Thursday, April 24, 2008

Growing Up!

Braxton is officially 2 1/2 as of today! Everyone has been telling me that when the baby comes Braxton will all of a sudden seem so grown up and it's happening already! I can't believe the things he comes up with lately. Today we went fishing at Boulevard with his new fishing pool that Jeff bought him Tuesday. He can already cast it all by himself. Then we went to lunch at my favorite spot, Avenue Bread, and we just sat there and ate and talked about our fishing adventure. He is so much company and so fun to spend my days with. Jeff was all worried last night because he has been telling Braxton that they are going to go fishing on Saturday and now Jeff has to work. He is really bummed about having to cancel the trip but we both decided that Braxton is way more understanding and forgiving than either of us when it comes to breaking plans. Kids are so great that way!

We are trying to prep him into "big brotherhood" by reading lots of books about babies and about being a big brother. He's not at all into feeling the baby move in my tummy but he knows something is in there as his sitting space is shrinking!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fragrance Lake

So I guess I've started a new tradition for myself...Hiking fragrance lk. while very pregnant! The Beehives in my ward wanted to hike this week for activity so we decided on Fragrance Lake. Jeff and Braxton got to come too, just in case a monster or something tried to get us they were there for our protection. While we were going up the mt. Jeff remembered that when I was pregnant with Braxton I did the same hike with my friends Mindi and Erin. So now I guess it's a tradition. Horray!

We had a really fun time. Braxton loves doing anything that involves half a dozen teenage girls gawking over him, plus we had a picnic at the top which involved oreos. Jeff had to show everyone his stuff by taking short cuts off the trail and into the brush with Braxton on his shoulders. I was just happy to make it to the top!