Monday, February 27, 2012

the best thing about Thursday

Thursday was tough. I was still getting over a cold. Emmett was getting over a cold and with that meant that he was clung to me all the day. Didn't want to nap without me. Didn't want to sit for 5 minutes without me. Didn't want to give me any sort of breather.
I didn't run because it was pouring down rain.
Jeff came home from working all day. Ate dinner. And left again for an exceptionally long Elder's Quorum meeting.
I was left with 3 kids, all needing all my full-on attention ( or so I thought!)
and 1 sink full of dinner dishes.
90% of the time I am the mom who does the dishes after dinner and then plays with the kids. I tend to be orderly like that. Had Jeff been home, either he would have done the dishes, or played with the kids and I would have done the other. That wasn't an option. What was I going to do?
First I sat in my favorite red/orange chair and read to Emmett. Just he and I while the big kids played back in the playroom. Then he started to sing and I got my camera to film him singing and motioning "The Wheels on the Bus" because it's darling and I want to have it forever.
Then I told A & B to be quiet because I was putting M to bed. They complied.
I laid down with M and within minutes he was fast asleep.
Now I go to find A & B who are in my bed, under my covers reading books. It's the cutest thing ever. Oh, I forgot to tell you that when I had gone in to put M to bed I turned on the camera and left it in my room with the older two. Just to capture some candid moments. So after finding them I hopped into bed with them and read to them until way past bedtime. It was so worth it.
Then I put them down and did the dishes.
Jeff came home while I was mid-dishes.
He came in and asked how I was and I automatically spewed complaints at him. Things like how constant my day was, and how I am always one step behind and how nice it would be to be sleeping but now there are all these dishes.... You know the routine. Then I stopped and looked at him sheepishly. Had I really just said all of that out loud????? How embarrassing. Then I cried and told him I was sorry. He asked what he could do, because he really cares, and I told him he already did it. He just needed to stand there and hear me out without talking back or criticizing. I just needed someone to know how human I am and to let me dwell on it, briefly. I needed someone to stand there and allow me to break down. I am that person all day for my children and I needed someone there for me. Then I was totally fine. We talked. I finished the dishes and then we went to bed.
Here comes the best part if you are still with me...
We get into bed and Jeff notices the camera. He curiously asks what the camera is doing in the bedroom. So I tell him and we lay in bed and watch the videos that I had made that night of the kids, randomly being themselves. It was so awesome. We laughed so hard that we cried. He better understood my meltdown after he noticed that in the video with Emmett singing A & B came up to me umpteen times and interrupted me for different little things. Constantly actually. Then we snorted watching Braxton reading his books. He got to this one word and sounded it out over, and over, and over and called for me, and then scratched his head. When there was no answer at one point he falls back into the bed defeated and puts the book on his face in despair. It was hilarious.
I have never put the camera up candidly like that before and I am so glad I did. The best thing about Thursday was laying in bed with my husband laughing our heads off over our kids. So stinkin' funny!!!
Do it! It's a hoot!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

mud puddles

All 3 kids were happy to go out back after school and jump/play in the mud puddles.

I was happy to cook dinner in peace and occasionally peak at them out the window.

Some days all I can say is "Thank you for the mud puddles."

Monday, February 20, 2012


I have a boy who thinks he is too big for his britches lately. It's funny to parent. I am enjoying it.

He napped until he started Kindergarten this last fall. We started doing about every other day through the summer to prepare his body for when he started school and would not get a nap.

Well since starting school he has determined that he no longer needs a nap. Ever. Not on the weekends, nothing. That is fine, most of time.

He is also really into spelling and thinking he is so much bigger than his siblings. If there is ever a weekend or holiday and I am putting the other kids down for nap he will spell to me; as if to ensure that Adelle and Emmett won't catch on. It's the same every time. We will be eating lunch and he will say to me, "mom, N - O N - A - P." Spelling out the letters.
I respond with either Y - E - S or N - O.

Well today I was feeling lousy with a cold I caught and so I knew I was napping. I had gotten out of bed waiting for nap time. But that didn't mean he had too. I crawled into bed with M and A and Braxton got busy working on some drawing/writing projects. When Adelle woke up I woke up but I laid there to not wake up Emmett. Adelle ran out and I was listening for her to talk to Brax and nothing. Pretty soon Emmett woke up so we all came out to find Braxton zonked out on the couch. It was pretty cute. I had a snap a picture to document. Even Mr. Kindergarten, No Nap, Speller Man, gets tired I guess.

I know, I know, I am always analyzing but here I go again. I just really like that he is practicing his independence. I also like how he knew to listen to his body and take advantage of a quiet moment to catch some zzzzz's. I like that he is growing up and what he is growing up to be.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

M + J Wedding

Few things are sweeter than a tired, gentle, young boy with dirty feet and the continual urge to bogey on the dance floor.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

all things LOVE

Waking up to Emmett asleep on my chest. love. He had gotten up earlier and Jeff had heard him and placed him on me before leaving for work.

Braxton coordinating his Valentine's Day outfit all on his own without my lead. Wearing his red shirt, "mom, I will wear this shirt since it is red, because I don't want to wear a pink shirt!"

Adelle following suit with her heart dress.

Adelle getting all giddy when I picked up her two "boy" friends to carpool to preschool. She is so flirty!

Spending the morning with just M, doing the dishes together, taking a tub, doing a photo shoot on my bed, playing hide n' seek in his bed....

Adelle and Emmett playing together after school.

Braxton coming home and showing off all his loot!

Getting special Valentine cards and packages in the mail and hand delivered.

Braxton decorating the napkins for dinner.

My most charming, perfect, handsome, Valentine coming home from working all day and making me one of my favorite dinners: Clam Linguine!!!!

Delivering 64 cake pops to Valentine friends/family! (if yours didn't have a fancy bag on the top it's because we ran out! sorry :)

If you want my soon to be famous "Gluten Free Cake Pop" recipe go here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Iron Lady

My Gramy wanted to see this movie for her birthday a few weeks ago so all my aunts, my mom, my sister and I had a girls date.
This movie broke my heart and has had me thinking ever since. I just read a friend's blog on a similar topic and after leaving a huge comment I felt like I needed to write my own.
The story, is of Margaret Thatcher, England's first woman Prime Minister. Her life and her love and devotion to her country. She was truly amazing but it was all for a cost. She sacrificed her family a lot and because of it,she ended up being lonely and feeling a lot of regret.
This life is so challenging and so fascinating. We have been created by a loving Heavenly Father who uniquely made us, each His own. We have been blessed with gifts and talents of which we have been instructed to learn and improve and use in our lives to bless others. And then there are these other parts like time, energy, priority, strength, and capacity. Lastly this confusing concept called balance. How do we know what it is we are supposed to do and how do we know how many other things we are supposed to sacrifice to do it?

I feel like I am always picking up after my kids. Always. They are good kids, they put away their things when I remind them, but there is still more. Always there are things to pick up. I am always doing dishes. I love to cook and bake and make from scratch and that means way more cleanup and I feel like I am always doing the dishes. I am always reading to my kids. It's so important for them during these young years and I see the benefits from it with my oldest and I am trying to ensure that for my younger ones as all. There is always a project. I am always going through bins to have more room in my closet/garage. I am always.......
You get the idea. It's not bad. It's just busy. Sometimes I remember the other things I aspire to do. I want to learn to better play the piano. Not for myself, but primarily so that I can teach my children how to play. I want to serve my family and friends everyday. Lighten their load. Bring them a good meal. I want to write a recipe book, really bad. I want to finish my nutrition degree which I haven't worked on in months. I want to have clients who come to me and I help them heal their bodies, naturally and holistically. I want to make more time to run and exercise ....

The lesson today in YW was "Attitudes about our divine roles." It was wonderful. It reminded me that my divine role as a woman is to be a wife and a mother. I thought back to Margaret Thatcher. She was a mother and a Prime Minister. How did she do that? Was she the best she could be at both? Probably not. Was she a good friend? I don't know. I can be the best mother to my kids and a good friend but most likely everything else has to wait. It just does. I can't be good at everything. My children will not be this young and this dependent on me forever. While they are now, they are my priority. They really are, even if it means that I spend all my time reading to them, changing diapers, nursing, cooking, doing dishes... it's all worth it.
The next thing that I thought about during today's lesson was Our Savior. He could have been good at anything and everything. He had that power. Yet He used his whole life to do the will of the Father. He lived his whole life in the service of others. Ministering. Picking up after, if you will. He never thought about himself. His wants. His aspiration was to serve his brothers and sisters. To bear our griefs and pains.

I love the Gospel and learning from a perfect example. I love perspective and how powerful it can be to just step back and look at things from a different angle. I feel so enlightened and so sure of myself as a mother. I will not go down in history as being anything great but I hopefully will not have any regrets either.

Friday, February 10, 2012

following all promptings

I heard a talk once that said that when we have a prompting, we should act on it. I knew that part. Then the speaker continued to say something to the effect of then after we hear it and act on it we should write it down. I do this often. My personal journal is basically a week to week reflection on promptings I received, how I acted on them, and then what happened. Sometimes the "what happened" part doesn't come for months and often I don't even notice it as the "what happened" part until I am rereading and it strikes me as the "what happened." It's all really amazing to me and strengthens my testimony of The Holy Ghost and of my Heavenly Fathers Love.

Does any of that make sense?

Not to make light of a really personal gift but here is an experience that is casual enough but that I still found compelling to share.

Last night I had amazing energy. (I have been running again, maybe that is why??) After I cut Braxton's hair I was sweeping hair up in the bathroom, which led to cleaning the toilets, the sink, the mirrors....
Then I took that same energy back into our back bathroom. This was the inspiration. I always clean bathroom #1 and rarely clean bathroom #2. A little background on the back bathroom. We rarely use it. It is attached to the laundry room and is used to store the dog food, the kids' coats, and Jeff's work clothes/boots. So this bathroom has never been held to my standard of clean. Maybe that is lame but when it is constantly getting mud tracked through it, sometimes it's like, why bother!

Moving on. So last night I did. I went back there and I totally cleaned it top to bottom. Toilet, mirror, swept the floor, moved stuff around.
I didn't think much of it except for, "wow, even if it only lasts one day this sure looks nice!"

Then this morning we get back from walking Brax to school and we are met with the ladies from church who I work with in the Young Women's. They were here for our presidency meeting. Adelle warmly greets them and then out of nowhere says, "Do you want to come see where I hang up my coat??" Of course they did, all of them! Oh my world! I was so relieved that I had cleaned up that disaster area. I honestly don't know what I would have done, had I not. It was a good lesson for me and a good reminder/wake up call!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just for fun...

...and to ensure my 6 year old still thinks I'm the coolest mom ever!

just kidding. I am actually quite a prude, unfortunately. Would have you guessed that? It's not one of my favorite qualities so I often do funny things like this to try and beat it. It works for about 2 minutes. So, that is how long the Mohawk lasted. But, this got a good laugh out of everyone.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear M,

Dear Emmett,

You are old now and absolutely brilliant. I always knew you would be successful. I marvel at your handsome characteristics and how many of them you have had since you were able to reach out and grab. You have always been a man of order. When I pick you up from play dates you are always the first to clean up. When the play room is dirty you are always the one putting away. Everything has a place and I always know I can count on you to clean up and put things back. You have always been that way and it's been nice to have one of you around to help me clean up after the rest of them:)

I am glad that you no longer like to prance around in women's heels, although when I listen closely I can still hear you trampling down the hall in a pair of my most favorite. You came up with this one on your own but it always made for a good laugh. You are coordinated, that's for sure. Sometimes I feel like you can manage in those suckers better than I can.

Remember that one time back in 2011? You were 1 1/2 and I was 29 and we both woke up one Sunday morning feeling like crumb balls! I decided to fake it and put on a smile, you decided to cling to me without letting go, and cry and whine until I finally gave in and decided we were both staying home from church. You were happy after that. I was happy too. We sat on the couch and snuggled together. We read lots of books, most of them over and over and over. You said Moo every time there was a pig and I kept trying to get you to oink. No doing. You had a mind of your own alright. Then I needed to do the whole sink full of dishes and you drug the chair over to the sink to help. I let you help and you were thrilled. Before I knew it practically the whole kitchen was flooded. You wouldn't know, you were standing on the chair. I knew because my socks were wet. It didn't matter. We talked and laughed and splashed. We both had to change our clothes after that one but the dishes all got done. I think I learned more from you that day than I would have from going to church. Since then I have contemplated on the commandment in Mathew chapter 18:3 "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."
That day I realized it was o.k to stay home sick. It was o.k to clean up one mess while making another. It was o.k to desert the rest of the world, the rest of responsibility and just be together.

You are grown now and on your own. I knew it would happen fast and I'm glad I took advantage of our naps, our kisses, and our time together. It's not the same eating dinner without you making a funny face or doing karate moves. Thank you for the light you have always brought to my life.

I love you my boy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

the love note box

So tonight for FHE we decorated this love box, as we now call it.

We decided that from now until Valentine's Day we are going to fill the box with kind words, notes, pictures.... special things to show our love to one another.

The box has a double purpose:
First and most importantly: Teaching our kids to love one another, give compliments, love Valentine's Day, get special notes from each other...
Second: My magnet board (that I love that my sister got for M for his birthday) is already filled with Valentines and I am all out of magnets!)

Now they can all just go in the BOX until the much awaited holiday is here. On which day we will all gather round and open the box and enjoy all the lovey contents!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Run Eat Kiss

Yesterday I set out to be lazy
Hang out in slippers and do laundry
read my books
play puzzles and games
recuperate a bit.

It never is as good as it sounds.

The sun was shining in my window
I dumped the lazy idea
put on a sports bra
packed a picnic
all in about 10 minutes.

New plan.

The kids got in the car
with the picnic
I grabbed a water bottle
put on my sunglasses
hit the road.

"Adelle, call daddy and tell him we are bringing him a picnic."
"We are on our way! We are bringing you a picnic!"

Beautiful drive
gorgeous mountain view
warm sun shining
Excited kids.

We drove to where Jeff was working
He played with the kids in the field
I ran laps around the parking lot
I didn't want to ever stop
But I did.

We spread the blanket
chased each other around
got yogurt everywhere.

Then we said goodbye
the hour was up
the needs were met
we all got our fill.

Why be lazy when you can be spontaneous?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The boys and the girls

No school for the B-Rax today. It's semester break. Doesn't mean much for Kindergartners but we will take it for what it is.

We made sure and invited Carson to come over. This cousin really misses Braxton now that he is in school everyday so we made sure they would get to play today.

It's been a fun morning. The sexes have completely segregated themselves, which is unusual for this bunch.

The boys have been racing cars and shooting hoops while the girls have been playing school and reading books. It's been fun.

Me, well I am vegging out. Yesterday was go, go, go from sun up to way after the sun went down so today I am at home, loving the sun shining through my windows and the voices of children playing.

Welcome February...