Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I take it all back

Wow! talk about having a change of heart. This has been the greatest October ever and I was telling Jeff the other day how much I have really loved this fall! (he said it was because we had a not so good summer but either way.) So much for all the nasty things I said before. This year fall has been absolutely beautiful. The kids and I went and picked apples one crisp morning with my mom and my grandma. Braxton loved it and it was fun to get all bundled up and be outside. We have still been getting to go on our walks which makes me really happy. We got to go make homemade apple cider at some friends house and it was so yummy and fresh and delicious. The sunsets have been breathtaking and the evenings have been cool but clear and pretty. Braxton had his birthday and party which I still have to blog about but it was perfect and he was so excited. We've gotten to go up to Canada every weekend and watch my brother play basketball for Qwest University. Braxton has gotten to carve pumpkins on two different occassions. First with Jeff and I and then with Ampa and Bama. The trees and leaves are beautiful. Our house is warm since we installed new windows this spring so the heat actually stays in the house! Last but not least my friend taught me how to make a pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin and it was amazing! Happy Fall! I've completely changed my mind about this beautiful season!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why I love October....

I don't know how to put these in order....this is us today at the Pumpkin we will go back in time.. My handsome little cowboy....not be confused with my manly hunka hunka cowboy down below.
This is us when Braxton was one week old.....Notice the Orange color scheme:)
This is us when Braxton was almost one at the Pumpkin Patch
This was the very first Cowboy I ever loved....he didn't think he'd ever have any competition
This is us last Halloween, Braxton almost 2 and mom 10 weeks pregnant with Adelle
This is Braxton and Adelle today at the Pumpkin Patch. The second cowboy I ever loved....

I honestly used to think October was the worst month of the whole year. Why? Let's see.. it's usually cold and rainy. It's the first month of the year when I am forced to wear shoes and not flip flops which is pure torture for me. I was never a big fan of dressing up for Halloween. The days are really short and dark. Growing up my car would be really cold in the morning getting into it....that's all I can remember about why I didn't like it.

Now I love October and think it is a beautiful and extra special month. Why? Braxton was born in October which makes it one of my favorites. Every October I think back to when Braxton was born and how he has changed every year. Now I have another little pumpkin (Adelle) to dress up and fall means I can dress her in cute little leggings and sweaters. Let's see, I get to park in the garage now so I don't have to get into a cold car anymore, plus so far this October every Sunday after church all 4 of us crawl into bed for Family Nap which is amazing and definetly wouldn't happen in the summer. So I really love October. Plus, Halloween is so much fun when you have really cute kids to dress up.

Here's some October pictures I found of us through the years. Funny that I am wearing the same orange sweater in almost all the pictures.
Side note * I love that orange sweater it's Abercrombie and I bought it at Plato's Closet consignment store for $4.00 5 years ago. It's still a favorite, obviously since I wore it again today. I love a good bargain. I think I'm going to see how many years I can wear it for Halloween pictures...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do you see any resemblance?

So we introduced Adelle to the Jump-a-roo this weekend and she loved it! As she was chewing on her fist in it I had a deja-vu moment and I could picture in my mind when Braxton would do the same thing. I decided to search for the picture of Braxton and to compare the two. Ironically in the jump-a-roo pictures they are almost the exact same age. (duh, I guess thats the age they do the jump-a-roo and chew on their fists)

So what do you think? Do they look alike? I'm curious to see what you think.

Most people tell us that they don't think Adelle looks anything like Brax. As she gets older I can see more and more of her brother coming out in her, especially some expressions she makes.

Anyway, just kinda fun.

We still can't tell what color Adelle's eyes are going to be. Braxton's were very brown from the beginning. Her's seemed to be going blue/green when she was younger but they seem to be getting darker too.