Monday, January 30, 2017

Emmett turns 7!!!

Oh Emmett. I know you have been counting the day's to turn 7 but I'm still not sure how it happened. My cute little snuggly boy all getting big and growing up. You're such a dream of a kid and I'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday.

Emmett requested Taco Salad for his family birthday dinner on Sunday and for dessert, chocolate decadence cake. I made a pumpkin pie too because that's what I do at the last minute, start freaking out about not having enough food. Thankfully though, between the big crockpot of beans, the shredded pork and the ground beef, we literally ate tacos/taco salad/burritos for the whole week following the party. It was fabulous! No meal planning needed for that week.

Emmett scored in the present department, getting all of his little hearts desires. Football cards, notebooks to store them, games, veggie chips (of which he binged on and gave himself a tummy ache) and money that we all know he will save.

We played around the world with math facts that night with our family, per Emmett's request.

Then on Monday, it was the annual Martin Luther King Day Birthday Party for Emmett. It's super handy that the kids never have school that day and we've established it as a great day for his birthday each year since we still then have our weekend and all of his friends young and old can come to the party. He invited 10 friends this year and with their siblings we had 23 kids. The forecast predicted snow so I booked the indoor field at the local soccer park so the kids could run around and the boys could play a football game. The usual. The day turned out to be gorgeous and sunny and crisp but regardless, it was easy to go and play, and then leave, and all the kids had a great time playing and running around. 

Afterwards the McManus boys came home with us to our place along with my mom and the Olsen kids and Jama and her kids. That was my personal favorite part of the whole day. My mom came with two orders of garlic fries. All the kids playing, moms talking, Jama cutting my hair in my living room... Those are the good ol' days. 

I'm so thankful for this boy, Emmett Douglas. He is such a light and a peacemaker in our family. He is happy and helpful and considerate of everyone's needs. He is wise and patient and though he is working on his humility, he is smart and sarcastic and a pleasure to parent. Happy Birthday Sweet Emmett.

And for the record, the parties didn't seize after the long weekend. We party long and hard for birthdays around here so on Wednesday he got apple crisp for breakfast, that he requested. Luckily for Gage and I after the kids went to school we finished off the rest of the pan of crisp. We are suckers for fruit crisps!! Then he brought Oreo's to school to celebrate in his class AND after school my mom picked up him and his siblings and she and my dad took them to Buffalo Wild Wings for a birthday dinner date and then shopping for his gift. Jeff and I quietly stayed home and ate burritos. fyi.

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