Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The beginning part of December

Oh December? Where did thee go? 

December was a whirlwind of snowy merriness. Ha! That was my perception on a good day. On a not so good day, December was frigid and left a whole lot of things undone. Either way, big things happened of which I want to make note.

At the beginning of the month Emmett received the Good Citizen Award for his class. It was given to him by his Teacher, Mr. VanDyken,  for being Trustworthy in the halls and on the playground. It was really sweet to go to lunch with him and Gage even got ready in Seahawks gear since it was a game day and the whole school was showing their spirit. Some of our good friends from church, also were given awards that day so we all got to celebrate together with a special lunch.

Emmett is wonderful and his teacher is like a grown-up Emmett. Super tender and mild and they are great buds.

Also at the beginning of the month I hosted our RS Christmas social for our ward. The Presidency brought yummy soups and it was great to just gather together, eat, sing carols and share in the Christmas spirit.
Adelle brought home this Christmas book from a teacher and it ended up being the greatest story of the season.

Jeff's mom requested Bacon Crispers, which apparently are only sold in Canada these days so Jeff and I made a detour one night during one of our Temple trips. After almost loosing hope when the first stop didn't carry them, we found them at the next store and pretty much cleared the shelf! What momma wants, momma gets ;)

Emmett was a sweet shepherd at the ward's Christmas party. Adelle was an angel and Braxton and Gage were also shepherds. All the kids sang, along with the youth and other members.

When we got home that night, Emmett lost his first tooth! He's been waiting on that for a while and was happy to have a tooth to put under his pillow.

Our 3rd flock of chicks came the first week in December. Unfortunately so did the snow and ice! That resulted in the overnight delivery being delayed and 1/2 of the boxes of chicks were lost in the mail. It was such a catastrophe. Freezing temps, wind chills, and new babies struggling for their lives after starving for a whole 24 hours. The second day we lost 40 of the "Snowflakes" as we named them, resulting in a flock less than half the size intended.

Lucky for me I have all these little people in my life who help me to see the bright side and made themselves merry skating on the frozen pasture. 

 Gage woke up early one morning, early in December, and when he saw the snow excitedly asked, "Does this mean it is Christmas?" It was really sweet. That day he was the first one out in it. Schools were cancelled for the kids two days of one week and delayed another day. It was fun to play in the snow, but also freezing with the windchill. The temperatures this December have been so low! Jeff is a kid when it comes to the snow and we had fun pulling the kids and some of their friends on sleds behind the 4-wheeler. Benefits of having property for sure! The kids and I made a snowman one day too and it was so funny because Hercules, our dog, kept jumping up and grabbing the arms of the snowman and running around with them. He loves sticks! And sidenote, Hercules loved the snow as well!!

The kids had their own unique lists for Santa this year. Braxton asked for a football helmet, a running/tracker watch, football pants, and football and soccer cards. Adelle asked for a beanie-boo stuffed owl, and coloring set. Emmett asked for tennis balls to juggle, football cards, and a binder to keep his football cards in. Gage asked for a Seahawks jersey, and a beanie-boo stuffed wolf.

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