Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She thinks my Excavator's Sexy

Jeff came home with an excavator from work the other day. Braxton woke up from nap and I had him look out the front window at the excavator. "Is that my birthday present," Braxton exclaimed. "No, Brax dad brought that home from work." "Oh, mom will you save your money so I can have one of those for my birthday?"
They were cutting down trees at work and Jeff, being the resourceful man that he is, asked if he could have the logs to use for firewood. So the project begun. First, unloading the logs off the trailer. This made me a nervous wreck! Jeff was really hot up there doin' his thing, I will admit, he really new what he was doing. At the same time, a little too confident swinging that huge bucket around. Needless to say I only got a couple pictures.
I love this picture. My little working man.
He was happy as a little clam out working all day.
These logs were really heavy but it was his job and he was proud to do it.
Adelle just hung out. Enjoyed the scene and whatever snack was available to her.
After the logs were cut with the chainsaw we got to chop them with the saw. Jeff made it look really easy so I gave it a try.
Not as easy as it looked but I gave it a good few hacks.
This is Braxton watching me with the ax. I think my son is a little schovanist. He watched me like this the whole time and finally he goes, "mom, what are you doing with that thing?" I had Jeff capture it on camera. So perfect. Needless to say I went back in the house after a lame attempt with the ax and made lunch.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extreem Room Makeover

So this past weekend the itch was finally scratched! All summer this room has been driving me crazy. The carpet is had and I no matter how hard I worked at it, the room never felt clean. Being our family room, we spend a lot of time here and it definitely needed something. Last time I was pregnant I high-lighted my hair blonde....Jeff was not a fan. This time we agreed it would be better to change the color of the room, then the color of my hair!
Out with the old.....
We started our project after dinner Friday night when Jeff came home from work. The kids were anxious to help. That was exciting!
I don't know if this is o.k, but it made me laugh. Painters crack I guess.
This picture is funny too. I painted like this for like two seconds but all the pictures of me painting were taken during those two seconds. What a multi-tasker! We got all the painting done Friday night. It went really smooth. We let the kids help with the first coat and then after they were in bed Jeff and I did the second coat and the baseboard.
Saturday morning we were back on the job. This picture is out of order but these kids are so fun. Braxton was calling this seat the "bleachers" and him and Adelle would sit there, temporarily and watch Jeff do the dirty work.
The carpet came out after the painting. This was Braxton's favorite part and he was very helpful.
Saturday night...notice kids are in bed again....we completed the project. We had a pretty good system. I would puzzle the laminate and click it in place, one row at a time, and then Jeff would measure the difference and go out to the garage and cut the last piece. Then he would place it and I would have the next row ready. We had such a fun time working together. Jeff is really handy and precise and I am all about being productive and getting things done so we make a good team.
Thank goodness he did the measuring and not me. I don't think "good enough" would have turned out as well.
Hooray. It's one in the morning and we are going to bed. Project room is complete! We are exhausted!
I love it, love it, love it! It's so refreshing and clean and all that I hoped for. Way better than the blonde highlights if I don't say so myself!
I will post more pictures when the walls are decorated more. This is it for now!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Life's a Beach!

I love these two! They make me so happy
Just hangin' out!
I love this man. He is everything to me and the greatest husband and father a girl could get!
One day she will act like a lady....for now we just love her spunk and adventurous attitude!

I completely love the beautiful place where we live. This summer has been so fantastic and there is no where in the world I would rather spend my days then right where I do. We have spent so many days at the beach and enjoying the outdoors. I love the Northwest!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun with Family

Our family came to visit us last week from Arizona....actually I guess it was two weeks ago. I'm a slacker! We had such a great time with them. While they were here, the Hoffman's blessed their new sweet baby, Laney Taylor.
Here are some of us at the blessing. It was at John's mom's house and really nice and homey.
Here is Braxton enjoying his homemade pie after the blessing. He is quite used to being the only boy on these occasions.
Sweet baby Laney in her pretty dress.
Sweet little Adelle sitting nice and quietly (yeah right!)
Addy sharing pie with dad. I don't know if Jeff got any. This girl loves pie, just like her momma!
Gabe and her sweet baby girl.
Jeff took Friday off of work so that we could take the fam to our favorite spot. Crabbing at Cherry Point. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time hanging out and enjoying the ocean.
Our little beach babies.
The boys on the boat. Going out for the catch.
Kissin' cousins. Aren't they the cutest little friends?
Auntie Erin and her creative solution to not having to pick up the crabs. She was pretty efficient with this handy shell.
Braxton and Adelle ready for the beach
Braxton and Uncle Ryan...just chillin'

We love our family! Thanks so much for coming and visiting us guys! Can't wait to see you again. Come back soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Glee....and Pee

This is Jeff's sweet cousin Kristin and her new Groom, Holland. We got to share in their special day last Saturday. They are gorgeous and such a happy couple.
My cute sister-in-laws posing for a pic! Jeff's brother, Ryan is behind them. He is starting to look more like Jeff to me. What do you think?
Here is Braxton. My mom brought this snack mix for him and it definetly did the trick of occupying all the kids during the pictures. Braxton held the bag and Adelle and cousin Riley chased him for it the whole time.
Here's our family shot. It's not the best but I wanted you to see how well I color coordinated this day! My dress, four years old. I wore this dress when I was pregnant with both Brax and Addy. Jeff's tie I bought for him a couple years ago, to match my dress. Braxton's tie, handmade by my amazing friend, Allia, to match the rest of us. Adelle's dress, sent to her by Jeff's mom for her birthday. So basically, I paid like $6.00 for the material for Braxton's tie and there you have it....a matching turquoise family!
Here are the girls chasing Braxton for the snacks!
Little bit of a belly shot. I forgot to mention Adelle's hair clip. Another friend made those for me and they are really cute. She sells them for way cheap. Check out her blog on my friends list under Millers.
Our pretty little girl.
Ok, this is hilarious. Amid all the commotion; family and brides everywhere, pictures, families...I don't see Braxton. I turn around to find his pants around his ankles and him taking care of his business on the bush lining the fountain at the Temple. Then there is Adelle, right by his side, taking notes. This cracked me up. I couldn't even do anything but take a picture to capture the moment.
Braxton and Riley running around tiring each other out. These two are a year apart and the best of buds. They had such a great time playing together. We wish they didn't live so far!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Braxton's first day of Preschool

I still don't know what to say about this? Or even how I feel about this? Let's just say it was hard for this momma! Braxton had a great day though so that made everything ok!
For the last year I have been so "on the fence" about the whole preschool thing. It's such a hard decision. Braxton is so social and loves to be in learning environments. He is an October baby, which means he will be late starting school, but he is so mature and ready for something. We do preschool at home and he likes it ok but with just the two of us he often gets bored or we are interrupted by sis. He loves his Sunday school class and looks forward to going. He is so much like me and likes to be on the go all the time.
I discovered a two day a week preschool with a lady who goes to our church and it is a perfect fit for our family. She has four children of her own who are in school and she does Preschool in her home. It's been a real answer to my prayers and Braxton loves "miss mimi."