Friday, March 27, 2009

Pocket full of Sunshine

Braxton, being the ladies man that he is, gets girls to do this sort of thing for him all the time! He loves his friend Ellie and Ellie takes good care of him.
Adelle loved the swing but she was just as happy watching her brother run around and be crazy.

Carson didn't want to get out of this swing! He was happy as long as he was being pushed or sitting on Lesha's lap on the big swing.

These two are so sweet together. They are either driving each other crazy or being really sweet to each other.

Adelle's little hands were so cute gripped to the swing.

Wednesday afternoon was so sunny and beautiful! Is spring really coming? We had a great day and a great walk but I was so anxious to get out and enjoy the sun I forgot my camera when we went to the park to toss around the football! Thursday some friends called and invited us to the park for a picnic. Good thing I had put some sunshine in my pocket the day before because Thursday was again, cloudy and windy and chilly. But it didn't stop us from having a great day, plus I remembered my camera:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our own March Madness

So Jeff and I got the kids to bed on time, which is blog worthy itself, and decided to play a game of crib. This has been one of Jeff's new favorite past times lately. He made his own crib board out of a scrap piece of wood we had in the garage and now whenever someone comes over (ok, only my dad and grandpa Johnson) he asks them if they have time for a game of crib. They always beat him but he still gets a huge kick out of this game.

I am a long time crib "knower how to player" which means my dad taught me when I was younger and I have watched him and my grandpa Froberg play this game a million times but never really got into it.....until now that I have my own homemade crib board and a husband who is fascinated by the game.

So tonight it was on. Jeff likes to play me because he usually beats me, this is true of most games we play together, which is annoying but I get over it.

So Jeff has the lead for basically our entire game of crib. I would occasionally get a really good hand and almost catch up only to be followed by his, better hand, and a greater lead.

So the game is ending, Jeff has a 27 point lead and is 1 point away from winning, he thinks it's in the bag and I'm ready to smile and say, "good game, babe." He get's this smirk on his face that says, "I'm the winner, you're the looser, hahaha." I hate this look, it's so obvious and silly and he really can't help his face when it turns into this shape.

I ignor the look and the smirk and look at my hand......"I think this could be my break," is what I say, really nonchalantly to not give anything away. I score 25 points and Jeff scores 0! Really 0! I am only down by 2 needing 3 points to win the game. What happens next? It's Jeff's crib so I lay down first:

Me: 4

Jeff: 7 makes 11

Me: 4 makes 15 for 2


Jeff: 10 for 25

Me: 6 for 31 Wooo Hooo (I now have the ugly smirk on my face)

Jeff: Now can we play strip poker?

Too bad the Huskies couldn't have that sort of comeback today!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Here is to the greatest example of love and marriage I could ever have! Thanks Dad and Mom for loving each other first and for teaching me the love and respect and tolerance that marriage requires. Thank you for sacrificing for each other and for stickin' it out through good times and bad. We love you both so much......Happy 28th Wedding Anniversary!

Monday, March 2, 2009

kissin' cousins

Here they are modeling Adelle's hats. They got their backpacks and suitcases and said they were "going to Arizona."

Jeff's sister Gabe and her daughter Riley came to visit us a couple weeks ago. Braxton and Riley are the best of buds. They are a year apart and they have so much fun together. What one doesn't think of, the other one does. They had a great time playing and being crazy.
Thanks for visiting us Riley and Gabe! We love you and can't wait to see you again soon!