Friday, June 28, 2013

Father’s Day



Father’s Day was wonderful. I took the weekend off from camera duty so Chelsey took these pictures and just sent me the copies. I love the pictures of the kids at the beach. Like how you can totally tell how much Adelle loves her Uncle Bryce!  And how all the men are smirking in the bocce ball picture. And how handsome Emmett is.

We spent the whole weekend at the Bay. Saturday we made Jeff a yummy breakfast (funny I don’t remember what it was now) and then we got ready and met my sister (who came up for the weekend) and her family and my parents and Bryce and Chels at the Bay. We hiked Pt. Whitehorn and then played on the beach for a good while. Then we hiked back and had a picnic at my parents. Then everyone else had somewhere to be except for us Ashmores so Jeff and I literally took turns napping on the beach while the kids played in the water/sand. It was glorious.

Then Sunday the kids sung in church and it was really sweet and then after church we went back out to my parents where we served up the dad’s brunch: waffles, pancakes, hash-brown sandwich, eggs (however you like em), sausage and bacon, yogurt, fruit…. yeah we had it all.

The rest of the day was spent much like the one before. The men played some bocce ball. We played in the sand. Hung out. The kids gave their dad special pictures they made and Braxton made him a journal. I bought Jeff this book which we are reading together now and enjoying. I also gave him a tie that I found in my brother in law’s closet when I was helping my sister pack. I am all about recycling and reusing. The book I found at Value Village, in brand new condition. Did you know books there are buy 3 get one free. It’s such a steal!



DSC_0294DSC_0307 (1)DSC_0272

We are so blessed to have so many good men in our lives. I am grateful for my husband and so glad that he is the father of our kids. Jeff is the ideal dad and he comes by it so naturally. He works hard but when he comes home he is helpful, fun, happy and ready to get down and get dirty in whatever we are up to. Both Jeff’s dad and my dad are truly amazing examples of good fathers who provided for their families temporally, spiritually, emotionally, and then some. There dads did the same and we have great Grandfather’s as well. I love these men and appreciate their influence in the lives of my family.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Jeff’s dad, holding Jeff. Doesn’t Jeff resemble his dad!!?

That night we talked to Jeff’s dad on the phone. One of these summers we will hopefully get to spend Father’s Day with him!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013



So ever since Adelle turned 5 last week she does her own hair. Apparently now that she is 5 she doesn’t need me to do it anymore and when I asked her why she likes doing her own hair now she said, “because I don’t have to brush it when I do it I just put it in a ponytail.” So, I guess that makes sense. The girl wants long hair but doesn’t much prefer the hair brush. Ha.

Also, Adelle has been doing my hair (see picture above). It’s all fun and cute until I accidently forget it’s done and walk out of my house to public places (Braxton’s school). Thankfully school is now out and I don’t have to worry about that happening again for a while. I can’t wait until Adelle grows up and I can show her these pictures and logically explain to her why I didn’t want her to do my hair everyday. She asks me daily if she can do my hair and it’s so sweet…. but, come on. I’m not her peer and I just can’t pull off the 500 hair pretties like she can. Ask Gage!


Our garden is producing bountiful strawberries and they are so delicious. Every night I go out and pick a plate full and when the kids get up the next morning they gobble them all up. I didn’t think I had enough in our garden for jam so I made jam out of the ones my mom gave me but I don’t know, daily plates like this add up!

Jeff and I have been spending our evenings outside in the garden and it’s so wonderful. I love being outside at the end of the day. It’s relaxing to me to be barefoot, in my garden, picking something and having good conversation with my love.


So the Harry Potter thing around here has been taken to a new level. Really Brax, you want me to use my lip liner to draw another scar on your forehead?! This is Braxton’s new outfit and he and Adelle and Emmett have been playing Harry Potter. The ironic thing is that Adelle and Emmett have no idea what/who Harry Potter is except what Braxton tells them and they are all perfectly content playing like this for hours. I know, my house should be spotless, right.


No words for this one! Isn’t Gage just the cutest!! He has so much personality too and he just thinks he is everyone’s favorite.


And then today 10 of us crazies got out and about and went on a hike around Lake Whatcom. It was wet and rainy and we got completely soaked but it was fun and adventurous and got us all out of the house. That was what we were going for! My friend Allia and her four and me and my four were quite the team today!!

Life is fast, and wonderful. Today as I was driving home from the hike I looked to my right and I saw my 3 year old in nothing but his undies and his shirt. I told him he could take his pants and socks and shoes off when he got into the truck because they were soaking wet. I was thinking about how empowered I feel as a mother. The ability that I have to take care of all these little ones the way they need to be taken care of. It’s such a wonderful gift and talent that I have been developing for the last almost 8 years.

At the same time I am having these thoughts about my kids, I am also remembering riding in the back of my mom’s blue van coming home from multiple similar excursions. I can see myself, my sister and my brothers, the kids my mom cared for, all in the car. The snacks, the scenario, almost identical to the moment I am living with my own kids. It was crazy! I am a mom of 4 kids! CR-AZY!

Raspberries in June???


Ok so the raspberries are super early this year. It’s kindof throwing me off. We’re still enjoying them though, so…. it’s ok.

Thanks sunshine!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

my first

Gage waking up only to have Emmett hop into his crib with him and Braxton to stand at the head and sing him songs.

Braxton and Jeff having a boys night. This entails staying up after all the "kids" went to bed and watching the 1st Harry Potter movie. Also popcorn, of course!

Braxton has been out of school a mere two days and I am so in love. This boy just makes all of our days brighter and he is such a leader to his younger sister and brother.

On day one of summer vacation I had a few errands to run. I had Braxton make the grocery list and he was thrilled with the responsibility. Then, the 5 of us went to the bank, then to Haggen where Braxton had the list in hand and crossed off items as we went.  This was super handy since I had Gage in the front pack and Emmett and Adelle driving the car/cart. So Braxton read the list to me so that I knew where to go and I was able to keep both hands on the cart.   The whole time he is doing this he is saying, "this is so fun, this is just so fun." Who knew?
After the grocery store we went to the library and got a load of books to keep us busy for the next little while. Then we stopped by my brothers and then we stopped and saw Jeff since he was working close. Then we came home and I made the kids lunch and then put Emmett down for nap while Braxton read books to Adelle.
The Elders came for dinner which is always a special treat and we made homemade pizza, per Emmett's request. The kids each got to top a pizza with condiments of their choice and then the whole night they complimented each other on how good their pizza's all were. So cute.

Emmett at the end of the day, "when am I going to be grown up like Brax?" He really loves his big brother and rightfully so.

The kids have all been pretending they are teenagers. It's pretty funny. They will say, "I'm 16," "ok well, I'm 18"...

On day two of summer everyone slept in which was merry. Braxton and Emmett went into Gage's room when he woke up and kept him company for a while so I could finish what I was working on.
It rained all day but we made the best of it by reading new books, and playing. When Braxton is home my kids do not get bored. He is so good and creative and always coming up with new ideas and new games to keep them all busy. Today they were pretending to go camping, only to have their dad come home and set up our tent in the front room of our house! Then of course Jeff made a fire to ice the cake. It was pretty funny. Then the guitar came out and Emmett got his drum to chime in on the campfire songs. It was hillarious. Adelle and Emmett basically do whatever Braxton suggests and since he's a good kid they are basically occupied for most of the day with his ideas.

Then tonight Braxton got to watch Harry Potter with his dad which made him feel super grown up and special. It was pretty cute. I was helping a friend with a scout project and when I came home they were glued to the screen, happy as can be. Of course they needed me to get them a movie snack so I made popcorn and then I had to sit on the couch for a few minutes too so I could eat some.

I am so ready for this summer. I am so happy to have this boy back during the day and so excited to designate him as my new grocery shopping/errand running/sibling entertainer/story reader/ happy helper/enthusiastic eater/creative game maker.

As Adelle would say, " I love this guy." (who can guess what movie she got that from?)

Monday, June 17, 2013

"it's berry jam!!"

I am at the table, studying. Adelle and Emmett are outside foraging the raspberry and strawberry plants. Adelle comes in, "Mom, do you know how to make berry jam?" "Just like this, take your berries, squish, squish (as she is squishing them between her hands). Then you just lick em, (as she's licking her hands). It's berry jam!"

Funny Girl!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

3 days left of school

we are all counting down!!

Spring soccer is over. We ended up having a great season overall and Adelle loved being part of a team. She is not aggressive, to say the least, but she adds personality. She really liked calling me coach too which was just funny.

Braxton did awesome scoring 3 goals this season and showing dramatic improvement from last year. I had him practice with my team a couple times and his knowledge of the game was really apparent. Jeff got to finish out the season playing coach for the last game. I love it when he wears his hat backwards ;)

Gage is happy to be outside, nibbling on the buttercups or grass in the yard. Here he has a little flower soul patch. So cute!!

The kids have been playing in the backyard until bedtime. I love long days.

Auntie Melissa came over with graduation presents for the kids. Lots of blow up toys to play with in the water. These really sparked Gage's curiosity. I love watching his brain work.

On Tuesday my sweet friend, Taylor, left to Brazil to serve a mission for our church.  Taylor was a Beehive when I first got called to be in Young Women's. She was the only one in my class and I remember asking her if she wanted it to just be us, or if she wanted to join the other class. She was like, "I want to join the other class!" So funny. We have come a long ways since then and she likes hanging out with me now. That was 7 years ago! I can't believe how time flies!
I am so excited for this beautiful girl to go and serve the Lord.
When she came over to say goodbye she told Adelle she couldn't grow while she was gone ;)
I wonder what color hair Adelle will be rockin' when Taylor comes home in 18 months.

And more on the hair. She wears it, always. Well, not to church because I have to draw the line somewhere. But the attention she recieves is fueling the fire. Everyone seems to love it which only increases her desire to sport it. The teachers and other parents at Braxton's school have been the most enthusiastic I think. They are constantly telling her how much they love it... I have been wondering what the response would be if I wore it today to walk Braxton to school? They would most likely think I was crazy.
Oh, to be a kid again and get away with anything!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bryce and Chels

I have been on my computer collecting pictures of my brother Bryce and his fiance' Chelsey. Five years worth of pictures that is!! I still remember the first time Bryce brought Chelsey home and we met her. I was 9 months pregnant with Adelle, it was at my parents house and she was in the tall grass with my cousins picking wildflowers and making them headbands. Since then I have come to know and love this sweet girl so much. I can't wait for it to be official! We already claimed her as our kids' auntie! I couldn't be more happy that these two are getting married.

When Adelle heard about it she goes, "that means Uncle Bryce is going to be an adult and not a kid anymore." So funny, and maybe true. Ha.

I love my brother. Bryce has always my bud. I think I was his favorite growing up. Ha. Bryce has always been a family guy and I can't wait for him to have his own family. I remember growing up he always wanted us to do everything together as a family. Ever since he got engaged he has been so happy. It's been so fun to see him so giddy and excited. Last weekend they officially asked our kids to be in their wedding. The kids are so excited!!

And guess what else..... I won't be hugely pregnant, or pregnant at all for that matter, at their wedding!! I have been pregnant for both of my other siblings weddings and when everyone else is looking for cute dresses I am always just standing by with swollen ankles. So score! I am excited to get a new dress!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

many hands



We have been loving our Monday night Family Home Evenings lately. The weather has made us get out and get busy and take advantage of our time all together.

Last Monday we called our friends the McManus’s and they met us at the high school tennis courts where we all ran around and played tennis. It was so fun and so warm out.

Last night we got busy in our garden. I couldn’t believe how stoked the kids were to weed. The whole time I was weeding my mom’s words were running through my head, “if you weed with two hands you get twice as much done.” Ha. I still only weed with one hand at a time. So there, lol.

We were out in the garden until almost 9 pm last night. When Jeff and I realized what time it was we were shocked. We were really on a roll.

I am thankful for my kids and the responsibility we as parents have to teach them how to work. Afterward Jeff had us put all of our hands in a circle so the kids could see how many hands we have when we all work together.

As a bonus they were picking and eating the strawberries and the sugar snap peas as they worked. Oh, and finding slugs and feeding them to the chickens.

I love summer!!!