Sunday, June 22, 2014



Woot woot!

I love me some 4 kids, outside, playing, being together, reading books, hiding in coolers or boxes, napping on blankets in the yard, staying up later, watching cartoons in the morning, working in the garden, getting sunkissed, picking berries… welcome summer!!

Father’s Day


I took this picture and entered it in a Father/Son look a like contest. They would win in my book. Too cool for school these two.


Father’s Day was awesome this year. My babies’ dad is just Awesome with a capital A.

Here they are with their Father’s Day smoothie that the kids made for Jeff. Chocolate Greens, avacado, ice, water and strawberries from the garden. So good!!


Then later on our friends came over for the Father’s Day brunch. Bacon, eggs, french toast and buttermilk biscuits.  The daddy’s each ate about a dozen biscuits I think. One of Jeff’s favorites.

I decided I am going to make these biscuits a Father’s Day tradition because I have really good memories of my dad always making them for us for breakfast.


After church we went out to the Bay to have dinner with my mom and dad. We ate roast and potatoes and salad and homemade strawberry ice cream.

After dinner Jeff and my dad went to check out this boat, which he bought the next day. Happy Father’s Day Dad!! Apparently I really am the favorite child since he waited for all the other kids to move away before he bought this boat. We will have lots of fun skiing and tubing behind it this summer!! Don’t worry siblings, it will get good use.


When we got home we talked to Jeff’s mom and dad via Skype for a while.


The next morning the boys joined in on our morning workout and Jeff proved his fatherhood again by doing pushups with all of the boys on his back. 


And pretty much, now that my dad has this boat, I think Jeff and him and the kids, think that every weekend is going to be Father’s Day! It’s pretty fun. Bring on the sun.

There is nothing better then having a good man in your life that loves his family, or two or three or four…

I am so thankful for Jeff and his love for us. So grateful for my dad and his dad and their love and continual sacrifices for all of us and also for good men who are good dad’s to be friends with.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Her Royal Highness

 Adelle's birthday this year was quite the event. Thursday she got to go with Bama. They went dress shopping and out to dinner and then for a frozen yogurt treat.
Adelle picked out this cute dress from Old Navy. Also the necklace for my girlie girl.
 Friday while she was at school these sweet lady missionaries came over to help me get my decorating on. They made most of this fun crepe paper banner I had found on pinterest.

Friday after school she came home to special
 birthday mail from Uncle Brent and Aunt Jess. 
Saturday morning we hosted her Princess PJ Pancake Party. All her little friends came in their princess nighties and we had pancakes smothered in strawberries (from our yard!!) and whip cream.
Look closely at Adelle's face. I got all the girls seated and Jeff put the pancakes in front of Adelle to sing while I was back in my bedroom transforming into...

 The Fairy Godmother. This is so, so, fun. And silly. I came out with my wand and danced around the table chanting spells and recognizing each guest. Giving them each special names and whatever else. Just making a bunch of little girls giggle basically. And Jeff, lol. 
If you know anything about Adelle you know that she was all about this guest appearance. So fun.
 She wanted to wear my fancy dress even!
All the girls ate pancakes and then they played dress up with their shoes and sashes and bangles (which I found mostly at Value Village!!)

Goof Ball!

 Kindergarten girl friends!
 All the princesses in attendance

After the presents there was dancing and paper throwing.

 Also when my mom took Adelle shopping she let Adelle pick out a box of cereal. Adelle picked these and requested them for her actual birthday breakfast. She was surprised to accept the huge bowl of cereal I offered her and shared with all her brothers.

 After church all the family came over (well, not actually all the family but a lot of them) and we had pizza, per Adelle's request.
 She took some time to lounge in the shade after the party. It was a busy weekend after all :)
Jeff's mom made and sent in the mail this amazing Elsa dress from the movie Frozen. Apparently none of the ones at the store were good enough for this little princess so she just whipped up her own.
Adelle has been singing and dancing in this dress ever since.

Until Next Year...