Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fashion Statements

cute little farm girl.....Addy Mae
pretty princess hair....Addy Bella

rain boots, dress, and baseball helmet.... Sissy Love

Our lil' "sissy love" is quite the dresser!
Jack of all trades this girl!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 year old logic

Today during tub-time Braxton picked up my tube of shaving gel
(I should note, it's not a cream and it's not in a can so he didn't recognize it).
Braxton, "mom, what is this?"
Me, "my shaving cream."
Braxton, with a chuckle, "what do girls need shaving cream for?"
Me, "I shave my legs."
Braxton, "Oh my gosh mom. If boys shaved their legs than girls would have to shave their faces!"

makes sense?

Also, I decided to clean my bathroom today while my kids were in the tub. I thought it was a pretty brilliant idea. Not sure why I've never thought of that before?
(Another note, I use natural cleaners so, no, my kids did not get high in the process).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

months to years

Emmett is 4 months old! Is it possible that he is growing up quicker than the other two?
Yesterday Emmett and I went on a walk, just the two of us.
It was nice.
The whole time I was thinking, "remember when you just had one baby and you used to go on walks." I would sing and talk and point out trees and birds.
This walk I didn't do any of that. I actually still do all of that all day long, answering questions,
describing feelings, singing songs...
So this walk was a nice quiet walk.
Just my baby, asleep, and me.
For a moment I thought, "Is Emmett being deprived of all of that?"
Then I remembered that not only do Jeff and I get to talk to Emmett but...
Braxton talks to Emmett
Adelle talks to Emmett
Emmett is a lucky kid and I don't think he is deprived of anything.

Except, maybe some personal space once in a while.
Hey M, I know how you feel!

On a side note. I've started calling Emmett "M". I really like it and I think it's fitting. The other day Jeff asked, "why do you call him that?" I said something to the effect of, "cause I like it, why not?" Jeff said a little hesitant,"I don't know if I like it." Me, "what?" Jeff, "isn't that what they call that blonde girl on Legally Blonde?"
Me (laughing) "that's L you dork."
Adelle is growing too. This words can describe, that's for sure. She is the instigator of the family. She does things I said my kids would never do. She has her daddy so whipped it's really quite amazing. Stinkin' cute she is!
"Nack" that means "snack" in Adelle's words. The other morning before breakfast she gets in the cupboard and pulls out this gigantic container of jelly bellies. "Nack," she says with that twinkle in her eyes.
Are you kidding?
Does she know who I am?
But that is just her...if she wants something she goes for it.
Why not ask?

Does every kid this age love to wash dishes? Or just mine?
I remember Braxton would stand up here for hours playing in the running water.
Now this is what Adelle likes to do.
Mommy's little helper!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

simple truths

I love my children's honesty. It is so pure and simple. For Mother's Day Braxton painted me this beautiful picture at preschool. I love it. I hung it on my wall right by my bed so I can look at it every night. I showed him where I hung it and he beamed. He knew I thought it was really special. On the back it says, "I love my mom. She reads to me and helps me get my socks." My first thought was, "really, that's what he loves about me?" Then when I thought about it, it struck me that he does always ask me to get his socks and it's because they are in the top drawer of his dresser. How frustrating it must be for him to not really be able to see in there very well to find them. I've never even thought about it like that. I'm glad I have always helped him without complaining or acting like it was a huge nuisance (as it sometimes is). He is so grateful to me for helping him. That is so sweet!
So Sunday they bring me breakfast in bed. It's Oatmeal with smashed bananas and pecans on a fancy tray. It was delicious! So why oatmeal you ask? Well, Jeff asked Braxton what my favorite breakfast was and he said, "oatmeal with bananas and those nuts." Very true. I will have to remind Braxton that I also love bacon, and Belgium waffles with strawberries and whip cream!
I decided that I should milk my kids now before they know better. They were thrilled to give me this foot bath as I laid in the sun on Saturday. This was heaven to me...
and really fun for them too! The next thing we know Adelle is swimming in the foot bath....
followed by the foot bath being dumped on her head by her brother. Water? Sunshine? Soaked!

I love the simple truths I am constantly taught by my babes.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Plantation

May has been a busy and very dirty month around here. We decided a while back that we wanted to grow our garden a bit larger this year....this was a busy task and required lots of dirty hands.
Our kids thought they were the luckiest kids in the world with his huge mountain of dirt to climb and play on. It entertained them for hours.
Then they pretended they were in the parade and waved at all the cars that drove by. It was pretty funny to see people notice them and smile and wave.
Emmett was a great trooper through the many days of gardening work. It was still pretty chilly out so he hung out inside on his blanket and practiced rolling over, and back, over and back to the tunes of Taylor Swift. He has it made.
Adelle grabbed Braxton's shovel whenever he was out of sight. The Easter Bunny brought her a cute little princess pink shovel but she doesn't ever use it. Braxton's is way cooler.
O.k, not a fashion statement people! Just a workin' girl in her garden getting a nice ab workout while shoveling dirt.
When people ask, "what's your favorite flower.." I never know what to say but every spring when these beautiful lillies bloom I remember they are my absolute favorite. At least, in my own flowerbeds. You can always send roses if you want...
We got some good one-on-one time with Braxton while Adelle was napping. He is a bit of a perfectionist and wants to know just how to do everything. It's fun talking to him while we work. I love watching him work with his dad. Good bonding right there!
Have you ever gotten hailed on while gardening?? I had to take a picture. We were all busy working and then all of a sudden hail. We ran for cover. You can't see the hail but I promise it was there. It didn't stop Braxton. The blue skies in the background prove my point. All blue except for the black cloud right above us, dumping. Only lasted a few minutes. Makes for a good memory.
The kids have a new and improved digging area in the backyard. Hopefully this will work as it is our plan to keep them from digging in the actual garden.
Strawberries. I potted them this year because last year they were in the actual garden and the slugs got all of them. Hopefully the pots will scare the slugs away...what do you think?
Blueberries. Yum! Our freezer stash from last year is officially gone, as of last week. I can't wait for blueberry season. We have never grown our own but with a little hinting around (from me) my aunt Angela brought these over for us to plant. I'm spoiled.
The stakes in our garden warm my heart when I read them because Braxton wrote on them. It helps me remember that my garden right now isn't about perfect rows and pest-less veggies, it's about teaching my children, working with them, and helping them to appreciate and understand nature. I'm working on this still and this whole planting with a mischievous almost 2 year old and an independent 4 year old was very testing on my patience.
Here it is. The finished product. Lots of raspberries in the back and rows and rows of veggies and herbs.
Welcome to our plantation.

Thursday, May 6, 2010