Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Bliss

This weekend was so beautiful and we were able to take full advantage of it. Thursday I cleaned my house completely and mowed the lawn so that we wouldn't be preoccupied with chores during the weekend.

Friday we were outside all day! Braxton's friend Ellie came over and played and we all got sun. Friday night Jeff and Braxton went to the Father Son Campout with my dad and Brent at Silver Lake and had a blast! Braxton loves being with the big guys!

Saturday we got our garden put in in the bloody heat. Jeff kept saying, "is it ok to plant when it's this hot?" I reminded him that we do live in Washington and it really wasn't "that hot." It just seemed like it since it's the first glimpse of nice weather we've had. Braxton occupied himself while we were gardening by running through the sprinkler and getting us all wet. It was a great day and we all ended up exhausted and sun kissed!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Ok April tagged me and I've never been tagged so I hope this works.

What time does Braxton wake up? Which time? He wakes up between like 4 and 6 for the first time and comes into bed with me and Jeff, some might say thats a bad habit but we all 3 enjoy it!

How long have I been a Mom? 2 1/2 of the best years of my life!

Favorite kid show? We don't have cable so I don't even know the new shows. We watch Disney Movies if anything.

Favorite chore? Sweeping the floor. It's so quick and easy and looks so nice when it's done.

Favorite meal to cook? Breakfast! I like cooking dinner too but I do that all the time so cooking a really good breakfast is a fun treat to enjoy with Jeff and Braxton.

Favorite thing that Jeff does with Braxton? Wrestling and tickeling. Jeff can get Braxton laughing so hard. They are the best play mates and anything they do together makes me smile. I'm so lucky to have the best husband who is such an amazing dad. He always has energy for Braxton.

What are 5 things that make me smile about being a Mom?
1. Kisses and cuddles. Braxton is a love bug and loves to kiss and hug me and run his fingers through my hair.
2. Watching Braxton interact with other kids and being such a good kid. It's so rewarding to watch him do something you taught him to do like say, "thanks," or share with a friend.
3. When I tell Braxton I love him and he says, "thanks mom, you too."
4. Singing songs and watching Braxton do the motions to the songs we've been working on.
5. Talking with Jeff and Braxton about Adelle and anxiously awaiting her arrival.

Where do I want to take my kids someday? The circus. That's one place we hope to take Braxton this year cause he's never been and I think he would be fascinated.

One thing you said you'd never do as a Mom? Take my kids to day care. I'm so thankful to Jeff for providing for our family so I can be home with my children.

Favorite quality your mom has? Most selfless person I know. Always giving all she has for her children and husband and grandchildren. She loves Braxton and Carson so much and has been such a help to Lesha and I with our kids.

Advice for new Mom's? They grow up so fast and they observe and pick up everything so watch yourselves because they are learning from you all day, everyday.

I tag Lesha and Allia

Saturday, May 10, 2008


So now that Braxton is eating whatever Jeff and I eat I have been doing a lot of research about what we eat and what that food is doing to our bodies. I only want to feed Jeff and Braxton the best and I feel like we are really healthy eaters but the more I learn the more I realize that there is a lot more to what we are eating then we think and it is having a huge affect on the health of our society.
Milk is my latest topic of interest. I am big on breastfeeding and I nursed Braxton until he was almsot 18 months old at which point I gave him goats milk because I found it to me more similar to breastmilk and it contains more nutrients than cows milk. He really liked the milk and transitioned smoothly. Then I slowly started alternating organic cows milk and goats milk because he was getting older and I thought his stomache was probably ready for cows milk.
Recently I read something that really caught me off guard but made complete sense. I will paraphrase but it was something like, humans are the only species who drink another species' milk. It was so interesting to me and so eye opening. Why do we drink cows milk? Because the government tells us too?
Needless to say I have always personally drank soy milk, along with cows milk, and I have just recently introduced it to Jeff and Braxton who both love it and Braxton actually prefers it now over the cows milk. I have learned that it is much easier for all of our bodies to digest and contains equal, if not more, of most nutrients that cows milk claims to have. Plus it has less sugar than cows milk and no added hormones. Another bonus is that soy milk has a longer shelf life, as it doesn't have to be refrigerated until after it's opened, so it has allowed me to add milk to my growing food storage supply.
So, just some informationt that I found to be really interesting and thought I would share. Don't get me wrong I am not going to deprive my family of whipping cream or ice cream or any yummy treats that are dairy but I just have more of an idea now of what it's really doing and maybe moderating the amount of animal byproducts we consume is something to consider?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Fishing Fishing Fishing!

So Braxton is still really on this fishing kick. We have been finding lots of new fishing holes including the Bellingham Bay Harbor (after lunch at the Weblocker), Umpa and Ma's pool (if there are fish in there they couldn't possibly be alive), and Cherry Point.

Pink and Brown

So last weekend my mom, my sister and my friend Allia threw me a fabulous shower! It was so much fun and it got me so into girl mode! Adelle's room is coming along now with huge progress....if only she was making progress! She's comfy cozy in my tummy still nice and high and moving like crazy. I decided that I wanted her room pink and brown and my shower produced pink and brown galore! Perfect! We decided that green is a really good accent color to pink and brown as well and now we are anxious to see how she will blend in with the colors we've chosen...brown eyes like her daddy? green eyes like her momma? brown hair? So exciting! I'm so lucky to have a really talented family and friends who made me homemade blankets and quilts and who just have really good taste in little girls clothes! Thanks to Lesha, Mom and Allia for the great shower and to everyone who came or who wanted to come but couldn't! Sorry to those of you who left before I decided to take a group photo and to my aunties who avoid the camera at all costs...the world doesn't get to see your pretty faces!

Boys will be Boys!

So I'm pretty sure this was the conversation...

Brent: "Wanna wrestle me in the dirt?"
Jeff: "Yeah!"
Brent: "Are you willing to get dirty?"
Jeff: "Yeah!"

Followed by a lot of male pride and heavy breathing!