Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kids say the Darndest things!

Jeff to Braxton: "I think baby girl is hungry, what do you think?"

Braxton: "Yeah."

Jeff: "Should dad feed baby girl?"

Braxton: "You can't feed baby girl, you don't have no nipples."

Apparently Braxton is picking up some anatomy lessons during the day. I wasn't in the room for this conversation but I walked in afterward to Jeff practically rolling on the floor laughing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Huge Muscles

So Braxton has been really into his muscles lately. He found his muscle shirt the other day and wanted to wear it because it was like "uncle bent's" (Brent). Since then he has also found out that Jeff has a muscle shirt and everyday when Jeff gets home from work Braxton convinces him to put on his muscle shirt. It's pretty hot! We've been teaching Braxton that when he eats a good dinner that his muscles grow huge. He totally buys it and it's working great to get him to sit down for more then 2 minutes at dinner and eat.
This is Braxton using his huge muscles to push Carson in the swing in our backyard.
As for Adelle, she's got her share of muscles already and I love her in tanks and t-shirts. Chubby arms are so cute. For those of you who are wondering if she is always in her bouncy chair the answer is no! Unfortunately when Jeff's at work and I want to take a picture of her cuteness I can't hold her and Braxton can't hold her by himself so she gets put in her chair. I'm so lucky to have such a chill baby!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

5 weeks

So I realize that our blog is suffering but the last five weeks have been a real whirlwind!
First of all I can't believe Adelle is almost 6 weeks old. It's going so fast and she is growing like a little weed. She is still the most perfect baby and I don't just say that because she's mine. Even my mom says she's never seen a baby so laid back and easy going and just to rub things in she slept 8 hours last night! Wow!
So here I go to sum up the past 5 weeks in the Ashmore home. Braxton got his first fever when Adelle was 2 weeks old. It was awful and lasted a week and I seriously thought I was going to go crazy. I'm such a worry wort sometimes. As it turned out it was his left ear and after the week of fever and not feeling well he was better. Oddly enough his ear never even hurt him which was good but he was pretty miserable.
During all of this Jeff's grandpa Johnson got really sick and had to be put in intensive care at the hospital. He too is doing remarkably better now but it was pretty scary for a while and he was in a lot of pain. The up side of that was that Jeff's whole family ended up coming up to visit from Arizona and so they got to meet Adelle and we spent lots of time with family. One night we went minature golfing and Jeff got to golf with Addy in the front pack. What a champ! The weather also started to finally feel like summer so we are spending many days and nights at my parents pool. My parents think we go there to swim but we really go there so they can hold our babies and we can have a little break! So lets see....Jeff and I got to play some tennis the other night by ourselves while his family stayed with the kids which was really fun and I kicked Jeff's booty! Then the next dayJeff's tonsil was swollen almost to the point where he couldn't swallow and he was really hurtin'. He was sick for 4 days and it was miserable and I can't believe he and Braxton have both gotten so sick this summer.
I think that basically sums it up. There has definetly not been a dull moment since Adelle joined our family but she fits in perfectly and we already feel like she has been with us forever. Although my little female partner can't quite help me take care of her brother or dad yet her spirit is so sweet and after a hard long day I just hold her and rock her and she makes everything better.