Sunday, January 29, 2012

Firestation Field Trip

This happened a few weeks ago but I never posted about it. So, for posterity's sake; here is Miss Adelle on her very own field trip to the Fire Station. It was her 4th time there (I know, crazy, she is only 3 years old, but she's been to the firestation 4 times with her Brothers class, Brothers birthday, and cousins birthday).
Maybe that is why I wasn't anxious to post it to my blog. Seemed super repetitive.

But, she is super cute and she was excited to go with her preschool friends on a field trip.

Emmett was excited too. It's pretty awesome being a little tag-a-long brother :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Easy Valentines!

I am so glad I made these for my kids last year! They cracked up over them and they were so easy and fun!!

I will be doing this again, but probably not until like the night before so I will show you last years in case you want to do it.

All I did was find a picture of me with each child, individually. Then I came up with a little poem that was uniquely about them! I just used picnik to edit the photo by adding the hearts as a border and inserting the text (Picnik is free now until April, too!!)

Then I printed them off and viola! A homemade Valentine that we will laugh over for years.

Here are their poems:


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You are getting so BIG!
I used to change your Do Do!
I love you Braxton.
Love Mom


Violets are Blue
Roses smell yummy
I'm glad you're my girl
You came out of my tummy
I love you, Adelley
Love Mom


Roses are Red
You were born in our bed
You have kept us on our game
we love you all the same
Love you M
Love Mom

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hunka Hunka

Oh my gosh! So the other day I was totally driving down the street and when I looked to my left I saw this guy up on this roof! And I was like, "what a hunk!" No way? Yeah! He was like totally up there like it was nothing. Just walking around, cleaning, like nobodies business. I was like, "how does he do that without falling?" So I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot because I was totally impressed. Like, he was so manly and not scared of nothin!' Then I got up the courage and drove a little closer, hoping to get a better look at his butt. Wow! Then you won't believe what happened?? He totally noticed me and started making eyes at me! Yes, Me!! He had to have seen my kids in the back seat but he totally started to hit on me!!! Serious! It gets better... he asked me to come home with him later!!!! I seriously thought I was going to like, melt. So I totally said yes and then I took a mental picture of his smile and brought it with me while I waited for him to get off. Best day of my life! Everyday! Lucky me!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Underwear and Tears

One of my kids is stoked about his new underwear!
(love those chunky thighs)
Two of my kids are crying because Elder Havland is being transferred tomorrow.
(we love this missionary from Gilbert, AZ!!)

Whats a mom to do?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Funnies

Today made me laugh for these reasons in no particular order

The fact that Braxton is set on me NOT cutting his hair
Walking into my room to find Emmett smearing my deodorant all over his left cheek
Adelle sitting on Braxton's lap for these pictures, not so lady like
Emmett and how he says "cheese" but won't look at the camera
Adelle sticking out her tongue without being prompted to do so
Braxton's cute little toothless smile
(and remembering how Mr. Tooth fairy and I were almost busted 2 nights ago when the young lad sat straight up as Mr. Tooth fairy was depositing $ beneath his pillow, not so smoothly)
Braxton grabbing the camera case and using it as a scripture case for church
Adelle noticing me wearing my Young Women Medallion and then putting on her yellow, light up, Disney Princess necklace "to match"
Emmett being a ham, as usual
The way Braxton's hair turned out and how cool he thought it was
Braxton telling Jeff and I, "yeah I don't need any more kids in this family to take care of" (and it actually being relevant)
Adelle and her poses with her hand on her thigh
Jeff telling Braxton, "wow, lookin' good. You better bring a stick to church" meaning he would have to ward off the ladies
(I had never heard this expression before and it made me laugh, hard)
Emmett getting caught red handed in the bathroom with me applying eyeshadow
The way Braxton has started referring to his father as "Dude!"
Braxton being so serious and smiling so nicely in every single picture while his brother and sister goofed off

I am laughing right now just remembering this morning and all the hoop-la.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Please save you BOX TOPS for us!

I am posting this blog because I keep on forgetting to tell my family that we are collecting Box Tops for Braxton's school. All you do is cut the box top off of the package and give them to us. Braxton turns them into his school and the school gets money for the number of Box Tops received. It's pretty easy but it's new to us too so I find myself throwing boxes out to recycle, forgetting to remove the Box Top. So, if you'd like to help us we'd appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!

Check out their website here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

wipe out

I am a little disappointed that I don't have any pictures of Braxton catching air. If you ask Jeff, Brax was up at least 2 feet in the air going over the jump. I don't know if I buy it but, I was inside the whole time.

The conversation yesterday between me and my oldest son went like this:
Him (excitedly) "mom, are you comin' outside?"
Me "uh, when pigs fly!"
Him to his dad, "well, I guess mom's not comin!"

Yesterday was so stinkin' cold! 14 degrees and windy. Not even playing in the snow sounded fun if it involved going outside. So, I warmly stayed inside and watched out the window. I couldn't believe how long Braxton actually lasted out there. Burrrrr!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

budding artist

Braxton is such a little artist. He would sit and draw all day if his sister and brother would leave him alone. And if there wasn't snow outside to play in!

There has been lots of drawing going on around here today. He also wrote and illustrated his own "kids book" as he called it.

This little man is growing up so fast.

*Notice how we are all holding hands in the picture. Stinkin' cute!


Emmett is 2 today! It's quite the party around here. We have been playing games, reading books, watching movies. We ate waffles for breakfast and sang to Emmett for the 4th time! Staying inside for sure!! The wind is howling, as usual (remember the wind from Emmett's birth story?), and the temperature outside is 14 degrees. The funny thing is that the day Emmett was born we broke record for the warmest January day. Now today, two years later, we are most likely breaking another record for being the coldest January day :)

We had a party for Emmett on Sunday filled with friends and family. I made a Scooby-Do cake for Emmett because he got a Scooby-Do DVD for Christmas and he loves to carry it around and repeat Dooby, dooby, Dooooo. It's really cute to listen to and we all get a kick out of it. We knew he would love a Scooby-Do cake.

The cool thing about being the third child is that not only does Emmett have his own friends but he has all of his sisters friends and all of his brothers friends too. It's like 3x the friends! Yesterday when some of Braxton and Adelle's friends were here we sang to Emmett and he knew he was the man. All the kids love this babe and he soaks it all up.

We sure love this little guy.
Happy Birthday M-Bopalicious!

If you want to reminisce of baby Emmett with me go here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This is a picture that one of my kids took yesterday. Not sure which one of them took it but I thought it was a nice snap shot of our life so far this week. Yesterday was a Holiday and there was a ton of snow so we stayed home all day. We just put on and took off snow clothes all day and loved every minute of it. Some friends stopped by, neighbors played. Today was an official snow day, no school. No preschool. I just got notice from the school district that tomorrow will be another snow day. Activity night is also cancelled for tomorrow. Playgroup is off for tomorrow....

I feel really at ease in this situation. I know I tend to be a mother bear and I like to have all my little cubs in my little cave with me but this week it has really hit me how much I just like being home with my family. Friends have called and invited us out. My mom asked to have the kids over, another friend invited us to dinner. And yet, I am so happy just hibernating at home with my little family. It's almost like the snow is the perfect excuse to just be home. Just be comfy. It is beautiful here. Fresh fallen snow. Happy faces. A good dad who pulls his kids and whoever else on the sled. A crock-pot full of warm dinner. Naps!! Books, slippers, movies, balloons (Emmett turns 2 tomorrow!!!).

Maybe I have some bi-polar issues going on but I feel like I am part social butterfly part hibernating mother bear.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"snow is like yogurt, huh mom?"

We've got some happy kids around here! Snow is on the ground and more is in the forecast. I hope it stays through Monday and then disappears for the year!

That being said we are enjoying playing in it!!! Our friends invited us over yesterday to join them in sledding down their driveway and all the kids loved it. Little Emmett went down multiple times!

And if you hadn't guessed it, Adelle was the one who tells me this morning at breakfast that, "snow is like yogurt." Yes. "They are both white." :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Friend

My mind is reminiscing of blizzards, and Skippers, and birthday parties, and trampolines, Schwans ice cream, Klover, Hawaii, pool parties, road trips, song singing, song writing, boys, Friends, dances, ugly shag carpet, mascara, sleep overs, sleep talkers, camping, screaming, crying, moving, 4th of July, frosting hair, visiting, Boys and Girls Club, basketball, chicken nuggets, 90210, high school, middle school, softball, pitching lessons from Steve, phone calls,bridge jumping, Going to State Basketball games, Volleyball, Hawaii again, snorkeling, beaches, tan lines, Graduation....

Happy 30th Birthday to my very dear friend, Shelby. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you like old times. You are the greatest friend any middle school girl, high school girl, mom of 3 could ever ask for!

Friday, January 13, 2012


M and I were in the big red chair reading books while Adelle and Braxton were sharing a snack after school today. When I looked up this is what I saw. I think they miss each other during the day.

there's a whole wide world of balance beams out there

Today is a sunny cold day. The weather this winter has been so beautiful. Sunny, crisp, blue skies, beautiful. I really enjoy the cold, when the wind isn't blowing and the sun is shining.

After my kids survived yet another presidency meeting we all bundled up and went outside for a walk. Well, that is what I told the dog anyway. I leashed up Sofie and she got to come too.

Adelle was the cutest in her brown leggings, boots, big poofy butterfly coat and pink princess beanie. She got all the high school boys to wave to her by standing on the curb and shaking her hips while waving her arms. "These boys are all my friends," she says to me. I don't know where this girl learned those moves but she is an obvious flirt. On a couple of different occasions she politely says to me, "mom, please stop telling me what to do." Yeah right. She found the curb outside our door and decided that instead of walking, she wanted to balance on the curb.

Sister balancing on the curb led Emmett to discover the curb and insist on balancing the whole time as well, while holding onto my finger. I wish his hands were bigger because the finger he was holding was nice and warm while the rest of my hands were freezing. It was a day that I should have worn my gloves but didn't.

So this whole walk was a huge disappointment to the dog. We walked down the side walk in one direction, only to turn around and walk back because the kids were both on the curb the whole time and I wanted to be back in my warm house before dark. We were outside an hour and seriously walked about a block in a half. Emmett and Adelle loved every minute and it was nice to get some fresh air. I also got a chuckle out of the many heads driving by that turned to watch two little cuties balancing on the curb, buried in their coats and hats. I wish I would have had my camera. Adelle is so coordinated and Emmett is so determined to be big and follow her lead. He only fell on his hands and knees once, and it wasn't into the road, so we were good. Plus he is a tough one so falling down doesn't bother him.

The walk, not by intention, happened at the same time as the first recess at the school across the street. I can't believe I made it until January, never having spied on my kid at recess! That all ended today. We were "balancing" that way when Adelle heard the kids at recess. She asked if we could go play too and I explained to her that those were the kids at school having recess. Then she asked if we could go find Braxton. I didn't make any promises but I told her we could look. We stood on the edge of the sidewalk and looked out into the school field. I found him right off the bat. Red poofy coat. Hood on (way to go, brother for keeping those ears warm), running in the field. Five? No, six? Seven little girls chasing him through the field. Eventually he saw us, not until after we saw him. A dog, a tot, a cute little girl and a mom all stopped and staring at him must have drawn his attention. He was so excited. He started waving frantically. Pretty soon his whole parade of girlfriends were waving at us too. And here I thought he was playing football at school during recess?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"mom, um...."

Emmett is enjoying the freedom of not being in a crib and he has been down right taking advantage of it. Little stink! Not when his dad is home, of course. Bed time is a dream. We read, we tuck them in, and if they mess with it than dad saves my world by stomping in and dealing with it. Daddy style. It works every time. That and the fact that everyone is usually spent by the end of the day.

Nap time hasn't been as cooperative. If I had to pick my most obedient child it would not be sweet Adelle and it would not be adventurous Emmett... so getting those two to lay down together and disregard their desire to play and mess with each other is really asking for a lot. I don't have my little reminder boy in there with them to help them out. He's at Kindergarten and I think Adelle and Emmett have caught onto the game.

It's partially my fault. I don't stomp in and deal with it. Adelle is not to blame. She likes to nap. She knows the routine and she follows directions. She just gives in to her brother's persuasions and before I know it my little girl is following the lead of my little boy. M is the stinker on this one.

It's been a battle. I tell them it's nap time. They go potty, I change a diaper.I tuck them in only to come out and hear them talking. Pretty soon they have opened their door and usually Adelle sends M out wave at me first. As if I didn't hear them coming....
Rather then closing the door and letting them do whatever I have gone in and laid down with them and not long after that they are both out. The fight is over and we've both won. They got mom to lay down with them and I got them to sleep. Everyone is happy. The down part is that on two different days this whole process has taken so long that I end up having to wake them up an hour later to go get Brax from school. So this party is not fun and makes the nap process more frustrating.

So today I have been mentally preparing myself for nap. After lunch we did the whole routine, I laid them down and came out to call a friend and do the dishes. As I am on the phone they come out and park it on the couch. The next thing I hear is Dora singing in Spanish and I see them both happily on their bums in front of the screen. I ignored it at first because I was on the phone talking about serious, important, stuff (ha), but then the call ended and I turned off the tv and sent them back to bed. Adelle complied but Emmett didn't. I put him in bed next to his sis and he cried and I walked out. He wasn't really crying hard, just whining and moaning and making extremely weird noises that you only make when you are tired. I figured it would last a moment and then he would be out.

The next thing I know I hear the door open but no footsteps. I listen more carefully. Still nothing. I stop what I am doing to hear a small little voice whisper, "mom." It's cute to my ears so I wait to see if it will sound again. Same thing, "mom." Nothing else. I walk down the hall to find M standing right outside his door. I kneel down to his level and he smiles. I ask him what he needs and he understands every word. Then he replies, "mom, um... and then without another word, almost as if he didn't know how to say it, he wraps me in his little arms in a tender squeeze. If I could finish the sentence for him I would assume it was, "mom, um, I just needed a hug." It was so sweet. His little voice, his little, "um," the fact that he was being a little defiant and sneaky, but not, at the same time. I asked him if he wanted mom to lay down in his bed with him and he said yes. Mind you Adelle is totally asleep already, same room, same bed. So I laid down with Emmett. At first he was rubbing my face gently and whispering for me to shhhhhh. Then when he realized I wasn't going to budge he held onto my finger and was asleep a couple minutes after that.

It's been a rough go, but it was a sweet moment. One I want to remember. One that I know will not always be relevant. I am constantly reminded when I step outside to voices of children playing at the school across the street. There is a little squeal over there that is familiar to me. One that is playing football with kids much bigger than him. One that is hearing new words and being exposed to new ideas. One that is no longer home during the day safe in the comfort of my embrace.

We will overcome this whole nap thing. They will get it. It will work. I will have time to myself to revamp. One day it will all work itself out. Today, thanks to a sweet little whisper, I will lovingly meet this simple desire of my babe.

Monday, January 9, 2012

After school

some wake up from nap
not so happy
cars whizzing by our house
stroller ride
children walking home
dogs barking
mom's waving
wash hands
"I have to go potty"
one does homework
papers galore
some watch Dora
crayons everywhere
"I have to go poo poo"
kids playing
mom making dinner
change a diaper
get the mail
it's dark outside
clean up for dad
kids are hungry
"I have to go potty"
the phone usually rings
the dog is hungry
kids set the table
"what are we having for dinner?"
mom finishes dinner
dad comes home (HORRAY)
dinner is served
we tell our favorite parts of the day
If Adelle goes after Brax then we hear the same thing twice
brush teeth
The End!

Alright, that was my breather. Now I'm off to do after school.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who's that tiger?

M is my little tiger lately. He is so sweet and so growly, all at once. I love the picture of him because it completely sums up his personality right now. No, he is not a sad boy. He is a very contemplative boy. He is curious and he is frustrated with a big world and his limited ability to do it all and see it all right at this moment. He is a cuddle bug. He is loving and genuine and often serious, yet hilariously funny and a bit of a trouble maker.
That is my little tiger at the moment.

Plenty of people comment on how much Emmett resembles my dad and Jeff and I agree that they share many of the same traits. My dad often has a solemn expression, as does Emmett. My dad tends to appear quiet, until he unleashes his great personality and sense of humor. This is Emmett to a tee.

My dad and I have the exact same color eyes and although I think Emmett's are a bit lighter, I have heard they are the same. You can be the judge of that.

The second picture is one of my dad when he was 1 1/2 years old. It looks like Emmett, but there was something else I couldn't quite put my finger on. Who was I seeing? Was it my brother? Braxton? Myself when I was younger?

Then I totally nailed it. It's Carson. That picture of my dad totally resembles my nephew Carson.

What do you think?
The tigers in order are:
my dad