she hollers, "daddy." It's really cute too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Three in the bed and the little one said.....

....."I love sleeping in mom's bed!"
Jeff: "I love it when you sleep in your bed!"
Braxton: "you mean, your bed?"
Jeff: "No, I mean your own bed."
Braxton: "Oh, why?"
Jeff: "I can't tell you that."
Braxton: "Dad, you are funny. Mom loves me sleeping in your bed!"

These two had me on the end of the bed wheezing last night. Braxton is so logical it cracks me up! He wasn't feeling well so he asked me if he could sleep in my bed. I told him he needed to ask daddy. He asked me if I would help him ask dad. This is how he approaches his dad....

Braxton: "We have something to talk to you about."
Jeff: "ok."
Braxton: "Your turn mom, tell dad what we were thinking."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

I love this cow costume! Braxton wore it when he was barely 1 and Adelle wore it last night. Do you see the resemblance?
Addy was the happiest little cow. She caught on real quick and at each door she would say, "trick treat, trick treat."
Here are the kids all ready to go....Have you ever seen a cuter monkey? fireman? cow?
This is the first year we've actually gone around our neighborhood and it was a blast. The kids were very enthusiastic.
We love Halloween. It was a beautiful night with a full moon and clear skies. Now onto November!