Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting to Babysit Carson

Last Friday night we got to babysit Carson so Lesha and Peter could go to dinner. It was so fun! Jeff got to practice swaddling again which was his favorite techinique when Braxton would fuss and it proved to work with Carson as well. Braxton shared his baby swing with Carson and when Carson fell asleep Braxton laid some of his favorite toys on him. It was really sweet.

A Happy Easter

Our Easter was very eventful this year and started the week before. Braxton got to dye easter eggs with uncle Brent and Grandma on Wednesday night while I was at YW and Jeff was at work. He loved it so that Friday we did 2 more dozen at home. Saturday Jeff and I decided to venture out to Lynden for an egg hunt with Braxton which he was kindof into but much more enjoyed getting his face painted for the first time! He chose the caterpillar for his face painting. Sunday morning we did an egg hunt for Brax again but his favorite part was his Nemo suitcase that the Easter Bunny left for him. Then we went to my parents for breakfast which was amazing as always and Jeff ate 3 times his weight in food. We got to go to church with my mom and dad and Brent and Bryce who came home for weekend which was a special treat too. Then off to my aunts for still more good food and more hunting for Braxton. It was a great day!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Who really wears the pants?

Ok so Jeff decided the other day to look at "our" blog and read the posts I have been writing for the whole world to view. He then informed me that it is he who wears the pants in our relationship and I am happy to agree. I really like it that way and try to encourage him to stand up to me when I am being too assertive. So.... I wasn't trying to misrepresent our family but I do know that my wish is usually his desire. And.... I never ever want to be one of those women who are so disgustingly in control of their husbands and yet deny that they are that way. So.... I figured if I say I wear the pants, then at least I'm not denying anything I have ever said/done to take control of a situation. I'm sure all you women who read this completely understand my point here. Basically I stand corrected by my husband which goes to show that he does wear the pants. And....I'm really trying to be the sweet little submissive wife but how fun is that, really?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Becoming as little children

So this is my day and it's pretty standard for most days. Braxton wakes up about 6:00am and I go and get him from his room and bring him into bed with me. He cuddles me and instantly falls back asleep. Around 8 I wake up to him stroking his fingers through my hair. He's been awake a few minutes but is patiently waiting for me to notice the tickling feeling when he brushes my hair across my face. This drives me absolutely crazy but I know that the days of him wanting to play with my hair wont last forever so I cherish it. We get up and sing the "goodmorning" song which is always a highlight of his day. I have to go to the bathroom, always as soon as we wake up,so he follows me in and sits on the bath mat directly in front of the toilet while I relieve myself. No privacy whatsoever. Immediately he wants his "ball clothes" on, as he calls them, and they consist of any basketball outfit. Then it's time for breakfast. This is impressive, we both sit at his little tike picnic table which is in the kitchen and only about a foot high. Not bad for a pregnant lady but it's getting more and more uncomfortable. For some reason Braxton insists that this is wear we eat our breakfast. When Jeff eats with us all 3 of us sit there which is even more hillarious and which is why it is a good thing we aren't any bigger than we are. I could go on and on but so far we are only about a half hour into my day. The point? I never ever could have imagined that someone so small could have such an amazing affect on my life, for the good. Braxton is so dependent on me and so much responsibility but he gives back a million times more than I could ever ask for. He'll throw a fit because I told him, "no" and then he'll come running to me for hugs and kisses to make him feel better. Wasn't I the one that made him upset? He's so forgiving and so loving and has so much to teach me. He teaches me to get excited over little things and to not sweat the small stuff like spilt milk or crumbs on the floor. He teaches me that it's more fun to cuddle with someone you love than to sleep in your own cold crib and that when you do love someone to touch them and hold them and stroke their hair and tell them you love them without worrying about what they will do or think. He teaches me that it's more fun to get up off the couch and dance with the Wiggles than to sit on the couch and mock their ridiculousness. He teaches me that sentences are way more interesting when you respond with, "no way." He teaches me that it's better to sit at the same table as long as you are together then to be comfortable at a normal size table and that it's ok to wear the same clothes for 3 days in a row if they are your favorite and make you feel like a better basketball player. Most importantly he teaches me that life is so short and to enjoy every moment. For the first time I am starting to understand what it says in the scriptures about becoming as little children. If we all loved more and stressed less our world would be better.

How Jeff and Andrea came to be "Jeff and Andrea"

How did we meet?
We grew up in the same stake (went to the same church but in neighboring towns) so we knew each other way before we were ever "interested" in each other. We really met when Jeff got home from his mission and I was home from BYU Hawaii for Christmas break. Jeff's sister Erin and I are friends and when she came to pick me up for church one Sunday Jeff just happened to be in the back seat. He was just off his mission and really clueless but I was friendly and polite. Needless to say it was definetly not "love at first sight." It wasn't until spring break when I came home that we started dating and it definetly wasn't because of our car ride back in December.
Where did you go on your first date? Who asked who out?
Jeff asked me out on our first date. We doubled with his brother Andrew and his date. Jeff had a really nice Mustang back then and he washed it and vaccummed it out before he picked me up (I love that part). We went to Canada 5-pin bowling and then to Red Robin for dessert. After we dropped off Andrew and his date he took me to this secret park in Ferndale and we danced in the dark under the headlights from his car. He's a real "wooer."
How long have you been together?
Our first date was May 31, 2003 and we got married that same year August 7th so almost 5 years!
Who eats more?
Probably me! Jeff is a bigger meal eater and he can eat almost a whole pizza at once which I think is disgusting but I snack a lot more and I don't forget to eat like Jeff does if he's busy with something.
Who said I love you first?
Jeffery. It caught me really off guard because we had only been dating a week or so, so I said, "thank you" but I think I told him I loved him too the next night.
Who is smarter?
Jeff is smarter, I just think I am smarter most of the time. Jeff is really good at recalling what he reads and he always has to explain things to me. Oh and movies... I never know what is going on until afterwards when he sums up the whole thing. Plus he can do the RUBIX cube in under a minute!
Who does the laundry?
Braxton and I do the laundry for the most part but Jeff has started washing his work clothes. Basically he has a system for that and I don't think I do it right. He does like 2 rinses and special stuff like that.
Who does the dishes?
I do the dishes mainly because I can't stand to have dirty dishes in the sink, ever!! However, if there is a dish that is really disgusting and I don't want to touch it I just ask Jeff to do it and he's totally game.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
If you're at the foot of our bed it's Jeff. That's because it's closest to the door and he can protect me from whatever is lurking outside our room.
Who pays the bills?
I pay the bills but he brings home the bacon so it's a joint effort.
Who mows the lawn?
Usually me because I am home during the day and I like to mow the lawn, it's good exercise. When we do yardwork on the weekends I will mow the front yard while he is weed-eating and then he'll mow the back yard.
Who cooks dinner?
That would be me too but it's ok because I love to cook and Jeff works really hard for me and Braxton. Plus on Saturdays he usually cooks breakfast which is a nice treat. How is he supposed to cook dinner when he gets home from work at dinner time?
Who drives when you are together?
Jeff mostly unless he starts nodding off then he'll have me drive.
Who is more stubborn?
Honestly I think we are equal on this one. Both of us are extreemly stubborn!
Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?
I think Jeff is probably better at this than I am but we're pretty close. I do admit it but he is usually the first to say sorry.
Who kissed who first?
You won't believe it but it was me! I know... maybe it wasn't the most feminine thing for me to do but I'm not one to beat around the bush and he had been beating around and around and around and around so I just had to end his torment and do it. Needless to say he was really relieved and never had second thoughts about kissing me after that.
Who proposed? That'd be Jeff...both times. The first time I said yes but then changed my mind (give me a break we had only been dating 3 weeks). The second time I asked him to propose again and said yes for real.
Who is more sensitive? Me, but I'm rubbing off on Jeff too. He's told me he never used to cry until we got married so I think I have softened him up a bit. He's a really sensitive guy.
Who has more friends?
I am a real people person and have lots of friends that I see regularly and do things with. Jeff has lots of friends at work but he's not one to initiate hanging out with friends. I have more time to be with friends I guess.
Who has more siblings?
Jeff has more. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers.
Who wears the pants in the family? Who do you think? I'm curious to hear your comments! I would say me. I respect Jeff as the head of the family but, I am the girl, so when it comes down to it whatever I say goes.