Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The much enjoyed Long Weekend...

My pictures uploaded backwards but I won't let that spoil my post. We had a great Memorial Day weekend. I love this holiday. I love the flags that line the streets of downtown and the chance that I had to talk to Braxton about those who have gone on before us, fighting for our freedom....three year old version of course:)

This is Adelle on Monday. We did the traditional claming at Birch Bay. This has never been my favorite thing until now when Braxton gets to go with Umpa and Bama and have a blast digging for clams in the sand. He loved it and Adelle was happy at the picnic, scoring with the empty pop can she found in the cooler and managed to get a few drops out of.
My parents and Braxton clammed all morning and then Jeff got to help pull the necks off the clams and pound them up for clam fritters. Jeff liked the part he had in the task. It all is pretty "red-neckish" to me but they all enjoy it and I do like a clam fritter or two along with my bar-b-q'd hamburger.
It's always a fun day. Grandma Mary came out along with Aunt Colleen and Aunt Angela. Bryce came out after work and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fresh salt air.

The "kids" running around and being crazy. This is Braxton and Adelle's favorite game. Sissy chases brother but she has dad on her side so they usually win.

My dirty boy being a dirty boy!

One of the few games of Boccie Ball we enjoyed together. Bryce is winning in this picture! I was winning one game too.....until Jeff stole my thunder with a double point round to win the game!

This is us Saturday at Silver Lake. It was beautiful there and we had a fun time camping with my parents and Lesha and Peter and Carson. Talk about a "full house." Notice in the picture we all have our space...the camping quarters did not allow for much of that:)

Here are some of the Happy Campers bright and early Saturday morning. They woke up and got out on the lake as soon as they could. Jeff and I are not in the picture. We are in the cabin asleep. We let Grandma and Grandpa get up with the kids and play while we took advantage of a couple more hours of zzzzzz's.

Our Cabin. My mom booked this cabin for the whole family. The ranger said the cabin slept 6. I think my mom has it engraved in her brain that there are still 6 people in the family. This is not an accurate number. There are actually 11 people in the family now and 9 of us were all together in the cabin.
We had a great time! There were 3 beds. The Ashmore bed which consisted of Jeff, Andrea and Adelle with Braxton on the floor in his sleeping bag. The Olsen bed which was pregnant Lesha, Peter and Carson. And the Grandparents bed which was right next to the Ashmore bed and where my mom and dad slept. We were cozy but it was great. We love camping with my parents because they cook for us, play and fish with our kids, and we just hang out:)
Braxton and Grandpa were happy fishermen and we were all happy campers!
This is Friday....the start of the great weekend. Audrey came over on Friday and her and Braxton had a great time together in the sunshine. We did picnic, pop-sickles, sprinkler....

and of course the kids were workin' out back. If you know Braxton you know that he is a workin' man and he really lives and breathes construction work. He is usually in the pile of dirt with his shovel and his dump truck workin' away.

Notice not only does he work, but he supervises and makes sure everyone else is working to his standard. These kids were so cute out there workin'!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Miss Personality

If someone would have explained Adelle's personality to me before she was born I never would have believed them. I honestly didn't think any kid could ever have as much personality as Braxton this girl totally does.....oposite. She is the funniest little girl in the whole world and such a little tom-boy. She is always around boys and she totally rules the hole roost wherever she goes. It's so funny to watch her and Braxton because she can totally hold her own. She is the best baby ever, no joke. I can't believe how mellow she is and how her little personality is always so happy. Thank you Heavenly Father for this beautiful little girl.

My point is illustrated in the above picture. She has never fought sleep in her life....when she is tired she does things like this and we know it is time to go home and lay her down.
Here she is sitting on Carson. Carson is always getting picked on by Adelle. I think Adelle thinks Carson is like her brother and doesn't realize he is the same size that she is.

Here is Adelle Wednesday morning at a play date at Dawson's. These cute boys are Ezra (far left) and Riley. Four little boys and my sweet little girl.

Here we are at the park on Wednesday as well. Bama (my mom) took Braxton on a bike ride, then to lunch and then to the park because as Braxton put it..."no, please, I don't want to go home." My little Mr. Social.

Here's sis satisfied after a meal. Her arms are a little tan from being outside so can tell because the creases in her arms are still white.

Plant smiles.....Grow giggles.....Harvest LOVE

The sun was shining today and Jeff had the day off (double horray) so we got out and finished up our garden. It was a blast. Our kids sure know how to get down and get dirty. Braxton kept saying, "wow, what a great day for workin'" and "wow, we are really workin' mans dad" and "mom, you are the workin' girl with sis."

Their favorite part was riding back and forth in the wheel barrell. We didn't make it into the parade tonight but we had our own parade in the back yard.
The little farmers taking a ride aka Jeff working out his biceps:)

I love this picture where you can see their dirty little toes. These kids love the dirt!

It was a great day outside. We bought the good organic soil and I'm glad we did because Adelle was eating it most of the morning....She won't eat green beans but she'll eat dirt?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day

The first mother's day I celebrated was May 2005 and I was pregnant with Braxton. Jeff made me breakfast in bed.....turkey lunch meat and cheese omelet. I couldn't get near it. He told me we were all out of bacon. My sweet husband had really good intentions BUT... I do draw the line. I remember that day really well and the anticipation I felt in becoming a mom....I could have never dreamed it would bring me the sweetest, most pure joy I have ever felt.
Four years later this is my sweet family. I love it love it love it!
These are some of my most loved and cherish co-momers. My mom who I love and I am so thankful for the great example of motherhood she has shown me. My sister, who is a wonderful mom and who I love being a side by side. And both of my grandma's who I also love and have so much admiration for.

My favorite place in the whole world. A beautiful day, beautiful family, beautiful home, beautiful flowers in bloom.....

My other favorites which I got to enjoy today....Homemade Cherry Pie and fresh Lilacs. My awesome husband took it upon himself to create the masterpiece because he knows I love it and bakery's use the pie filling....not the real cherries. It was delicious and I will be eating it for breakfast tomarrow!
The lilaca are from my mom and dad's yard and they make my whole house smell so fresh and spring-ie.
We got to talk to Brent today who is in Spain and Jeff's brother Lane, who is in Japan. It was so great to hear their voices and know that they are doing so well.
The guys did a great brother Bryce really stepped it up since my dad has been so sick and it was really nice to be all together as a family.
Thank you for this day.

This evening when we were leaving my mom and dad's and getting the kids into the car this is the conversation Braxton and I had.....
Braxton: "Mom, I really yike (like) this Mother's Day."

Me: "Me too Brax.....what do you like about it?"

Braxton: "It's a really happy day."