Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Carson is here!

So I'm definetly new at this blogging thing and I cannot figure out how to post the picture by the corresponding blog so look down below for the picture of Peter, Lesha and Carson.
Horray, Carson is here and such a cutie. We love him! Braxton's prayers have been changed from "thank-you for my new hoop (basketball hoop)," to, "bless baby Carson," and it's really sweet. Lesha and Peter and Carson are all adjusting well.

Night Shift!

Most of you know that Jeff has been working night shift for the past couple weeks. It's lame and we were sick of it before it started but we're managing. I have a whole new appreciation for those of you whose husbands work out of town! On the same note, the hardest part has been being quiet (and keeping Braxton quiet) during the day so Jeff can sleep. We try to be out of the house but there are only so many places to go and people to see. Thankfully Jeff is a really heavy sleeper and so far he's been able to sleep through most of our noise.
Braxton is a little confused by the whole thing. One morning he woke up asking for Dad and then crying when I told him that dad was still at work. The very next day Jeff came home and got in bed only to have Braxton push him away saying, "No dad, my pillow."
Needless to say it could be a lot worse. We have been really blessed by Jeff getting this job and the work has been pretty stable (for construction in Washington) so no complaints.