Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The sun should really come back soon!
We have a houseful of kids who want to be outside in the sun.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sunshine on a cloudy day

Thursday was the last day of school.
Woo Hoo!!

Jeff worked long days Monday thru Wednesday and one day the kids didn't even see him.
Thursday when Braxton was officially done with school at 1:00pm I loaded up the kids and drove south to where Jeff has been working.
I packed a picnic and brought our bathing suits.
Jeff met us at the beach and he and I laid on the sand and laughed at our crazy kids as they....


They are so funny.
Adelle started the craziness getting in knee deep in her dress and soaking herself. She then wanted to swim and got into her swimsuit,
which persuaded Braxton,
which persuaded Emmett.

Next they were all in the water.
Emmett for a split second.
Braxton, only because he had to prove to Adelle that if she could do it, he could do it.
Braxton was shivering the whole time and calling, "Emmett come in it's really fun!" We on the shore were not the slightest bit convinced.
Adelle though was happy as a little clam. Literally.

It was a really fun, relaxing, nice day.
We are ready for some sunshine and many beach days to come!!

Notice Braxton in his coat part of the time and in the water part of the time?
And just for my own record when I read this in 40 years or so... the temperature was a whooping 58 degrees at the Bay and 68 on the whole drive there. 
Summer means summer to these kids I guess! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

 Receiving his award from his teacher and the school Principal.
 Braxton was a stone face the whole time. He is so serious sometimes. 
 Emmett and Adelle got to skip nap to go to the Graduation. They had fun eating cookies and watermelon!

Braxton and his Amazing Kindergarten teacher.

I can't believe Kindergarten is almost over. He still has two more days (make up days) but Graduation was last Friday.
Braxton has had a great year. He has really grown more independent and continues to be a natural leader. He loves to learn and his teacher told me he was her only student this year to ask for more homework. She also said he was a very good example to the other kids around him and a catch among the girl students. I also have had multiple mothers tell me throughout the year that their daughters just love Braxton. 

I am thankful for this boy. I remember being paranoid about him starting school. That seems like it was forever ago. We made it. He really thrived and grew and it was a good experience all the way around.
We are ready for Summer!!

look familiar?

Today is Neon Day at school for Braxton. Unfortunately we just discovered that the boy doesn't own any neon! What? I guess he isn't the 80's child that I was!

However, I did find this old shirt of Jeff's that was hanging in the closet. It's not exactly neon, well, not at all neon actually, but I thought it would work and Braxton was happy to wear it.

Yesterday was Character Day at school and he was Super Man. I didn't get a picture but we were the Super Parade walking to school. Adelle was Super Woman and Emmett and Brax were both Super Man. We put on quite the show!

a week of dresses

 On Monday Adelle wore her teal/white striped dress from Auntie Lesha.
 On Tuesday Adelle wore her polka dot dress from Great Grandma Mary
 On Wednesday Adelle wore her pink dress from Uncle Brent
 On Thursday Adelle wore her halter dress from Uncle Bryce
On Friday Adelle wore her blue flower dress from my friend Sarah.

A different dress for every day of the week for this girl.
She is so into dresses.
Aren't they cute!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

chick sitting

We have little chicks!
Our kids are in love.
When Jeff changes the box (which is often) the little chicks get to go outside and be sat by the kids.
The kids love this special job.
Emmett loves the chicks the most. Just from my own observations.
I think they are good prep for Emmett becoming a big bother :)
Adelle thought the chicks names should be princess names and everyone else complied.
So we have:
Snow White
The names really fit them, actually.
Belle is very nurturing and motherly
Cinderella is tiny, blonde and dainty
Ariel is reddish brown
Snow White is black with a white spot....
You get the idea. The names are workin' for us.
These little cuties sure do stink though.
I don't consider myself the city girl I used to be but man, me and my pregnancy nose can really smell these babies. Hence, why Jeff is so good about keeping the box cleaned up!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Party Girl!

 Adelle's birthday carried us through the weekend.
 Friday (actual Birthday) I asked her what she wanted to do and she said watch movies on the ipad all day. So that is what they did! :) Not really, but I did let them watch more than usual while I did chores.

My mom came over in the morning and brought Adelle these fabulous stick on princess nails.
They were a royal pain the rest of the day but she LOVED them and they actually stayed on until bed.
So she sported a fancy tiara and a leotard and fake nails all day.
 Then my sister and her kids came over to give Adelle a present and the kids all played and then stayed for lunch.
My brother Brent had the day off and came over as well. I don't know why he isn't in the lunch picture. He was sitting in the empty chair, he must've been re-filling up his plate of Adelle's favorite lunch; Chicken nuggets and fries.
 In the afternoon her package came from Gramy and Papa in Utah. She loved opening the box and finding a new dress and toys to play with.
 Jeff came home and Bar-B-Q'd salmon for dinner. Then the 5 of us headed into Menchies to check out the new frozen yogurt place that everyone has been raving about. The kids loved it.
 Adelle had chocolate and strawberry yogurt with chocolate chips, and m&m's.
She is a chocolate girl. (oh, there are gummy bears on there too)
Then we came home and made popcorn and watched "Flicka."
Emmett and I were the first ones in our PJ's so we got a head start on the popcorn.
We ended up folding out the hide-a-bed and all laying on it to watch the flick.
 Sunday was the family party. We had a ton of people over to celebrate Adelle in style.
She wore her new dress to church and for the party. She also requested I curl her hair. Such a little girl. 
 Here are some of the partiers extremely exceeding the weight limit on our trampoline. 
 Emmett hamin' it up for the party.
 Adelle scored lots of cash, lots of dresses, some fun craft things, and a bottle of lavender lotion.
All the kids wanted lotion. Here is my dad squirting some in everyone's hands.
We have all had soft hands ever since!
 Braxton read some of Adelle's cards to her as she sat and waited patiently. She has the funniest expressions ever.
 And to end the celebration Adelle put on her new outfit, from my sister, and danced it up with both of her brothers in the front room.
What a show!