Monday, September 29, 2008

"Don't flush mom, we have to save it to show dad when he get's home!

It's official. My baby boy is growing up and wears underwear!

Ever since the beginning of the summer Braxton has been showing interest about going potty and poop-ew on the toilet. I have to admit it was me that was stalling on the whole potty training thing. With a newborn and her blowouts I just wasn't in the mood for accidents anywhere else. Finally, after my costco bill was almost $800 one month (yeah really, but that's gas and lots of food storage stuff too) I decided that I really didn't need to be buying diapers for two. I decided that would be the last box of diapers I ever bought Braxton and I stuck to it. Braxton knew the plan and we were able to watch the diaper pile slowly dissapear together. When there were no more left he was close enough to potty trained that we said, "ok, no more diapers, you get to just wear underwear now." Followed by, "Wow, what a big boy to wear underwear......" and on and on about the big boy thing. He loves the "big boy" label and is a "treat" fein so the combination of the two equaled major success. I also made a chart and we had stickers that he got to put in the really happy big boy column or the sad accident column depending on which happened but I do know my child and as I expected the chart lost it's incentive after about 3 days. Quarters also worked for a while but the treats are what he really looked forward too. That and the happenin' potty dance that we do together after he's done.

I had bought a box of pull-ups a few months back when they were on sale and I did introduce them for nights at first and for when Braxton went to a play group without me but I found them to be not very helpful. After he woke up 4 mornings in a row with dry pants we went to underwear at night and so far no wet beds!!! We will see but I am pretty positive that he's got the potty thing down.

I had heard my share of potty training horror stories but I didn't find it to be bad at all. I think the best advice I have is to wait until they are ready and then go with it, really casually at first until they get the just of it. Who knows?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Washington Sun Devils?

So last year Braxton's uncle Ryan (Jeff's youngest brother who lives in Arizona) sent him a Sun Devil basketball outfit and it has since been Braxton's favorite outfit of all time. Good thing he got it big because I don't know what will happen when Braxton finally outgrows it. Last week Adelle received her first Sun Devil cheerleading uniform from Ryan so she can now match her brother. Braxton got really excited opening the package. He recognized the colors and immediately assumed it was another outfit for him. When I pointed out to him that it was a dress and it was for Adelle he was temporarily dissapointed. Then, after realizing that it matched his and they could wear their outfits together he was happy again. Now he insists she wear it every day! (He really does try and wear "ball clothes" everyday and it's a good thing he has more than one pair. Luckily for Adelle, Braxton is not her outfit coordinator.
I love the last picture of Adelle by herself. She actually looks like she's cheering with her hands clapped together and her mouth open, not to mention her thighs being completely exposed. Watch out Dad....looks like we have a natural cheerleader on our hands!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Girl

So Braxton has basically renamed Adelle "Baby Girl." It's so funny now because he know her whole name and he can say it but he has always called her "baby girl" and now Jeff and I find ourselves calling her "baby girl" and everyone around us is calling her "baby girl." The other day we received a card in the mail that said, "Dear Jeff, Andrea, Braxton and Baby girl." It was so funny and so true. I think Adelle will always be "baby girl." I'm actually ok with that since she seems to be growing up so fast. She is such a sweet, cuddly, mellow "baby girl."

As for Braxton his imagination has taken over our lives. He is so imaginary lately, pretending to do everything and doing it so realistically. Funny story: Jeff goes to morning meetings on Sundays now with his new calling. The other Sunday morning after Jeff had left Braxton comes out of his room wearing nothing but his diaper (we're working on that one too), church socks and church shoes with my camera case hung on his shoulder. "Bye mom," he said, "I'm going to my church meeting." "Ok bye, I love you," was my response. "Have fun at your meeting." I then peek around the corner to him with standing at the table in the front room with his pen and paper as if he is taking serious notes. A couple minutes later he comes back to the kitchen where I am. " Hi mom, I'm back from my meeting." I respond, "Hi Brax, how was it?" His answer, "Good, I went to my meeting and to church," then he paused and with the most serious face he says," OH CRAP I FORGOT TO GO TO NURSERY!" It was so funny and so realistic like he had really forgotten. I couldn't help but laugh. Then I asked him where he learned the word "crap" and he said, "from dad." It was a good learning experience for me because I know I say that word too and obviously he is picking up everything we do and say lately!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Adventures in Camping...

Jeff and I have decided that we are really want to do more camping and after this last weekend I think we can handle anything and everything the great northwest has to offer. Braxton loves to camp and fish and was geared up this weekend with his very own camping pack that Jeff's parents sent, complete with sleeping bag, water bottle and flashlight. Those of you who know me well know that camping isn't typically my thing but after breaking down the first night, camping in the backyard of the Chevron Station in the pouring down rain and not even getting wet I find it fun and exciting. Plus, it was basically a weekend off for me. Jeff and Brent were the tent setter-uppers and the Braxton entertainers. Dad was the boat provider, the weekend chef, and the peach finder/picker. Mom was the food bringer, the meal cleaner-upper, and the babysitter. That leaves me as the sun-bather and camping princess...How could I not want to do that again? Thanks to all for a really relaxing weekend!