Wednesday, July 24, 2013


So I really want to blog. Like, so so bad. But for some reason I just can't sacrifice 2 stinkin' minutes of this wonderful summer abundance.

One day.

Happy Summer!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

they scream “ice cream!”


It was a happy day last Wednesday. After playing at the Bay and going on a kayaking voyage, Umpa got out the ice cream. We had some very happy kiddos!!

some swing shots


Dear Brax. Thank you for hulling Emmett’s sunflower seeds so he could enjoy them the whole trip. You are the best big brother ever!


Dear Adelle. Thank you for saying I am the best mom in the whole wide world. That is so nice to hear from your lips.


Dear Emmett. Thank you for coming home with me even though you said you wanted to stay with Carson and Kate forever.


Dear Gage. Thank you for joining Dad and I in Oregon and being our only child for 24 hours. You are so fun to spoil.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer so far


I think I say this every year but we are having the best summer ever! So much sunshine and fun!!

Our days are being balanced between harvesting goodies from our garden, laundry, and playing in the water, among other things but those are the basics. I have been busy making this jam again because every year we run out and it’s my husbands absolute favorite.


Gage is my handy helper and sidekick in all things. This new baby food rendition was nothing short of genius. It’s called getting home from the store, throwing about an inch of water in my crockpot along with an apple and acorn squash. Turning crock pot on high only to forget about it until a delicious smell filled my house. Oh yeah, baby food. De-seed and peel them both and throw in the ninja with a bit of water for a weeks worth of apple/squash delight. Gage was a fan.

The kids have been painting up a storm. Good thing my garage is full of boxes because I ran out of scrap wood. Now they paint cardboard but they are just as happy.


Adelle found my old Barbies in the garage the other day. So, now she has Barbies. It’s pretty fun to watch her play with them. These five are named; Gabby, Isabel, Jama, Kate, and Mia. I hope those of you who have these names feel good about her name choices ;)


The pool in the backyard is seeming smaller each year but still provides days of fun. Between the pool, which is now warm, and the trampoline with the sprinkler we are keeping wet.


We’ve also been out at my parent’s at Birch Bay regularly getting our salt water fix. I love swimming in the bay, it’s just so refreshing. The last few days when the heat wave hit the kids and I would get up, get our chores done, and then drive out to the bay to play. We would bring things to eat and potluck with my parents every night and when Jeff got off of work. The weather has been so hot and perfect for the beach. I love getting out of a refreshing swim and being wet but not cold. It’s the best!


The plan would be for Gage to fall asleep on the way out, which rarely happened, but he is quite the beach bum himself!


My parent’s neighbors, Neil and Brenda, are so fun and are becoming like family. Our kids adore them and they equally love getting their kid fix when we come out. Neil’s garden is amazing and last week he gave me a huge bag of basil of which I turned into yummy pesto. Yesterday my mom taught Adelle how to make earrings out of some of Neil’s hollyhocks.

I am so happy when Jeff makes it out. He is so worn out from work at the end of the day and I am so happy to see him!! This is us yesterday as soon as he made it out after cleaning two church buildings. I am grateful for how hard he works for us.


After a yummy dinner we all got in the water again until after 8:00pm. It was still so hot.

Today we are laying low. I am worn out so after errands this morning we are just chilling. Like, the kids swam in the pool for a bit and now as Gage naps they are watching The Magic School Bus series we checked out at the library yesterday.