Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween Highlights

A few weeks before Halloween I got to go with Emmett and his Kindergarten class to Stoney Ridge Pumpkin Patch. 

These are all gourds, quash, and pumpkins that we grew in our garden this year! Beautiful.

My little posers at the local co-op.

This girl of mine is such a sunshine.

Pumpkin carving was a hit. Gage liked the goo more than I thought he would.

Adelle chose an A for her pumpkin. Then when it was done she put a crown on it. Princess Adelle she called it. This girl did not want to put her hands in the pumpkin this year. She is growing up.

Jeff worked so hard carving out Emmett's Seahawk Pumpkin.

Braxton did his own #12. He did a great job.

Gage was the only kid who complied this year to be a chick. The other kids had their own ideas for costumes which were really cute. 
Gage wore his costume all week and pooped out eggs everywhere. This boy really knows his chickens. It was cracking me up.

Cutest little chick!

Braxton: football player
Emmett: Seahawks Mascot
Adelle: Princess Ana
Gage: little chick

Jeff was a rooster and I was a hen. It was pretty hilarious!

We partied all night at our friends' Lynn and Shane's. That has turned into our Halloween tradition the past few years. Lots of cute kids in costumes and good friends and food. 
Adelle and Maia are the only girls each year. There are boys galore. 
Love Braxton photo bombing this pretty picture.

Chad wore this mullet most of the night until he gave it to Braxton to wear. Makes him look even more like a Seahawk player. Cracks me up!!

And then all of a sudden I have a 10 year old!

 At the beginning of the month we celebrated Braxton's birthday with Kate and Gage. He asked for Seahawks anything, again. 
 Getting ready to blow out his candles.
 Braxton with his popcorn football cake that my mom made for him 
 Opening up his gift (cowboy boots) from Jeff's mom
 On his actual birthday with his sissy
 Playing football, the 6 of us, Braxton's #1 request for his 10th birthday.
 Talking about the next play.
 Face paint and more Seahawks gear!
 Pizza and a movie.
 Game time huddle.
My handsome double digits!

Braxton has been really excited about his birthday this year. Not the party, or the gifts, but just the fact that he is turning 10 was really exciting for him and he had been talking about it for a few months.

It's amazing to me that I have a ten year old. There are so many details I remember about him as a baby. Time really does fly. Braxton is a good boy. He is the best oldest child and the greatest friend and example to his siblings. 

Unfortunately I was sick this year on his birthday but luckily I know my kid pretty well and so regardless of how crummy I felt I was able to make him feel pretty special. 

I made him homemade bread early in the week and this boy loves, loves, loves my homemade bread. He is always telling me how much better it is than the store bread. He was so happy when it was ready for an after school snack.

On Friday, the day before his birthday, I made a list with numbers 1-10 and he got to write down the top 10 things he wanted to do for his birthday. They were:
1. Play a football game with my family
2. Bring cookies to the team football game 
3. Eat Pizza
4. Eat Ice Cream
5. Go to the movie
6. Do my homework, lol
7. Open presents
8. Paint faces
9. Chex cereal for breakfast
10.  (oh no! I can't remember #10)
He was really excited about getting to pick so many things and now all the other kids are asking if they get to do this on their birthdays. It's so funny what they get excited about.

Saturday morning Braxton had a football game early. We had to be to the field at 7:30 for an 8:30am game. Braxton played awesome. I made chocolate chip cookies, per his request, and put them into little brown bags that I decorated as footballs. After the game with whole team sang Happy Birthday to Braxton and then he handed out bags of cookies to all his teammates.
My parents were at the game so they offered to take us all to breakfast afterwards. I got to choose and I chose Diamond Jim's in Bellingham which is delicious but also a little sentimental because it is where Jeff and I went for breakfast the morning we had our ultrasound and found out that Braxton was a boy! Breakfast was so delicious and Braxton ate two huge pancakes, eggs over medium, and bacon.
Then we came home and suited up for the family football game he has been wanting to play. We drove to Meridian High School and played on the real field. Emmett and Braxton insisted they were on the same team so Gage was with them and Jeff, Adelle, and I were the opposing team. It was a great game, great day. Everyone was good sports. Braxton and Emmett were so patient with Gage who wanted the ball everytime and who didn't run in the right direction. I think we all scored a touchdown and got lots of good running in.
Then we came home and chose to rent a movie instead of go since I was feeling more lousy after the football game and the kids were happy to eat Pizza in the living room in front of a movie.
I painted everyone's faces while Jeff went and got the Pizza.
Probably my most favorite part of the whole day was Braxton running his fingers through my hair watching the movie. That is something he has done since he was a tiny baby and I love that occasionally he still does it, without even thinking.

I am so proud of this boy. He is growing into a kind, helpful, courteous, young adult and I am so blessed to be his momma.