Monday, February 9, 2015

Sledding away the past and Plunging into the future

New Years Eve 2014 was spent driving up to Mt. Baker to do some night sledding by moonlight. We stopped along the way at one of our families favorite spots to watch the eagles.

Driving up to Baker was so beautiful. It was clear and everything was lightly dusted with white enough to make it seem like we were far from home.

Night sledding was such a blast. The kids were total sports and loved every minute of it. Adelle and Braxton especially got really into it.

Braxton wanted to go the fastest and the furthest. It's so funny how daring these kids are. I, on the other hand, once was fun and daring and now I am a total scardy cat. Before I went down for the first time I stood up at the top and my mind was racing. I was thinking, "it's okay, your kids just did it!" and "You have done this hundreds of times in years past..." 
So, I did do it. And it was fun. But. I am sure not as daring as I used to be. Funny how that happens I guess. 

Jeff on the other hand, hasn't grown up as much as me I guess. Just kidding. He is still such a kid at heart and was building jumps and trying the whole time to make the ride more thrilling than it already was. 

The idea of the trip was Bryce and Chelsey's. Obviously they don't have kids and only had to ensure their own selves were warm and their own tummies were fed... but we were happy to join in the fun and needed someone else to instigate the adventure.

My mom and dad came along too and I was impressed with how much stamina they had climbing up that mountain. It really was a good workout!! I have so many good memories of night sledding as a kid and it's fun to think that I will be doing it with my grandkids someday. 

Gage is ticked off in this picture. Jeff took him down on his lap and Gage was sprayed with snow in his face the whole ride.

Happy little snow people!

After sledding Jeff and I were certain our kids would be exhausted and fall asleep on the drive home but no such luck. It's as if they could sense that the night wasn't over. That and the fact that they are very good listeners when it comes to things that Jeff and I are discussing and one of them, I think Braxton, overheard that we were all coming back to our house to have a late dinner and play games until it was time to ring in the NEW YEAR. So no sleepers.
Gage went down once we got home but the other three stayed up until Midnight!! They laid on the airbed and watched a movie while we adults played Balderdash, and then we all played a game of fruit basket before toasting in the new year.


New Years Day was gorgeous and clear. We went out to my parents to do the Polar Bear Dip. It was so rejuvenating and nice. Jeff and I both said we should do it more often. It felt shockingly cold but so good and fresh.

My mom is such a go-getter. She was the first one in and I will take the proud 2nd. She practically ran in as soon as we got down to the beach. 

Braxton, Jeff and Bryce kept each other company on the shore the longest. Poor Braxton was freezing but apparently he has a little Froberg in him and he wasn't going to let us all pass him up so he got in, but only waist deep. 

Here's to a risk taking, faith building, family strengthening New Year!