Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Miss

Adelle is growing up so fast. Braxton loves to put this hat on her, I think because he likes to wear hats he thinks she should like to too! I love this picture, little tom boy Adelle just going to town on a cracker with her gums (still no sign of teeth at 7 months)

I tried to capture all her many rolls with these pictures. So cute. She is still so chunky and cute. I am constantly squeezing her cute thighs and arms.

The way she see's it, "If you've got it, Flaunt it!"

She is such a happy baby and this picture captures the look she usually has. It's pure excitement and happiness. She is going to be so enthusiastic when she grows up.

Crawling is soooo close. She is still scooting backwards but she gets up on her knees now. I think it takes quite a lot out of her to get her tummy off the ground but she is determined. It won't be long and she'll be able to keep up with her brother.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Be Heard!

CPSIA Information Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

So I don't know if any of you have heard about this law but as of now it could really hurt childrens consignment stores. I, for one, love consigning and buying consigned items for my kids. I actually depend on it for big purchases....strollers, out door play sets...ect.

If you are interested please follow the links I've attached and become informed. I just wrote my first letter in petition to our State Representative and I'll tell was pretty empowering, really.

We can make a difference! Go Frugal Moms!

Save Kid's Clothing Resale, Consignment & Thrift Stores from Closing!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our little Sunbeam

So Braxton gets to go to Sunday School now. He is officially a member of the Sunbeam class and, one week down, he totally loves it!
This picture completely captures Braxton's funny little three year old personality.
Last Sunday after his class I was talking to him about how it went and he was telling me that he had a great time and that he colored a picture and that God loves him and on and on.
Then in the car on the way home he goes, "Mom, theres lots of girls at Sunbeams." (this is true as he is the only boy in the class usually and there are like 5 little girls).
So I respond, "Oh fun, girls are so fun to play with." "Are you nice to all the girls?" Braxton says, "Yeah, they are really funny. They wear dancing shoes and twirl around and around and around and laugh."
I guess he had a good experience and I guess he's already being blinded by pretty dancin' girls!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas VACATION!

This Christmas we got to go to Arizona and spend the holidays with Jeff's whole Family. It was so wonderful and definetly the vacation that we were due for. They whipped out the slip-n-slide for New Years Day. It was a blast, Jeff showed us his skills and I couldn't soak up enough of the sunshine! Braxton was happy to wear his "ball shorts" and Adelle was happy to be outside without being completely bundled up!
Jeff's brother Andrew and his sweet wife, Rachel, were able to come from Idaho. Jeff and Andrew have crazy fun when they are together. We have fun spending time with them.

Adelle got to meet Great Grandma Ashmore for the first time and was cuddled lots.

Here are the boys hoarding the fudge! Great Grandpa Ashmore's fudge is the best and they all like the peanut butter kind (except me, I like the dark chocolate with pecans). Jeff's youngest brother Ryan is in the middle, bummer that this is the only picture I got of him on the trip. Braxton wore out uncle Ryan I think.

Here is Jeff's dad trying to keep up with Jeff. The longer Jeff and I are married the more Jeff reminds me of his dad. Their mannerisms, and sense of rumor are really's a little freaky!

Braxton and his cousin Riley playing on New Years Day in the water. Braxton and Riley had the best time and played so well together.

Here they are on Riley's Christmas present. They were so fun to watch. We wish we all lived closer so they could play together more often!

Here we are Chrismas morning. Everyone in their new jammies. The kids loved watching the vidoes of themselves on Auntie Erin's camera. I wish I would have gotten more of Erin and Jeff dominating the ROCK BAND!

I love this picture. Jeff's mom read us all The Night Before Christmas story on Christmas Eve after we all opened and put on our new jammies. I love this tradition. Jeff and Braxton have the same expression in this picture. It's pretty cute.

Here is Great Grandpa Ashmore showing Braxton all of his Christmas figurines. They all sang, and danced, and moved and Braxton was fascinated by them.
WOW! That is our 10 day trip in a nutshell. Thank you so much to Jeff's family. They were so accomodating and we had a total blast. Jeff's mom did all the cooking and cleaning and was the most amazing hostess. I felt like I was really on vacation. We slept in and played late and had all the snacks and good food right at our service.
I really felt the love that we all have for each other this Christmas and it was the best Christmas present ever. Jeff's sister Erin really helped make it possible for us to be there and it meant so much to us. It was fun for Jeff to play pool with his dad and brothers and brother-in-law and for Braxton to play too. Jeff's sisters and mom and I went to get pedicures (my first one ever) and it was really relaxing and I felt really glamorous! Everyone was there together, enjoying each others company, and the true meaning of Christmas was so evident.