Thursday, November 3, 2016

Saturday Night Lights

The only lights we saw on Saturday were the ones on the front of Carlos's truck. But we were thankful for them, alright. 

Some of us had been anxiously waiting for Saturday night, all week. It's been a new tradition that we have established, going to the Ferndale vs. Squalicum Football game each year. Jeff to cheer on his alma mater and me to root for mine. The boys side with Jeff because they think it gets to me but Squalicum usually wins so I get my revenge. It's just fun, football banter. 

More fun than that though on Saturday, was sitting in the car for 3 hours while Carlos, installed a new alternator. 
So much for the football game.
Oh well.
I'm thankful for these boys. They are so fun and we really made the most of it playing silly little games and being goofy.
I'm thankful for the sweet prayer that was offered and heard and answered right away.
Thankful that Jeff was with us when my car decided to die.
Thankful that an auto-mechanic was on shift and close by and willing to help.
Thankful that my parents had Adelle and Gage for the night so they didn't have to participate in the car sitting for so long.
Thankful that Braxton chose Boomers and so after all was said and done we filled ourselves with yummy burgers and fries.

Now we can look forward to next years game!

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