Friday, September 28, 2012

Gluten Free Pizza dough

Check this out. Best pizza dough recipe, ever! Totally quick and easy too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

after school

 Sometimes after school the kids go outside and play together. Well. For hours. Jumping, laughing, dodging each other with balls... 
 So I jump at the chance to bake, without helpers. I love baking with my kids, really, but I also love to bake by myself and today I was on a mission to bake some yummies for someone special.
 So this was going on inside, while the little friends were playing outside.
 And this was also going on inside. Me filing in the baby's journal and filling up my already busy calendar. I have to stay busy otherwise my mind drifts and I start waiting for baby to come. 
 The next thing I knew these two were at my side asking me if I wanted to come live with them in Hawaii. Um, yeah! So I moved in and it was wonderfully warm and salty smelling.
Until we got invaded by this cute little ferocious pirate. Than it was even more fun.

Just another day in the life.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"take a hike"

So we are still painting our house. It hasn't exactly been the weekend project we anticipated it being. Needless to say it's coming along and we are almost done.
This morning after breakfast I told the kids they could watch cartoons on the ipad. I figured they would be stoked and I didn't even feel guilty. Saturday mornings are meant for cartoons, right? They were thrilled. I feel like we have been so busy that we haven't watched any cartoons for ages. Jeff and I went out and did some  a lot of painting. Emmett came outside too to play around and pick up the leaves that are starting to fall in the backyard. 
Time flies when you are busy painting. After more than 2 hours I checked on the kids and they were still watching Woody Wood Pecker. I couldn't believe we had been outside for that long! I told them it was time to unplug and play so they changed into their feetsie pj's and decided to "ice skate" around on our hard wood floors. Emmett came back inside to join in this action. Jeff and I kept painting.
As we were talking outside we came to the conclusion that we had neglected our kids enough for one day. Mind you, the kids were totally fine. They were happy playing inside by themselves but the American Mom in me felt like we needed to do something with them. I am working on these thoughts but I still have them. So I say to Jeff, "why don't you and the kids take a hike." Get it. :)  Jeff was game. He said he had thought of taking them on a hike too. It was the perfect day for it. My girlfriend had told me recently about Pt. Whitehorn, and I had been told about it before by another friend who said it was perfect for small kids so Jeff thought he'd try it out. 
So we came in and had lunch and then I put Emmett down for nap while Jeff got the backpack packed with water bottles, sweatshirts, camera, and a snack.
Then they were off.
Here are my cute little hikers.

The kids were all stories when they got home. They had found forts and saw animals and played on the beach and used their walking sticks and...
I think the hike was good for all of us!
I kept painting the whole time they were gone, minus the breaks I took to talk to friends who happened to drive by.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Party People

 If you ever want to have a fun, happenin' party, just have 15 year old girls plan it!
 The Young Women at my church threw me a super fun shower the other night. Instead of "hot potato" we played "dirty diaper." You had to pass it and when the music stopped you couldn't be stuck with it or you were out. These girls were pretty competitive. It was so much fun. I truly love these girls! They create the most positive synergy and I love being around them.
These two were in charge. They had games I had never even heard of (and I've been to my share of showers). Did you know that a baby tiger is called a whelp? And a baby eagle is called a fledgling?
Me neither! 
 A friend who has a daughter in Young Womens made this gorgeous quilt for the baby. It is beautiful. My babies are so lucky, each one of them has received a handmade quilt. 
I love these pictures. When I got home that night the kids were in bed, but not asleep.  I went into their room and told them about the fun party. Then I showed them the quilt. Emmett was first; he got down from the bed and laid on the quilt in admiration. The other two followed. I guess they were testing it out.
We are ready for baby around here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"The Coolest Kid"

This picture was taken when Braxton was barely 3. We were on our way to cut down our Christmas tree. I love how he still looks just like that to me. Just a bit taller.

Braxton is really loving 1st grade. He loves being in the 1/2 split class and associating with some of the 2nd graders on a more regular basis. Braxton has always had a thing for older kids/adults. Maybe it's because he's the oldest... I don't know.
This morning when we walked Braxton to school the teacher asked me if he told me what another student said about him yesterday. I said no, Braxton had not mentioned anything to me. She proceeded to tell me that during carpet time the class was discussing words that started with the letter B. She said that they named some of the students and then went on to animals, objects... Well apparently Braxton's name didn't get mentioned as a B word. Then one of the students raised their hand and said, "we forgot Braxton! His name starts with a B and he is the coolest kid in the class!!" She said Braxton just sat there and beamed. I could see him in my mind as she was telling me about the experience. 

My heart has been beaming ever since. Not that being "the coolest" is the most important thing, but the fact that he is recognized by his classmates as cool. To me that means that if the students recognize him as cool then cool means; nice, considerate, fun.  Jeff has always said, "Brax is such a cool kid," and I've always agreed but more than that he is a good kid. He is a kind boy. He is considerate of others. He is not perfect, and he can be hotty, and lately a bit mouthy, but I know he makes good choices at school and I am thankful that whoever made that statement, made it, and that the teacher told me.

I know he's only in 1st grade and my parenting skills haven't even really been challenged thus far but aside from all of that I am glad that he is choosing right and still being "cool." ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barefoot and Pregnant... the kitchen.

Call me crazy but is this a bad thing? Is this supposed to be a derogatory statement? Because it fits me for about 50% of my day and I really have no complaints about it. Call me old fashioned I guess. Call me happy in my role as a woman. Or call me big and hot and pregnant, hence why the no shoes. Or just call  me big... because lets face it. That's what happens when you're almost due to have a baby.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Mary's Birthday

On Saturday my Grandma Mary turned 83 years old. On Sunday we had a big party for her at my parent's house. All the kids gathered around to help Grandma blow out the mere 2 candles that were on the cake.
Adelle named Grandma "Great Mary." She's called her that since she was really little. I think it is so cute.
I have so much love and admiration for my grandma. She is still very healthy and strong and one of the most capable women I have ever known. She is a great example to me of love and hard work. She had 4 girls in 4 years and then 5 years later she had my dad.  I hope to be as active and spunky as she is when I am her age.
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Sunny September Saturday

 Jeff's mad wakeboarding skills

 love these little bums watching the wipe out!
 Back up and at it.
 Braxton and his buds taking a swim while we get the tube blown up.

 Adelle on Braxton's lap tubing
 Mom gets a turn.
 Braxton waiting for his turn.
 bumpy ride
 Adelle gets major spray
Mom gets up on the wake board. Woo Hoo! First time ever!

Last Saturday was one of those days. We were busy doing housework, yard work, working on the long list of To-Do's that I want to check off before baby comes.
The weather was beautiful and the kids were getting antsy. Jeff and I had just decided to grab lunch and take a picnic to the park when our friends invited us to come out boating with them.
They didn't have to ask us twice. We were totally there.
It was a such a beautiful day and exactly what we all needed.
The To-Do list can wait.
There was wake boarding to do!
Has anyone ever heard of a maternity life jacket?? Someone should really invent one of those. The life jacket I wore fit around my belly but kept riding up and practically strangling me. We decided afterwards I needed a wedgy strap like the kids. Ha.
These Sunny Saturdays in September are wonderful!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Utah Recap: Monday

 About an hour into our trip Monday morning, B & A totally zonked.
 Not Emmett though, he's munching on a rice cake and keeping us on our toes. Notice how tired he looks?
 Stopping for Diesel, potty break, and to feed the friendly alpacas.
 To my dismay and uncomfort the bathroom was out of order!
 Emmett wasn't so sure of the hungry animal at first.
 No problem there is a town about 30 miles up that I can go to the bathroom. Oh wait, never mind it will be a while we suddenly are stuck on the freeway and have a major problem.
So yes, I did pee on the side of the freeway. It was very secretive but it did happen and it was really the only option.
Jeff is super handy though. I was impressed by his tire changing skills that he whipped out to get us from
 A to B. We never found what we hit but something took that tire out big time.
The kids were happy in the truck waiting out the delay with potato chips and a movie.
They were also completely entertained by a fly that flew in the window and stuck around the whole wait. They ended up naming the fly, and playing with it as best as they could. Kids are so funny like that.
Once the spare was secure we were back on our way to Burley, ID which wasn't too far and there was a Les Schwab there to where we purchased new tires.
It all worked out fine and the whole situation caused me to count my blessings. We saw an accident on our trip, which looked serious, so our little flat tire seemed really minimal in comparison.
Our kids were great troopers and we were able to make it home by 1:00am Tuesday morning which allowed Jeff to still do the job he had scheduled for that day.
Cheers to road trips!

Utah Recap: Sunday

 Jeff's Parents with all of their grandkids
Take 500

While we were in Utah we got to spend all Sunday with Jeff's family at his parents house. It was so nice and relaxing after a busy week. Their new house is super big and homey and I we made ourselves right at home in the downstairs bedroom.
We got up and went to church with them on Sunday morning and then spent the rest of the day resting, napping, hanging out.
Jeff's mom and sister made a  really good dinner, Cafe Rio' style, and everyone except Ryan, who has recently joined the Army, was there to share the meal.
That night we attempted pictures of the whole clan. Here are the ones of Jeff's parents with all their grandkids. Quite the lap full they've got!
That night some of the grand-kids stayed the night and slept with our kids for the last slumber party of the trip. They didn't get much sleep as we woke them up early the next morning but it made for an easy drive home on Monday (zonked out kids).

Monday, September 10, 2012

Number 3, and Me

 Emmett eating his lunch while waiting in the Costco line for gas.
 Walking with momma to Zuanich Park
 Finding all the big boats
Blowing wishes as he walks

Emmett has been ready to go to school since I can remember. He is always taking brother to school and today he took sister to school and so he has been very anxious about going to school himself. Well, he's only 2 1/2 so there is no school anytime soon for this big boy.

Yesterday while driving home from church the kids were talking about Adelle starting Preschool and I told them that I would be packing Adelle a lunch for school now too. Then I had an idea. I asked Emmett, "do you want mommy to pack you a lunch too and you and mommy can go on a picnic tomorrow?" He said, "yeah, and first we do homework?" Funny boy, knows all the school talk already. He wanted homework too!
When we got home Braxton went and grabbed his lunch box from last year and gave it to Emmett. Such a good big brother. Emmett complained that it was "dirty" but other than that he was happy to have one.

So today after we dropped off Adelle at Preschool, Emmett and I had a special date. First we went to Trader Joes where he loves to push the cart. I didn't even need anything, but I knew he would love it so he got a cart and we bought some banana's and some chips and a few other unnecessary items.

Then we stopped by my Gramy's to drop off something she had me print for her off of my computer and she treated us to a special smoothie that she made in her Vitamix. I WANT A VITAMIX SO BAD (just in case someone reading this has $500 they want to use to buy me one;). It was really yummy! Emmett kept telling Gramy that we were going to the park to have a picnic.

The next stop was Costco to get gas. It was still a bit chilly outside and not quite lunch time so I figured the gas line wouldn't disappoint and I could waste a little time waiting in it. Sure enough, there was a line and Emmett got started on his lunch.

Finally we made it to the park. We climbed and played and then once we spotted the water there was no more playing on the toys. This boy loves the water. We looked at all the boats, walked down to the dock, threw sticks in the water, and got lots of good fresh air. 

I love this little boy and can hardly believe he is soon not going to be the baby. He will be my baby still, but when I call him the baby now he corrects me that he is the big boy and the baby is in my tummy. Sometimes he actually says the baby is in his tummy but I know what he means.

I am looking forward to Monday's this year. It will be just me and this little guy for a couple more weeks and then...

Adelle's 1st Day of Preschool

 Adelle all big and ready for her first official day of Preschool!
 Walking into the school with her cute new backpack.
Checking in with her name at school. 

Today was Adelle's first day of Preschool. It was long awaited for and she was super excited. She woke up before 7:00am this morning, which is not like my sleeper girl. Hopefully that part will not be consistent... I have things to do in the morning!!

After breakfast I packed the kids' lunches and they all got dressed. Adelle chose to wore this Dora dress for her first day. Probably my least favorite article of clothing she has but... it was her choice and she was thrilled to wear it to school. Then I braided her hair and she was just about ready... The next time I saw her she had added a necklace and lipstick. 

My sister is wonderful and picked up Adelle's backpack at TJ Maxx this weekend. Adelle and I had gone on Friday and everywhere we went was completely sold out of backpacks. I guess that's what I get for waiting until the last minute. Thank goodness I have a good sister who likes to shop way more than I do!!

When I picked Adelle up from school today I asked her if she liked school and she said yes. Then I asked her if she made any friends and she said, "Yes, Isla, the girl in the blue dress." The funny thing is I don't think Isla was wearing the blue dress but maybe... Either way I am glad she made a friend. I asked Adelle if she missed me and she said, "no". I said, "good," and she said, "why is that good mom??" I explained to her that she was probably having fun and being safe so she didn't need to think about her mommy. It was a good thing. I was glad she didn't miss me.

Adelle sang B-I-N-G-O the whole way home and told Emmett about her day and what she ate for lunch. When we got home she whipped out her book that she had made and read Emmett and I "1,2 buckle my shoe."

Today was #1 of a good Preschool year for this special girl.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Utah Recap: Saturday

This is the one and only picture I have from the Saturday we were in Utah. I guess I was worn out from picture taking by this day. Actually I am never worn out of taking pictures but it was too hard to have a camera and a 2 year old and be in the water... all at the same time. This is Adelle being shot out from one of the slides.

Saturday we spent the whole day at Seven Peaks Water Park in Provo, UT. This was one of my favorite places to go when Jeff and I lived there so it was really fun to take our kids. They of course, loved it!!

Adelle and Braxton went on all the rides they were allowed to go on and Emmett and I played in the kid pool and the wave pool for the whole day. They didn't let me on the rides because of my belly which worked out well since Emmett was too little to go anyway.

The kids had lots of people to play with and go on rides with. Jeff's family all joined us, minus Ryan and John, and my parents and Bryce and Chelsey came as well.

It was a beautiful, hot, day. Perfect for waterslides, family and tons of fun!

I will not be pregnant next time we go here! That's a promise! Those rides were calling my name ;)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School

 Wednesday, September 5 2012
Braxton's first day of 1st Grade

Braxton had a successful first day of school. Actually, it was really successful and pretty emotionless for all of us. I really surprised myself this year as I was completely free of any sort of feelings of sadness or loss or anything of the sort. We was excited and I was excited to get back into the routine of the whole school thing.

I love Braxton's school. Last year I got to know so many of the teachers and staff and was involved with the PTO so this year I just felt like he was going back to a great place and I wasn't hesitant about it. It was such a funny feeling for me. Jeff called that afternoon to see how everything went and I didn't have any tears than either. So much for pregnancy hormones I guess.

Wednesday morning Braxton was up bright and early and after a shower got dressed in athletic shorts and a t-shirt (exactly what he wears every day). I made waffles for breakfast and then we all got ready to walk to school. We had a new classroom to walk too and Emmett and Adelle were a little thrown off when we went a different way down the hall of the school. His classroom was mayhem, tons of parents and new students looking where to go and where to unload all of the supplies. Braxton found a desk to sit in and got his supplies all put away. Then when I couldn't take the claustrophobic feeling anymore the little ones and I said we were going to leave. They gave Braxton hugs and I went to kiss him to which he turned and gave me his cheek. It was pretty cute. We were off and he was awesome.

Braxton's teacher is Mrs. Bruner. This is her last year teaching before she retires. She is fantastic, from what I have heard, and she has been at his school her whole career. I love that about her. She was really nice and seemed like she was a pro at what she was doing. Braxton is also in a 1st/2nd split class. This is right up his alley and I am excited for the challenge it will present him with. He loves to be with the big kids. 

When we got home from dropping him off Adelle and Emmett played school and drew pictures. Then we had a friend come over for a bit. Later that day Adelle told me she missed Braxton. I think she will miss him for a while. They play so well together.

After school Braxton was excited to report on the day and we were all happy to see him and have him home. 

*oh, and poor Emmett wants to go to school SO BAD! He wears his backpack everywhere now and constantly asks when he is going to school.